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[PS3] WWE 13 Save File - WWF Golden Era - * OUT NOW *

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The date is January 19th 1992.

The venue: Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, New York

The event: The Royal Rumble


17,000 fans have just witness history in the making. First Rowdy Roddy Piper, standing in for Bret Hart, defeated The Mountie with the sleeper hold to win the Intercontinental Title.


The Natural Disasters defeated WWF Tag Team Champions the Legion of Doom via count-out when Typhoon got back into the ring after both teams began brawling at ringside; after the bout, the Disasters & Hart posed with the title belts until the champions knocked them to the floor after repeatedly hitting them with a steel chair. The Legion of Doom retain the title belts due the rule that no titles can change hands on a countout.


Then finally, the Royal Rumble match itself for the WWF Championship. Prior to the bout, WWF President Jack Tunney addressed the crowd, saying may the best man win. 29 eliminations later he did.

Sid Justice sneaked up from behind to throw Hulk Hogan out. Hogan, who was still at ringside after being eliminated, grabbed Sid's arm and distracted him long enough for Flair to eliminate him to win the match and become the new WWF Champion. After the match, Sid and Hogan got into an argument in the ring and had to be separated by security.



How these stories continue are up to you...





The roster






The rosters aren't completely accurate for 1992 for 2 reasons.

1. I was unable to find the caws needed.

2. As I had slots that I couldn't fill, I decided to add some big names like Demolition and Rick Rude around as they're just so damn great.


Roster Credits



1 Hulk Hogan - Bhangraman & WolfgangJT

2 Ultimate Warrior - Tomcat13

3 Macho Man - Bhangraman

4 Roddy Piper - Kung fu

5 Ric Flair - Archer

6 Undertaker - oldschool

7 sgt slaughter - krad

8 yokozuna - rdk

9 sid justice - bernielomax

10 bret hart - iceman

11 Diesel - Bhangraman

12 razor - rdk

13 Shawn Michaels - iceman

14 Brutus Beefcake - KRad

15 lex luger - krad

16 jake roberts - jdbchurch

17 big bossman - Thenomodder

18 tatanka - krad

19 crush - oldschool

20 jim duggan - thenomodder

21 Honky Tonk Man - Jdbchurch

22 rick martel - thenomodder

23 papa shango - thenomodder

24 mr perfect - jdbcurch

25 kamala - krad

26 bam bam bigelow - thenomodder

27 skinner - krad

28 doink - thenomodder

29 brooklyn brawler - thenomodder

30 rick rude - jdbchurch

31 koko b ware - semtex

32 Tito Santana - thenomodder

33 marty jannetty - thenomodder

34 owen hart - Bhangraman

35 jim neidhart - thenomodder

36 The Mountie - thenomodder

37 Scott Steiner - Krad

38 Rick Steiner - Krad

39 hawk - jdbchurch

40 Animal -jdbchurch

41 ax -jdbchurch

42 smash - jdbchurch

43 earthquake - krad

44 Typhoon - krad

45 Knobbs - KRad

46 Sags - KRad

47 Butch -jdbchurch

48 Luke - jdbchurch

49 IRS - thenomodder

50 Ted dibiase - kung fu





Created Arenas


In Your House

King of The Ring

WWF mid 90s (with alt versions)

Survivor Series 92

Summer Slam 92


wrestlemania IX

Royal Rumble

The main event

WWF Challenge

Prime Time Wrestling


Then Wrestlemania 6, 7, 8 & 10


Arenas are by Judders and DefDave




Universe Mode





* Important Note * Due to a glitch that occurs when copying the save from console to another console/username. The paint tool file on this save is glitched and unfortunately no logos will appear. If you download any logos, once you quit the game and reload, they will be glitched and gone again.


You may be able to fix this by deleting the appropriate file (LOGOS.DAT) from the save file and then downloading the logos yourself in the game. As of yet, no one has tried this method so I can't confirm it works yet.




The fastest way to find these logos are to search for 'Wrestling Challenge' and find a user named Yell and look for more from this creator. They have most of the files you need online.



Extra Images







Some Videos
















I have included all the entrance themes needed for this save, accurate to the attires/teams they are in.

The idea is if you copy these and the file, the save remembers the link between them and entrances will be accurate. To make this work you need to have no other music on your HDD when you copy this over.

You can either delete what is already there or copy it off the hdd and then copy back after these files.



The Save File

EU PAL version



NTSC version [convert and uploaded by EvilMeanie - thanks a lot!]





The Music [2 parts]






* Huge thanks to the following.

The creators for the caws and permission to use them in this save.

Judders for his arenas and help with the save file and also creating a lot of additional renders for the roster

Also Status for creating a lot of the renders for the original 360 caws that I converted over

Everyone at 360Haven for their work on the mod tools and making this possible, especially Pur3 Raff3x.

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That and the custom brand logo. That's it.


It doesn't look like it can be fixed at the moment

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This deserves a lot more attention, great save man. I put together a Golden era save for '12 which didn't get finished so it'll be good to play with a completed one :)

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If you download or inject a logo to the same slot they were in it should pick it up?


Because for some reason the logo applied to brands and scheduling is tied to the PT slot so whatever pic is in that slot should be picked up?

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Downloading doesn't work. It seems to work but once you reload the game the paint tool wipes clean again.



Injecting, i really don't know sorry. I'm hoping someone figures a way to fix it but I've had 4 weeks of issues to get to this point and this has been as good as its got.

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Hey krad great work man, quick question though. Do I just download then upload to ps3 or do I have to unlock the save by using the walkthroughs on the other form? Any help is greatly appreciated

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You just copy the ps3 folder to your ps3 via USB and then load the game.

If you want the music copy the music too before playing

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Krad so I got it on the thumb drive but it won't let me copy over to ps3 says there's nothing to copy

My bad total noob it is saying data is corrupt any suggestions

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Id like to do more but it's a bit of a pain. plus downloading arenas is a nightmare with the save re locking. I only got arenas on this because judders managed to get lucky and grab those before he had issues and couldn't get anything without it locking up.

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So krad thanks for this awesome save I found my bigger USB n bam, it's fantastic but a quick question have you thought about converting petchy's Monday night war save over to the ps3? Thanks either way man

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Im really having fun with this save, the music was loud for me so i devoted some time into adding arena effects to them so it sounds a bit better. Now the reason for me mentioning that is because i don't want to let all that editing go to waste lol, if you guys are interested in my music files id be glad to share i just need a site to put them on. Anyone interested? (sorry if this is breaking a rule or not welcome, just trying to help people out :) )

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Hello and thanks a lot for taking the time to make this save and sharing with others. When I go to load the save, the game says that I need DLC in order to load the save. What DLC is needed for this save? Reply is appreciated.

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