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I'm not sure what i just watched.


I'm finding this very easy to masturbate to.



Thank you good sir, it was not originally my intention to come up with a new form of Internet humor or in anyway make you or any of the other fine members of this forum laugh.

The post was simply a way to help raise my incredible low post count, since I've to this day, have only posted when my opinion was valid or in anyway useful to subject at hand.

But now, just as you, I post stuff that is not really useful and does nothing to improve the ongoing debate and could be considered "Spam"

Like your post, calling my unimportant and completely useless post "Original" I have contributed with nothing to this topic, other than forcing people to scroll further down and the side to the read the "real" posts related to the topic subject and in the same process, I have raised my post count.


Thank you for your useful critique and have a pleasant day to you to :)

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