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CrocoX111 mod game-freeze issues

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I've found out that CrocoX111's wwe '12 updated version of svr 11 has some rather irritating bugs in it--I don't see them as a reflection on Croco's supposed lack of modding ability. Rather, they are those kinds of bugs which are impossible to get rid of--stuff like certain match types (usually of the 6-man variety) being completely unplayable without causing a debilitating (and irritating) game-freeze incident. However, there is another glitch in the default game, involving the Championship Scramble, where at first, it only seems to happen when there are more than two CAWs involved in the match, but later in the Universe mode (say, in Year 2), this match becomes completely unplayable without freezing the game! I wonder if it has something to do with the number of CAWs in the game, rather than the number involved in the match. In Year 2, I did have quite a few more CAWs than I had in Year 1. This ruins that particular match, but 6-man battle royals still work, and I see them as a viable alternative to the Scramble.


Therefore, because it seems as if Croco's mod is "adapting," and finding more and more ways to freeze, my hand has been forced, and I am once again returning to the default game. Sorry, Croco, maybe your WWE '13 mod will be better than your WWE '12 mod was (not to say it was bad, per se, just too buggy after a certain point in Universe mode to play any further).

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