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Rusty Tiberius

Rusty Tiberius's stories

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This is a series still in production about Randy Orton's idea to unify both the WWE and World Heavyweight Title. After winning the Money in the bank he then goes on to win the Royal Rumble setting into motion a chain of chaotic events. Orton's plot gets flipped on its head.


Tag: WWE Championship

Episodes release:

Revolution Ep 1

Revolution Ep2

Revolution Ep 3



This story does not have one character you play as for the sake of story you will be switching characters quite a bit.





It starts out like a normal Raw until Sting appears on the titan-tron says that he is taking over with TNA. The story includes a bunch of TNA Talent like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Mr. Anderson. It include some bonus characters that will be revealed later the first reveal is the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin!


Story Names: Story Tags:





There is probably gonna be a Jeff Hardy revenge rivalry against Punk



Undertakers RTW

Brock Lesnar wins the royal rumble and cashes it in at Elimination chamber (like cena did a couple years back) and wins it against Cena. Later that night Undertaker wins the Elimination chamber to become the next number one contender this is a story with twist and turns and is very exciting actually.


Undertaker RTW EP1

Undertaker RTW EP2

Undertaker RTW Last

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Xbox 360.

I've also got a story i'm working on where you chose between Ministry of Darkness and DX and its is a branching story its gonna be called Ministry of Darkness vs DX its pretty cool i am on the first week

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