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Antonio Cesaro Move Set

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+ Standard Actions


Ring In: Normal


Ring Out: Normal



Benoit 1

Taunt Powerful 5

Get Up! 1

Scratching Arm


Fighting Stance: Outlaw


Walking Motion: Normal


Running Motion: Normal


+ Standing


Strike Attacks:

Big Boot 1

Boxing Hook Punch

Body Punch

Boxing Body Blow

Kick to Gut 2

Toe Kick 2


Grapple Moves:


--- Dirty:

Head is Struck

Feint Stomping

Head is Struck

Head Pound

Head Pound


--- Submission:

Headlock 4

Snapmare & Neck Lock 1

Torture Rack

Abdominal Stretch 3

Hangman Chokehold 1


--- Category 1: Power


--- Moves 1:

Powerful Knee Strike 1

Suplex 10

Back & Neckbreaker 2 (UBS Neckbreaker)

Spinebuster 4

Sit-Down Powerbomb


--- Category 2: Technical


--- Moves 2:

Gutwrench Suplex

Back Side Slam 1

Double Arm Suplex 1

Spinebuster 5

Double Arm Suplex 2


--- Category 3: Old School


--- Moves 3:

European Uppercut

Headbutt 1

Undertaker Arm Wrench (Jim Breaks Special)

Scoop Slam 5

Backhand Blow 2


--- Grapple Attack:

Grapple Punch 1

Grapple Body Attack 1

Grapple Body Attack 2


Grapple From Behind:

Forearm Smash

German Suplex Pin 2 (Ricola Plex)

Headbutt 4

Cobra Clutch 1

Belly to Back 2


Groggy Grapple From Behind:

Forearm Smash

German Suplex Pin 2

Headbutt 4

Cobra Clutch 1

Belly to Back 2



Top of Cell Attack:

Downward Thrust x4


+ Ground


Strike Attack:

Elbow Drop 1

Elbow Drop 1

Undertaker Stomp


Grapple Moves:

Armbar 7

Foot Stamp 1

*Russian Neck Drop

Kick To Head

Big Swing (Giant Swing)

Single Leg Crab 4


+ Corner


Strike Attacks:

Yakuza Kick

Turnbuckle Clothesline 2

Knee Attack 1


Grapple Moves:

Heavy Combo 2

Big Back Chop 1

Shoulder Thrust 2

Superplex 2

Double Underhook Suplex


Grapple from behind:

Forearm to Back

Rebound Suplex

Mule Kick

Super Back Suplex

Toss into Ring Post


+ Rope


Groggy on ropes:

Stomping to Knee


Rebound Attack:

Jumping Knee Attack 1

Elbow Drop 5

Vaulting Body Press 2


Diving out of ring attack:

Dive Through Ropes


+ Diving


Diving Attack vs. Standing Opp.:

Diving Reverse Elbow x2 (Diving European Uppercut)


Diving Attack vs. Downed Opp.:

Near Knee Drop

Foot Stamp 2

Diving Elbow


+ Dash


Running Strikes:

Jumping Knee Attack 1

Elbow Attack 3


Running Grapple:

School Boy Pin 1

Spear 2


Rear Techniques:

Triple H Low Kick

School Boy Pin 2


Running ground Attack:

Elbow Drop 5 x2


Counter Attack:

*Tilt A Whirl Sideslam 2

Spinebuster 5

Sleeper Hold 5


+ Tag Team

leave blank


+ Special



Landing Pin (Neutralizer)

Free Fall Drop (VEU)


Signature Moves:

European Uppercut

Gutwrench Suplex

Big Swing


Chair Finisher:

DDT 23 x2


Combination Attack:

Brother Snap Jab

Boxing Body Blow (flipped horizontally)

Boxing Body Blow

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