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Quick Taunt Question

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Is there any truth behind the notion of holding the Analog nub in the same direction as the taunt you just executed, during the whole taunt, in order to get more Momentum? It seems to do that, but I'm not exactly sure. Some feedback would be appreciated--please don't let this topic go unanswered!


EDIT: I believe that the above statement regarding taunts may actually be false. It seems that match dynamics (spamming the same move/taunt, using a wide variety of moves, actual match momentum, et cetera) determine how much momentum you receive per taunt. The best way to max out your momentum more quickly is to vary your taunts while your opponent is down. However, it might be more rewarding to actually attempt some ground strikes/grapples, just to mix it up, even though there is a risk of the opponent countering your move(s), especially on Legend difficulty.

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