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World's Most Dangerous...Sentient Machine?

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I copied my Mewtwo CAW and plumped the second one up a bit, changed his color scheme to one suggestive of a metallic body composition, added some kneepads, a fake "chestplate"--actually a cheerleader's shirt colored a lighter gray than the CAW's body, plus some bondage chains on top--a different "hairstyle" suggestive of a braided-steel "neck cable", and large, two-pronged metal claws for hands, instead of 'Two's usual three-fingered "paws". The result: Alive...it's ALIIIIVE! *cue maniacal, mad-scientist laughter* Arise...Mecha-Mewtwo!


Mecha-Mewtwo's stats are as follows:


Height: same as Mewtwo

Weight: 361 pounds (is a bit "chubbier", plus has some metallic implants)

Sigs/Finishers: The Psycho-Slam (a REALLY fast, one-arm chokeslam) and The Iron Claw (equivalent to Tensai's Tiger Claw Slam--a chokeslam-STO crossover move).


Here is my ideal list of CAWs and their rivals/allies (I already have some of these, but others would have to be created--and I've created MOST of these already in the past).



Mewtwo--Awakened Mewtwo/"Mew 3"

Raven/Young Mystique--Midna








Lugia--Shadow Lugia

Gon--Rage Shenron

Azazel--Heihachi Mishima




Each CAW and his/her rival would have similar movesets (except for maybe the Mario/Bowser and Azazel/Heihachi pairs). However, in the two exceptions listed above, Bowser would use Charizard/Dragonite's moveset, and Mario would use a brawler-type moveset, with a few technical moves thrown in. Mario's finishers would be a three-hit combo ending in a superkick and a spinning uppercut punch. Azazel would use possibly Gigan/Godzilla's moveset, and Heihachi would use a martial-arts/power-type moveset typical of a powerfully-built ninja/samurai warrior.

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