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Hidden CAW parts?

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Does anyone have information as to whether there are hidden CAW parts in SvR 11? After all, hidden move names (if not the actual moves) were discovered quite a while ago, and people have since found ways to enable those moves (simply add them from a previous game using modding software--actually, now that I think about it, it's NOT so simple!). Also, certain clever people (like Jarniboi and CrocoX111, among others) have found ways to both replace existing character models, as well as actually increase the roster size by enabling no-model superstars/divas (by actually adding their .pac files to the game). Could CAW parts, which were in previous games (but not SvR 11) be added to this game?


Another question: has a way been found to enable more than one "horns" or "other" CAW part on a single CAW? I would like to be able to add that "snout" option (the one which looks like a wolf's muzzle), as well as a certain headband option, to my Mew 3 CAW, to create an actual PERFECT replica of the Awakened Pokemon. Is there any way to do that?

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