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Jerry Lynn (ECW)

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In lieu of Jerry Lynn's retirement, and because I've been watching an episode of ECW Hardcore TV from 1998 just about every day for a month, I feel almost obligated to craft a moveset and to put my very best into it.


JL had catch wrestling expertise that was without parallel, and I hope that with my limb targeting and chain grapple sections, I've done him justice.



Ring Escape
-Outside Dives
-Springboard Dives
-Leverage Pin


-Normal Ring In 1
-Ring Out

Apron Ring-In/Out
-Quick Ring In
-Normal Ring Out 2

Apron Ringside-In/Out
-Normal On The Apron 2
-Normal Apron Out 2

-Nuts 4
-Edge 2
-JBL 1
-Nuts 3


Strike Attacks
-Elbow Smash 1 (reversed)
-Backhand Chop
-Edge Kick 1
-Flying Mayorana
-Orton Punch 4

Strike Combination
-Body Hook (reversed)
-Spinning Elbow
-Edge Kick 2

Strong Strikes
-Back Chop
-Dropkick 9

Kick Reversal
-Clothesline Reversal 1
-Ankle Lock Reversal
-Achilles Tendon Lock
-Fujiwara Armbar
-Enzuigiri Reversal

Leverage Pin
-Victory Roll Pin 2


Front Facelock
-Knee Strike 2
-Snapmare & Chin Lock
-Reverse Atomic Drop 1
-Northern Lights Suplex 2
-Corkscrew Elbow Drop
-Double Leg Trip Slap
-Flapjack 2
-Dragon Screw

Side Headlock
-Elbow Smash 5
-Snapmare & Butterfly Lock
-Suplex 4
-Dragon Screw
-Back Rotation Suplex
-Winning Edge
-Rough Ryder
-Dragon Screw

Wrist Lock
-Arm Wrench
-Sleeper Hold 1
-Hip Toss 1
-Fireman's Carry 1
-Pendulum Backbreaker
-Hurricanrana 1
-Arm Drag 2
-Dragon Screw

Waist Lock
-Dropkick 3
-Full Nelson
-Atomic Drop
-Back Suplex 1
-Reverse DDT 3
-Standing Sea Fire
-Rear Headbutt
-Reverse DDT 3

Front Facelock
-Double Underhook Bulldog
-Wrist Clutch & Elbow
-Elevated Wrist Lock
-Takedown & Leg Breaker
-Step Up Enzuigiri 1
-Sit-Out Shoulder Armbreaker
-Leg Sweep Kneecrusher

Side Headlock
-Flying Heel Kick 2
-Takedown & Armbreaker
-Arm Wrench Kick & Punch
-Take Down & Kneedrop
-Step Up Enzuigiri 1
-Sit-Out Shoulder Armbreaker
-Leg Sweep Kneecrusher

Wrist Lock
-Wheelbarrow Facebuster
-Arm Wringer / Leg Drop
-Jumping Armbreaker
-Dragon Screw
-Step Up Enzuigiri 1
-Sit-Out Shoulder Armbreaker
-Leg Sweep Kneecrusher

Waist Lock
-True Conviction
-Armbar 1
-Jumping Armbreaker
-Ankle Lock 1
-Step Up Enzuigiri 1
-Sit-Out Shoulder Armbreaker
-Leg Sweep Kneecrusher


Groggy Grapple
-Alley Oop Facebuster
-Gory Bomb 2
-Tombstone Piledriver 4
-Gourdbuster 1
-Sunset Flip Powerbomb 1
-DDT 2

Groggy Grapple From Behind
-German Suplex 2
-Hurricanrana DDT
-Back Suplex 2
-Spin-Out Powerbomb 3
-Electric Chair Drop
-Zig Zag

Limb Target
-Hawaiian Smasher
-Jumping Armbreaker
-Headbutt To Shoulder
-Leg Sweep Kneecrusher
-Float Over DDT 1
-Sit-Out Shoulder Armbreaker
-Leg Sweep Kneecrusher

Breaking Point Submissions
-Fujiwara Armbar
-Full Nelson


Strike Attacks
-King Stomp
-Flip Senton Attack 1

Grapple Moves Facing Up
-Back Drop Kick
-Low Clothesline
-Low Dropkick 3

Grapple Moves Facing Down
-Armbar 2
-Elbow Drop 11
-Romero Special 1

Limb Target
-Knee Drop 4
-Armbar Stretch
-Ankle Lock 2

Submission Grapple
-Surfboard Stretch
-Hammer & Chin Lock 2
-Single Leg Boston Crab


Strike Attacks
Corner Groggy
-Middle Kick 3
-Shoulder Thrust
-Clothesline & Bulldog
-Front Dropkick 2
-Stomping 3
-Corner Senton

Top Rope
-Knife Edge Chop 3
-Dropkick 5
-Springboard Hurricanrana 3

Tree of Woe
-Middle Kick 2
-Low Dropkick 2

Grapple Moves
-Springboard Sunset Flip
-Triangle Dropkick
-Frying-Pan Chop

Grapple From Behind
-Corner Bulldog
-Lucha DDT
-Stratusfaction 1

Top Rope Grapple
-Super Hurricanrana
-Hurricanrana 7

Top Rope Grapple From Behind
-Super Back Suplex
-Reverse Superplex
-Side Slam 2

Seated Corner Grapple
-Ryder Boot

Tree of Woe
-Foot Choke 2

Corner Springboard
-Body Splash 2

Running Top Rope Grapple
-Rope Grip High Kick


Groggy Against Ropes
-Leapfrog Flying Back Elbow
-Mankind Clothesline

Groggy Against Second Ropes
-Leg Drop Guillotine

Springboard Attacks
-Springboard Dropkick 1

Outside Springboard Attacks
-Slingshot Senton 1

Out of Ring Dive Attack (Run)
-Rope Flip 2

Running Springboard
-Springboard Back Elbow 1


Strike Attacks
-Right Hook
-Kick To Ringside

Springboard Attacks
-Springboard Clothesline 3
-Springboard Body Splash 2

-Apron Guillotine Drop
-Slingshot Shoulder Block
-Sunset Flip Powerbomb 3
-Dropkick 4
-Apron Shoulder Block
-Cut Down
-Pull Down 2

-Apron Elbow Drop
-Apron Leg Drop 2

-Apron Hurricanrana
-Running Elbow Strike


Diving Attack Vs. Standing Opp.
-Diving Fame Asser
-Go Round

Diving Attack Vs. Downed Opp.
-Diving Leg Drop 3
-Diving Moonsault 1


Running Strikes
-Elbow Attack 1
-The Fall Of Humanity

-Bulldog 2
-DDT 12
-Float Over Neckbreaker

Grapple From Behind
-Front Dropkick 3
-Back Suplex 3
-Front Dropkick 3

Ground Strikes
-Running Leg Drop 1

Irish Whip Rebound
-Flying Clothesline 2
-Back Body Drop 1
-Arm Trap Neckbreaker
-Sleeper Slam 2

Pull-Back Attacks
-Pull-Back Chop 1
-Pull-Back Hip Toss
-Pull-Back Drop Toe Hold


-HBK Comeback

Wake-Up Taunt
-Fighting Spirit

-Avalanche Bulldog
-Kryptonite Krunch

-Cradle Piledriver (CAM)
-Beast Bite
-Hawaiian Smasher

Created Special Moves
(Cradle Piledriver) CAM Front Grapple
Front Kick To The Groin 110% (optional)
Powerbomb Clutch Clutch 02 85%
Lift Piledriver Cutch 01 80%
Cradle Knee Piledriver Clutch 88%
Cradle Piledriver Impact 100%

- Royal Rumble:
-Quick Grapple:
- Backhand Chop
- Dropkick
- Shoulder Thrust
- Knee Lift
- Finishers
- Powerbomb
- Hurricanrana
- Dropkick
- Trouble In Paradise

-Strike Attack
- Elbow Smash
- Backhand Chop
- Smash To Ladder 2
- Sunset Flip Powerbomb
- Dropkick
- White Noise
- Neckbreaker

- Pushing Down
- German Suplex

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