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White Leather Jacket

White Leather Jacket's Showcase 2K14 (Bull Dooley Updated)

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Austin Bane:







Gunnslinger, Striking Spear

Blade Myers:


Finishers: Swinging Reverse STO, Hell's Gate

Bull Dooley:


Finishers: ??, ??

Punt Dooley:

Finishers: Package Piledriver, Blackout

Spaz Dooley:

Finishers: Headlock Driver, Running Knee Lift

Taven Rahban:

Needs to be Remade



Dooley. It's not just a name, it's a state of mind. A twisted state of mind at that. Theses Three Brothers are Homicidal, Genocidal Lunatics who love to cause as much chaos as they can, where ever they can. Last year Spaz the un-official leader and smartest (10th Grade!) of them decided they would try their hand at pro wrasslin. But behind the scenes it was total disaster and it all began when Punt started listening to hip-hop.

His fragile mind was being influenced by the words of those such as 50 Cent and Little Wayne, even going so far as to listening to the West Coast rap of the 90's. It twisted his already twisted mental condition to the point where he began to think of himself as a blinged out thug with bitches and ho's in different area codes he could get to in his pimped out Escalade sitting on 32" dubs. And them bitches better have his money!

As you can see, things were not right in Dooleyville (as if), so Spaz and Bull had to take their brother (and yes before you ask, he IS the middle child...nuff said) to a psychiatrist. The shrink stated the obvious, that he was "lost cause", and Bull being pissed they had to pay 500 smackers for a shrink to say that led him to power-bombing the bastard through a table. Needless to say the doctor pressed charges and the boys have been on the run ever since.

Wanted in several states for lewd behavior and banned from Amsterdam for life. (don't even ask)

We're Here.




And hide your wives and girlfriends.
Bull looks Hungry...

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Just a test on Blade trying to go for a darker look. :) What you think? I personally like 3X Miyoko CAW with her dark look and thought I'd try it myself. :) Ideas?

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