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Report:Taylor Swift to make sex tape with 50 cent!

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Furthter update

taylor swift admitted on chelsea handler,she ready to become even a bigger fan of 50 cent's then she already has. here's the following:

"i love 50 cent" says swift i 've admired him for years,me and my friends would get pumped up for his concerts.you'd be suprised to of how many lyrics i know.


"GOSSIP News and TMZ has reported that Country singer Taylor Swift and Rapper Curtis "50 cent" Jackson have both agreed to start vocalizing in the bedroom on the fourth of july in a RED, White girl,and big black *censored* sextape special.Swift commented on the video saying "you"ll be seeing a different side of her":here's the press release: "On july 4 2013,ms.swift and mr.jackson will be performing together .................but this won't be an muscical performance instead,you will see them like you never have before!"this video has rumoured to be the "ultimate diss song to her many exes"




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Man You got my hopes up so much.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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