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World Wrestling Federation: 1999; RAW POSTED


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Steve Austin
Mankind ~ WWF World Champion
Triple H
The Undertaker
Roaddog ~ Hardcore Championship
Billy Gunn
X-Pac ~ European Championship
Davey Boy Smith
D-Lo Brown
Mark Henry
Matt Hardy
Jeff Hardy
Dan Severn
Val Venis
Blue Meanie
Al Snow
Steve Blackman
Shawn Stasiak
Gillberg ~ Lightheavyweight Championship
Bart Gunn
Vince McMahon
Shane McMahon
The Rock
The Big Show
Ken Shamrock ~ Intercontinental Championship ~ World Tag Team Champion
Big Bossman ~ World Tag Team Championship
Kurt Angle
Chris Jericho
Gerald Brisco
Pat Patterson
Pete Gas
Joey Abs
Prince Albert
D-Von Dudley
Bubba Dudley
Owen Hart
Jeff Jarrett
Hardcore Holly
Crash Holly
Brian Christopher
Scott Taylor
Paul Bearer
Michael Hayes
Paul Ellering
Sable ~ Women's Championship
Terri Runnels
Miss Kitty
Ryan Shamrock
Fabulous Moolah
Mae Young
Tag Teams
The Corporation
The Brood
New Age Outlaws
Owen & Jarrett
Hardy Boyz
Too Much

Degeneration X

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[A recap of last week plays showing Vince McMahon making HHH vs Mankind for the show, HHH beating Mankind thanks to a fast count and then HHH giving Mankind a New Years gift by giving Shane McMahon a Pedigree. Mankind then held McMahon hostage in the ring and demanded a WWF Championship match and Vince gave it to him that night. Also highlighted Road Dogg retaining the Hardcore Title by pinning Al Snow outside in the snow. Steve Blackman beating the Intercontinental Champ Ken Shamrock in a non-title match. And Kane beating Gerald Briscoe and Pat Patterson. It then showed highlights of Mankind and The Rock’s WWF Championship match, which ended when Stone Cold came out and cleared the ring and gave a Stunner to the Rock which led to Mankind becoming WWF Champion]

[Camera’s go live to the arena as the fans are going crazy in an absolute frenzy. Thousands of signs are being waved around the crowd and some are focused on as fans try and get the camera’s attention. The camera settles down in front of Jerry “The King” Lawler Jim Ross who are ready to kick off the night of action]

Jim Ross

“What an epic conclusion there was last week to Monday Night Raw as Mankind beat the so called “Corporate Champion” The Rock for the richest prize in our business.”

Jerry Lawler

“If it weren’t for that blue collar idiot, Stone Cold, we’d still have an honorable man as the top guy in the federation. But now instead we’ve got some idiot in brown tights who has no right to be champion carrying around The Rock’s title”

Jim Ross

“You’ve gotta be kidding me King!? Mankind will make a damn fine WWF Champion, the fans love him and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to win at any cost. I’m proud to say he’s our champion, and I’m glad Stone Cold was there to keep him from getting screwed over again, by Mr. McMahon.”

Jerry Lawler

“You’d like anybody as champion as long as it wasn’t The Rock, you never had a good eye for talent. The Rock is the best thing to happen to the WWF since…


[The King is cut off by the familiar sound of glass shattering and out comes Stone Cold Steve Austin who B-lines it to the ring and climbs each turnbuckle and throws his arms up before getting a microphone]

Stone Cold Steve Austin

“Last week I came back to Monday Night Raw with one thing on my mind, drink a few Stevewieser’s and piss ole’ Vince McMahon off. Well little old Stone Cold was sitting in the back thumbing through a magazine watching the show on a monitor when I see that Mankind got himself a title shot at The Rock. After sitting around for a little while longer, and a few more Stevewieser’s. I decided why not have a little fun with the Chairman of the Board Vince McMahon. So I’m in the back watching the WWF Championship match and I see Vince’s little butt buddy’s and DX get into a little brawl all while there’s a World Title match happening. I decided to get up out my chair and take business into my own hands. So I walked my happy ass down that ramp and came down and opened a can of whoop ass on The Rock. I wasn’t helping Mankind, I was making a statement. A simple statement at that, that the Baddest Son of a Bitch in the WWF was back, and I meant business. Now we got Mankind as the WWF Champion, I pissed off the boss again, and you got some oiled up former champ with bad sideburns in the back crying all day. But that’s not what matters what matters is that Stone Cold wants in the Royal Rumble. And I’m gonna win the whole damn thing and go to Wrestlemania 15 and become the World Wrestling Federation Champion, again. AND THAT’S THE BOTTOM LINE CAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO!”



Val Venis vs Test

After two weeks of both men at each other’s throats, they finally get a one on one match. After nearly 8 minutes Venis wins it with the Money Shot.

After the match Test attacked Venis while he celebrated. After knocking him don he threw him out of the ring and threw him into the steel steps several times.



[A video airs showing Shawn Michaels being locked out of the arena and then being attacked by the Corporation. We go to the announce table where Jim Ross gives an update on Commissioner Michaels, saying “he won’t be able to take over his day to day duties as Commissioner indefinitely]



[We go from the announce booth to backstage where Ken Shamrock is standing by with interviewer Kevin Kelly. Shamrock has the IC Title on his shoulder]

Kevin Kelly

“Last week you suffered an upset loss in a non-title match against Steve Blackman, after interference by Billy Gunn. With your match with Billy Gunn at Royal Rumble just weeks away, what are your thoughts?”

Ken Shamrock

“I haven’t been able to get over the fact I lost to someone like Steve Blackman. He calls himself the Lethal Weapon, but I am the real World’s Dangerous Weapon. It isn’t a nickname for me like it is for himself. I am the most dangerous man in the world. My hands are registered lethal weapons. Billy Gunn made his Royal Rumble beating way worst for himself after interfering in my business. You may want my championship, but it’s tough luck. Because at Royal Rumble, I am going to rip your throat out of your neck. I will show you why not only you don’t cross Ken Shamrock but you don’t cross The Corporation.”

[Kevin Kelly goes to ask one last question but Shamrock pushes him over and walks away as Raw is War goes to commercial]



The Hardy Boys (Matt & Jeff Hardy) vs The Alcolytes

This match is what people would call a huge opportunity for the Hardys. They showed their strengths very well and showed excellent teamwork. But in the end there great chemistry didn’t matter after a huge lariat from Bradshaw on Matt Hardy

After the match Bradshaw and Farooq look like they still want to teach the young team a lesson. Farooq lifts Jeff to his feet and go to Powerbomb him but out of nowhere Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart run down the ramp and attack the Acolytes, fending them off from a beatdown on the Hardys.



[No Chance hits on the PA System and out comes Vince McMahon along with one half of the WWF Tag Team Championship, The Big Boss Man and his own son Shane McMahon. He is paraded with a lot of boos from the live audience as he heads to the ring with his Corporation stablemates to his side. He climbs in the ring and gets a microphone from the ringside workers]

Vince McMahon

“Last week on Monday Night Raw, I dealt with a hostage situation that forced me to give that no good Mankind a World Championship match. Now the Corporate Champion, The Rock had the contest won and was well on his way to win and go home the champion. That was until, that damn Stone Cold Steve Austin came out and once again made my life a living hell. This time he’s really done it though, not only has he taken the WWF Title from the Corporation but he’s helped that idiot Mankind win it. I am scheduled to compete in the Royal Rumble match later this month and earlier on Stone Cold said he’d be entering the match as well. So I’ve got an idea, tonight Stone Cold Steve Austin will go one on one with the Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock, if Austin wins he’ll get his spot in the Rumble. Speaking of myself in the Rumble, last week Shawn Michaels, the Commissioner of the WWF said I would be the second entrant in the match. Well after a brutal beatdown last week we’ve learned the Heart Break Kid won’t be around for a while. You see Shawn, you don’t cross the boss. When you do, bad things happen. Tonight I will show the same thing to Stone Cold. Now me and my son and Bossman are going to leave the ring and present to you the real WWF World Champion, THE ROCK!”

[Vince points to the entrance ramp as The Rock’s music hits and the rest of his Corporation mates make their way up the ramp as Rock walks to the ring. Vince and Rock shakes hands as they pass by]

[The Rock steps in the ring and is booed very heavily as he gets a microphone]

The Rock

“If you people want to hear The Rock talk, The Rock would advise all of you simpletons to shut your mouths. Now The Rock has something to say, and it’s about that fat, lazy, moronic psycho who’s carrying around The Rock’s WWF Championship right now. Mankind, you piece of trash, The Rock wants you to walk your sorry behind down to his ring and give The Rock back his WWF Title. The Rock will count to 5. And only 5 and if you’re not out here The Rock will come back and get you.”

[The Rock begins counting on his fingers as he gets to 4 the Degeneration X music hits and out comes Triple H]

[Triple H walks out to the ramp with Chyna at his side and a microphone in his hand]

Triple H

“Listen here Rock, you can run your mouth and try and bully Mankind out to the ring but everyone knows, it’s a big trap. Once he walked through those ropes the whole damn Corporation would come out and attack Mankind. If you ask for my opinion, I say you’re angry because you know even if Stone Cold had not interfered you still would have lost your title. Mankind beat you last week and it’s eating you alive. But now everyone knows The Rock isn’t all he’s cracked up to be, when Vince McMahon isn’t screwing over every opponent you fought. Now tonight Rock I’m giving you a chance at redemption, you claim to be the Real WWF Champion, then why don’t you take on Triple H tonight one on one, no Corporation, No DX? What do you say Rocky?”

[The Rock lifts the microphone to his mouth but Mankind’s music hit and out comes the new WWF Champion to a big pop he walks out and pat HHH on the shoulder before lifting the title up over his head for a few seconds, he asks HHH for his microphone and it is handed to him]


“Rocky you seem upset. Did you have a family emergency recently. There there, Uncle Mankind is here. On a serious note, HHH challenging you to a match sounds great. But if you want real redemption then you need to beat me, so how about we have ourselves a tag match. For one night only, the new WWF Champion Mankind becomes an honorary member of DX and takes on The Rock and a partner of his choosing. Now how do you feel about that Rock?”

The Rock

“The Rock says Just Bring It. On one condition if The Rock’s team wins it will be Mankind vs The Rock for The Rock’s WWF Championship at Royal Rumble in a match of The Rock’s choosing!”


“Sounds good to The Mankind, Rock. Have a Nice Day”

[Triple H and Mankind shake hands as they walk through the curtain as Raw is War goes to a commercial break]




Road Dogg vs Edge

The bout was definitely very hardcore. They swung chairs, mops, trash cans, and everything but the kitchen sink at each other. The match ended when Edge was backdropped onto the announce table. It was enough for Road Dogg to get the three.

After the contest Road Dogg celebrated and as he headed up the ramp was attacked by Kane with a Chokeslam on the ramp. Nobody knows why he did it but Kane has shown he has it out for Road Dogg



Mark Henry vs Goldust

Mark Henry won fairly quickly. Pretty much a quick squash. Henry won with a Powerbomb.

After the Match Mark Henry got a microphone and went on to say he was going to win the 1999 Royal Rumble.



[After a commercial break we’re supposed to have a 6 man Battle Royal to determine the number one contender for the European Title, including D-Lo Brown, Kurrgan, Steve Blackman, three more men were still set to make there entrances when the lights in the arena go off. And when they come on The Undertaker is there and he starts attacking everybody in the ring. He disposes of Blackman and D-Lo with a Double Chokeslam, he then Tombstone Piledrives Kurrgan. After the assault The Undertaker got a microphone]


“I am a man of very few words, so I will keep this very short. At The Royal Rumble, 29 other wrestlers will REST IN PIECE!”

[undertaker dropped the microphone and the lights went off when they switched back on all three men on the mat were gone and so was the Undertaker]

[before a commercial break we are told that The Undertaker is supposed to be in action later on against Owen Hart, and after a strange sight like that if he will even compete tonight]



X-Pac vs Gangrel – Non Title Match

The match wasn’t the most technical bout but X-Pac showcased his speed very well and Gangrel freaked X-Pac out more than anything. X-Pac went for a Bronco Buster but Gangrel moved and an unknown man with long blond hair appeared at ringside and gave some sort of goblet to Gangrel and distracted the referee. As Pac turned around Gangrel spit what appeared to be blood on his face hit a low blow and covered X-Pac for a three count with a school boy.

After the match Gangrel wiped the blood all around X-Pac’s face and chest and even drank more of it. The unknown man was gone by now.



[After a commercial break we return to Raw is War with a recap of some of tonight’s more important events. The announcers hype what they are calling the Double Header main events, The Rock and a mystery partner vs Triple H and Mankind with a chance for The Rock to choose a stipulation for his rematch at Royal Rumble. Plus the match between Shamrock and Stone Cold. If Stone Cold wins he’ll be in the Royal Rumble match.]



Jacqueline vs Chyna

This match was short and easy to follow. Chyna dominated completely. Jacqueline almost scored the pinfall off of a nice sunset flip but Chyna won with a Gorilla Press Slam.

After the match Chyna motioned at her waist that she was going after Sable’s Women’s title.



[We go backstage where Kevin Kelly is standing by with the number one contender to the Intercontinental Championship, Billy Gunn]

Kevin Kelly

“Billy Gunn, at the Royal Rumble you’ve got quite a task in your hands when you go one on one with Ken Shamrock for the IC Title. Earlier on he made it clear he would win and keep his gold, thoughts?”

Billy Gunn

“Ken Shamrock has been going on about how he’s the most dangerous man on the planet, and blah blah blah. Well I’m here to tell you, I’m not buying into his intimidation. He’s nothing but a guy who couldn’t hack it in cagefighting and turned to pro wrestling. Now he thinks he’s the baddest man in the sport, but come Royal Rumble Shamrock’s gonna learn who the actual Badass in pro wrestling is. And Billy Gunn will be the new WWF Intercontinental Champion. And you can take that to the bank.”



Ken Shamrock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

[if Stone Cold wins he is automatically in the Royal Rumble]

Stone Cold and Shamrock actually had a pretty good match. It went on for about 15 minutes. Shamrock had Austin in the corner and was laying into him with some dangerous lefts and rights but as Earl Hebner tried pulling him off, Austin pushed Ken back and knocked the referee out. Vince McMahon took the opportunity to run down to the ring and give Shamrock his Intercontinental Title but as he swung it at Austin, Stone Cold ducked and hit a Stunner. Vince climbed into the ring but Austin flipped him the bird and gave him a Stone Cold Stunner for his troubles as well. Austin covered Shamrock as Hebner came too and got the three count.

After the bell rang Austin climbed each corner and celebrated before leaving the ring with a guaranteed Rumble spot



[After a final commercial a video played highlighting the main event being made earlier]



[Mankind and HHH came out together with the DX music playing. The Rock came out second and pointed to the entrance ramp and out came The Big Bossman]

Mankind & Triple H vs The Rock & The Big Bossman

[if The Rock’s team wins he gets to choose the stipulation for his rematch at Royal Rumble]

The match was a decent main event. Started off with Mankind and Bossman. They brawled around for a little while until the Corporation members isolated Mankind. Mankind finally made a hot tag and HHH came in and cleared house. He went for a Pedigree on Bossman but he backdropped him and tagged out to Rock. As HHH got up him and Rock wrestled for a little over 3 minutes before The Rock hit a Rock Bottom and knocked Mankind off the apron and pinned Triple H.

Afterwards The Rock didn’t take any time to celebrate as he went to the outside and threw Mankind face first into the steel steps. He continued his assault for almost two minutes. The Rock then walked towards the timekeeper’s area and got a microphone

The Rock

“Mankind, you hold that championship near and dear, because come Royal Rumble. The Rock will beat you 1.2.3. in a Street Fight!”

[The crowd cheered when they hear the news as Raw is War fades out The Rock poses with Mankind’s WWF Championship]



WWF World Championship

Street Fight

Mankind © vs The Rock

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Ken Shamrock © vs Billy Gunn

30 Man Royal Rumble Match

Winner Gets WWF Championship Match at Wrestlemania XV

Undertaker, Stone Cold, Vince McMahon, Triple H, Mark Henry, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

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