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Nostalgia Attack.

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CAW mode for '06 was great because the CAWs almost looked like the ingame models. To me WWE '13 is no where near close to SvR '06 in terms of the overall quality. Too many glitches, too many game breaking bugs, wost A.I ever, inferior gameplay, hell, inferior character models. That's embarrassing for a game that came out 7 years earlier to be better then the most recent one in almost every possible way.


Well the models are a lot more detailed now, to be fair.



As they most definitely should, but Hulk Hogan from SvR '06 looked much better then the ones from 2K'14. Same for Jericho, Bret Hart, and a few others.



I have to agree. It's sad to say a model from a ps2 title just looks sharper in every way than a ps3 title. Bret's face looks a bit off to me in every title ever produced but overall I also preefr his models on the ps2 titles; specifically 06 and 07.


Million Dollar Man's model is way better in 06 than 2k14, same with Andre. I swear they had to go out of their way to screw these things up lol. I prefer the present games though due to having all the current rosters so regardless I end up sticking with wwe13/2k14 when I play most of the time, regardless of the questionable regression in the graphics.


It makes you wonder what they'll do next year...

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I miss the soundtracks on the old SvR games. Also if anyone has 2007 on 360 and wants to play sometime hit me up!

Old topic, but meh.

I just recently reacquired SvR07. I played on ps2 before, obviously this time it's on 360.

Creating all of my CAWs, did a few matches, even traded a couple of CAWs.


Nostalgia attack, indeed.

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I've recently started playing SvR07 on XBOX360 and I've been enjoying it alot.


The main thing I like would be the animations of all the moves just look much better than all the animations from about SvR2010 onwards. I much prefer the more arcade-like animations of the moves and the selling. The F-5, The Jackhammer, The Angle Slam, The Rock Bottom, The Stone Cold Stunner, The Book-End, The Scissors Kick, The Hogan Leg Drop. All those moves were first animated for SYM and HCTP and all look so much better than the newly animated versions from the last 3-4 years.


The first Smackdown vs RAW game was the first game to start getting rid of tons of moves and only adding a few. That's one of the main reasons alot of people love HCTP so much is because it's the last Smackdown game to have the most moves. SvR06 came along and got rid of a whole lot more moves and added a sh*t-load of those horribly animated moves from the XBOX wrestling game that came out at around the same time as SvR06. Then SvR07 comes out and removes twice as many moves as SvR06 had removed and, again, added very few new moves other than finishers but they did slightly tweak some of the older moves by slowing the animation down on them a little bit which actually did look a little better.


SvR08 then came along and got rid of about half the moves that SvR07 had AND limited the availability of moves with the stupid fighting style choices. One of the main reasons people hate that game. It was damn-near impossible to make an accurate moveset for any wrestler. Every year I spend alot of time editing every in-game superstar's moveset because of how inaccurate they always are but in the past they could actually be fixed and made accurate for the most part. With SvR08 it was almost impossible to make an accurate moveset because of the limitations. I remember trying to edit Bret Hart's moveset in-particular and was so limited in my options I had to repeat a bunch of moves because their was simply no other option other than to give him moves he'd never even done before.


SvR09 started adding a bunch of moves again and getting rid of very little if any from the previous game and got rid of the stupid fighting style limitations so movesets could be more accurate again but still limited. Then SvR2010 came along and added heaps more moves and, again, got rid of very few moves from the last game. It seemed the series was back on track as far as adding moves and getting rid of very few with each new game. Then SvR2011 comes along and gets rid of an unbelievable amount of moves, probably more then half the moves that were in Svr2010 and added in maybe 20 moves? It was ridiculous! I remember when editing the movesets that every single in-game superstar's grapple moves had the same move for all 4 grapples for each 3 grapple positions and an extremely limited amount of moves available for the groggy grapple. We got only 1 running strike option and they removed most of the strikes from the previous game including the Kurt Angle shoulder block and replaced them with 2 shoulder blocks that bowled the opponent ass over tit which made those shoulder blocks good to use only for super heavyweights.


Since then, WWE12 and WWE 13 have started adding a decent amount of moves and getting rid of very few but they're all cruddy looking animations with no impact or sell. By this point, most of the moves that were introduced in SYM and HCTP were gone and replaced with cruddy looking versions. I haven't played WWE2K14 yet but from what I've seen on youtube there's some cool looking new moves in the game but they're still not very well animated.


So at this point, even though going from HCTP to SvR07 there's so many moves they got rid of, there's still a ton of really well animated moves that look so much better than the moves they've added from SvR2010 onwards. The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, Booker T, Kurt Angle, Triple H and some others all have those awesomely animated moves from SYM and HCTP. I had so much fun the other day playing as Booker T and The Rock again in particular and enjoying seeing all those uniquely animated moves made for them that are all gone now from the series.


So even though, at the time, I remember being disappointed in how many moves had been removed in SvR07 from the earlier games, going back after playing the games from SvR2010 onwards has been really enjoyable and reminded me just how good the moves used to look.

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