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J Brutal J

Game Saves

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HI everybody,

here's the deal,I want to download a save for PS2 right?

I heard that if you have to transfer a save to your ps2,you must get Action Replay etc..

But that topics were about 5-6 years ago and there is a new way to transfer save form PC to Ps2 and that is with the USB pen(I think you know the method).So CAN I use this method the one with a simple USB? Because however it's always a Game Save..

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I would download game saves if they were that simple but sadly I don't think they are. I'll look into it for you as I still play this game myself.

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If you have a max drive it is that simple - it's not just the fact you have a USB pen, but also the disc that comes with the max drive that allows the save transfers from pc to memory card.


It only takes a moment.


- download game save

- drop on max drive

- put max drive into ps2 and launch the accompanying disc

- uncrush the save to the appropriate memory card

- remove max drive disc and insert the game

- reboot console


Enjoy your new game save.


If a newer/better way has come along to do this I'm unware of it - the max drive purchase was one of the better gaming investments I ever made. If you still play your ps2 a lot I'd still suggest picking one up.

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