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need a jay lethal moveset

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It dosent matter what the years are any because so far there's no actually moveset made by anyone for wwe 13 but also I need it typed and it would be much appreciated

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Here is moveset for jay lethal from the caw by dest07, on groggy grapple front I put scoop slam 4 as it had superkick 2 twice. Also I’ve included the entrance from the caw as well but you will have to do movie & music yourself. Anyway I hope this helps you out:


Jay Lethal

-Outside Dives
-Springboard Dives
-Leverage Pin

Standard Actions:
-Normal Ring In 1
-Roll Down Ring Out

Apron Ring-In/Out:
-Jumping Ring In 3
-Normal Ring Out 2

Apron Ringside-In/Out:
-Normal On The Apron 1
-Normal Apron Out 2

-Back Flip
-Cody Rhodes 3
-Macho 3

Strike Attacks:
-Edge Punch 2
-Elbow Smash 2
-Backhand Chop
-Right Back Kick
-Dropkick 10(reversed)

Strike Combination:
-Backhand Chop
-Edge Punch 1
-Backhand Chop

Strong Strikes:
-Enzuigiri 2
-Clothesline 13

Kick Reversal:
-Dragon Screw
-Single Leg Boston Crab
-Octopus Stretch

Leverage Pin:
-Small Package Hold

Chain Grapple:
Front Facelock:
-European Uppercut 1
-Suplex 4
-Snap Suplex
-Northern Lights Suplex 2
-Frankensteiner 1
-Superkick 1 (Weight Detection)

Side Headlock:
-Elbow Smash
-Snapmare & Chin Lock
-Side Headlock Takedown
-Back Side Slam 2
-Scoop Slam & Dropkick
-Harlem Side Kick
-Snapmare & Soccerball Kick

Wrist Lock:
-Elbow Smash
-Armbar 4
-European Uppercut 2
-European Uppercut 3
-STO Backbreaker
-Superkcik 2
-Flying Heel Kick 2

Waist Lock:
-Forearm Smash
-Full Nelson
-Russian Leg Sweep 1
-Back Side Slam 1
-Back Suplex 4
-Flash Back
-Atomic Drop
-Russian Leg Sweep 1 (Weight Detection)

Limb Target - Chain Grapple:
Front Facelock:
-Big Swing Punch
-Arm Wrench Kick & Punch
-Arm Wringer/Leg Drop
- Chop Block 1
-Back Elbow (Weight Detection)
-Armbar 1 (Weight Detection)
-Chop Block 1 (Weight Detection)

Side Headlock:
-Crucifix Head Scissor
-Armlock Scoop Slam
-Jumping Armbreaker
-Knee Breaker

Wrist Lock:
-European Uppercut 2
-Shoulder Arm Breaker
-Sit-Out Shoulder Armbreaker
-Takedown & Kneedrop

Waist Lock:
-Hurricanrana 3
-Wrist Clutch & Elbow
-Takedown & Armbreaker
-Takedown & Leg Breaker

Groggy Grapple:
Groggy Grapple:
-Backbreaker & Leg Sweep
-Scoop Slam 4
-Backbreaker Drop 4
-Stalling Suplex
-Spinebuster 5
-Running Bulldog 1 (Weight Detection)

Groggy Grapple From Behind:
-Back Suplex Neckbreaker
-Triple German Suplex 2
-Standing Sea Fire
-Cobra Clutch Backbreaker
-Dragon Suplex
-Backbreaker Drop 8 (Weight Detection)

Limb Target:
-STO Backbreaker
-Jumping Armbreaker
-Sit-Out Shoulder Armbreaker
-Dragon Screew
-DDT 1 (Weight Detection)
-Jumping Armbreaker (Weight Detection)
-Leg Sweep Kneecrusher (Weight Detection)

Breaking Point Submissions:
-The Hart Lock
-Full Nelson

Strike Attacks:
-King Stomp
-Undertaker Stomp

Grapple Moves Facing Up:
-Soccerball Kick 1
-Mysterio Middle Kick
-Kick To Back 1

Grapple Moves Facing Down:
-Reality Check
-Double Hammer Punch
-Romero Special 1

Limb Target:
-Head Scissors Elbow
-Stomp To Arm
-Knee Slam

Submission Grapple:
-Triangle Hold
-Anaconda Vise 2
-Figure 4 Leglock 2

Strike Attacks:
Corner Groggy:
-Knife Edge Chop 4
-Double Axe Handle 9
-Turnbuckle Dropkick 1
-Front Dropkick 2
-Turnbuckle Dropkick 2

Top Rope:
-Knife Edge Chop
-Leg Lariat

Tree Of Woe:
-Kick To Gut
-Low Dropkick

Grapple Moves:
-Triangle Dropkick
-Moonsault Attack
-Triangle Dropkick (Weight Detection)

Grapple From Behind:
-Rebound Suplex
-Lucha DDT
-Lucha DDT (Weight Detection)

Top Rope Grapple:
-Super Hurricanrana
-Super Hurricanrana (Weight Detection)

Top Rope Grapple Behind:
-Super German Suplex
-Back Superplex
-Neckbreaker (Weight Detection)

Seated Corner Grapple:
-Turnbuckle Dropkick

Tree Of Woe Grapple:
-Foot Choke

Corner Springboard:
-Body Splash

Running Top Rope Grapple:
-Rope Grip High Kick

Groggy Against Ropes:
-Leapfrog Flying Back Elbow
-Leapfrog Flying Back Elbow (Weight Detection)

Groggy Against Second Ropes:
-Rope Hang Knee Strike

Springboard Attacks:
-Body Splash 1

Outside Springboard Attacks:
-Vaulting Body Press 3

Out Of Ring Dive Attack (Run):
-Suicide Dive

Running Springboard:
-Back Elbow 1

Strike Attacks:
-Right Jab
-Axe Handle

Springboard Attacks:
-Dropkick 3
-Lionsault 1

-Suplex 1
-Guillotine Drop (Weight Detection)
-Sunset Flip Powerbomb 1
-Dropkick (Weight Detection)
-Shoulder Block
-Cut Down
-Pull Down

-Elbow Drop
-Elbow Attack

-Elbow Strike

Diving Attack Vs. Standing Opp.
-Diving Heel Kick
-Double Axe Handle 3

Diving Attack Vs. Downed Opp.
-Diving Headbutt 4
-Diving Moonsault 1

Running Strikes:
-Clothesline 7
-Calf Kick

-Tilt-A-Whirl Hurricanrana
-Christo (Weight Detection)

Grapple From Behind
-R W & B Thunder Bomb
-Front Dropkick 3
-One Handed Bulldog 3 (Weight Detection)

Ground Strikes:
-Elbow Drop

Irish Whip Rebound:
-Brogue Kick
-Hip Toss 6
-Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker 2
-Drop Toe Hold (Weight Detection)

Pull-Back Attacks:
-Knee Strike
-Backbreaker 1
-Hurricanrana (Weight Detection)

Tag Team:
Standing Moves Tag Team:
-Double Kick Combination
-Lift Up Heel Kick
-Double RKO
-Double Enzuigiri

Corner Moves Tag Team:
-Backbreaker & Elbow 3
-Complete Shot & Facebuster
-Diving Throw Suplex
-Double Superkick

Special Moves:

-CM Punk

Wake-Up Taunt:

-Spinning Complete Shot
-Lethal Drop

-Half Nelson Suplex 2
-Diving Elbow Drop 10
-RKO 1 (Alternate Finisher)

Custom Special Move:
-Lethal Drop
Reverse DDT Clutch 2:100
Rolling Facebuster Drop:88

Rolling Facebuster Impact:106

Royal Rumble:
Quick Grapple:
-Elbow Smash
-Push It
-Spinning Heel Kick
-Backhand Chop

-Oklahoma Slam/Sweet Chin Music
-Atomic Drop/Hurricanrana
-Dropkick/Sweet Chin Music

Strike Attack
-European Uppercut
-Powerful Punch

-Elbow Smash
-Pushing Down Side
-Dropkick (Weight Detection)
-Pushing Down/Sweet Chin Music
-Suplex/German Suplex



Intro:Superstar 33, Lighting 42 All

Stage:Superstar 11

Ramp:Rey Mysterio

Ring In:Primo

Ring:Justin Gabriel


Multi Title:Superstar 71

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