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Kenny King [IRL moveset]

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Kenny King

Scoop Slam [3]
Capture Suplex
Atomic Drop (behind)
Jumping Corkscrew Roundhouse Kick (behind) [Trouble in Paradise]
Snap Suplex/Mounted Punches combo
Japanese Arm Drag
Backslide pin
Arm Wringer Flip (quick)
Arm Drag
Spinning Spinebuster
Capture Suplex to TB
Firemans Carry Side Slam
Side Headlock Takeover
Capture Suplex pin
Jumping Corkscrew Roundhouse Kick [Trouble in Paradise]
Sidewalk Slam
Running Hotshot [Macho Man]
Mat Slam
Jawbreaker (drop to single knee) [Petey Pump]
[L] Swinging Side Slam
Reverse Attitude Adjustment
Reverse Atomic Drop [Manhattan Drop]
[L] Outlaw Knee Strike
Back Club
Undertaker Knee Strike
Jumping Corkscrew Roundhouse Kick (behind) [Trouble in Paradise]
Scoop Slam [1]
Thumb to Eye
Double Back Chop
Enzuigiri (behind)
Breakdance Kick
Spinning Enzuigiri
Punch [Cena]
[L] Dropkick (behind)
Elbow Smash (weak)
Punch (strong strike)
Double Axe Handle (behind)
Back Elbow
Clothesline (strong)
Snap Suplex
[L] Jumping Leg Lariat [2 Cold Scorpio]
Schoolboy pin
Double Knees to TB [shotgun Knees; like machine gun packet]
Front Dropkick to TB [Machine Gun Packet]
Back Rolling
Missile Knee [Dibiase Jr.]
Reverse Atomic Drop [Manhattan Drop]
[L] Dropkick
Jumping Spinning Heel Kick
[L] Running Jumping Spinning Leg Lariat
Drop Toe Hold
Flapjack onto Ropes
Breakdance Kick
[L] Jumping Rolling Wheel Kick
Capture Suplex
Mounted Punches (face up)
La Magistral Cradle (on all fours)
Abdominal Stretch (seated)
Repeated Head Slams to Mat (face up)
Abdominal Stretch (face up) [hands clasped]
Abdominal Stretch (seated) [hands clasped]
Mounted Head Slams to Mat (face up)
Jumping Leg Drop (face up)
Springboard Crossbody
Springboard Corkscrew Crossbody (standing opp)
Springboard Flip Neckbreaker Slam [blockbuster]
Shoulder Thrust
Breakdance Kick (apron opp)
Corkscrew Plancha (face up)
[L] Wheel Kick (apron opp)
Breakdance Kick (both on apron)
Knee Drop (ground)
Diving Corkscrew Senton (to floor) [standing opp]
Hook Punch (apron opp)
Sitout Hotshot (apron opp)
Pull Down (apron opp) [outside]
Springboard Double Axe Handle
Flying Hotshot [Macho Man]
Rope Choke
Foot Choke (ground)
**SPRINGBOARD (inside rope)**
Leg Drop [Kaz]
Corkscrew Plancha
Springboard Plancha
**OUTSIDE DIVE (running)**
Corkscrew Plancha
Baseball Slide
Repeated Shoulder Thrusts
Running Step-up Enzuigiri (top rope)
[L] Running Jumping Roundhouse Karate Kick (top rope)
Running Jumping Back Splash
Punch (top rope)
Foot Choke
Mudhole Stomps
Knee Lift Thrust
Pull Down (mid TB)
Running Double High Knees [missed] {Elijah Burke}
Super Fallaway Slam (top rope)
Foot Choke (seated)
Stomp (seated)
Head Punch
Running Flying Back Elbow
10 Count Punches
[L] Running Enzuigiri (top rope)
Eye Rake (corner)
Double Airplane Spin
Double Chops
Slingshot Catapult/Elbow Smash/Backbreaker/Slingshot Elbow Drop (apron) [does backbreaker] {Miz/Morrison}
Double Dropkick (apron opp)
Low Kick
Powerbomb/Springboard Neckbreaker Slam [blockbuster] {does blockbuster}
Hammer Throw
Ring Escape
Dirty/Illegal pin
Swinging Side Slam Backbreaker
Arms Crossed [Run DMC]
Flipping Kip-up
Shake my Hand
Arms Out/Hands Open/Smile
Michael Jackson Kick
R-V-D Thumbs (stolen from RVD)
Arms Out/Hands Open
Too Smart [kneeling]
Single Leg Crab (kick reversal)
Breakdance Kick (kick caught reversal)
Jumping (apron ring in)
Rolling (ring out)
Rolling (ring in)
Back Elbow (waistlock reversal)
Slide Backwards (ring out)
Slingshot Sunset Flip (corner reversal)
Victory Roll (waistlock reversal)
Quick (ring out)
Back Elbow (corner reversal)

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