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The Great Swanson

how do I create a save for others to enjoy?

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I have multiple game saves that I created for myself on WWE13 & WWE12 and I would like to share them with the community. Only thing is I'm unsure of HOW to share them on a computer. Can anyone tell me how to share my game saves? My Harddrive save is a Lucha Libre vs Japan save. I have a Monday night war save on my memory card and I have four flash drives. I have an Indy Midcard Mafia save on one save with a variety of some of my favorite midcard Indy wrestlers. And on another save I have Classic WWF, and Classic WCW on another, and new save that I just created i have named WWE Ruthless Agression: World tour. It is a save consisting of some of the best wrestlers of that era from around the world. If anyone could help me share what I have I'd be very happy. I work very hard putting my saves together. Also I have about a million entrance themes that I want to share too. so any help would be grand

Oh and I have a current WWE vs Current ROH save as well

C'mon guys.... Somebody's got to know how to help me share my saves
Close please

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