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CrocoX111 iso CAW list info, Part II

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CAW 14/15


Name: Rampardos

Nickname: World's Hardest Head

Announcer Intro: Bison (he is like a bison)

Height: 7'2"

Weight: 558 lbs. (Ultra-heavyweight!)

Hometown: Australia (they have actually found many pachycephalosaur fossils Down Under, so the hometown fits--Rampardos is a "bonehead" dinosaur)

Finishers: Bang Your Head! (Nine(!) consecutive headbutts, then a sitout jawbreaker), Battering Ram (super-fast fake-out spear)

Signatures: Headbutt Suplex, Head Block


CAW 16/17


Name: Cranidos

Nickname: Bite-Size Bonehead

Announcer Intro: Santos (sounds a little like Cranidos, if you just stretch your imagination)

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 279 lbs. (exactly half of Rampardos' weight)

Hometown: Australia

Finishers/Signatures: same as Rampardos, though Cranidos, being smaller, doesn't do quite as much damage with them.


CAW 18/19


Name: Mewthree

Nickname: Ultimate Pokemon

Announcer Intro: Lee

Height: 7'2"

Weight: 333 lbs. (She is Mewthree, you know! :P)

Hometown: Japan (like all the other Pokemon, save Cranidos/Rampardos)

Finishers: Deja Vu (this is a truly dizzying DDT--she literally spins around her opponent, before dropping them on their head!), Psycho Vortex (Argentine Clutch, to fake reverse Attitude Adjustment drop to Argentine Sidewalk Slam--this is another vertigo-inducing move! AVOID AT ALL COSTS IF FACING HER!!!)


There you have it--my CAW list! If you wish, I can post pics of these crazies, and maybe even some in-match pics, as well! One of my personal favorite matchups is Mewthree against Candis, the World's Fattest Mew. Kind of gives a double entendre to the word "Cat-Fight!", as both are female, and both are rather feline in appearance. Seeing Mewthree pick up the enormous Candis to deliver a Psycho Vortex makes me think, "Dubya...Tee...Eff!" Seriously--how could anybody pick up someone as HUGE as Candis?! Then again, The Great Khali managed to Punjabi Plunge Rampardos, who is even heavier than Candis.


As you can see, there are always crazy antics going on in my WWE Universe mode. Anybody got any suggestions as to who else to add? I can think of a few myself: Pikachu, Yoshi (the Nintendo dinosaur, not Tatsu), Lugia, Charizard, and maybe Dragonite. I currently have 11 CAW slots left, and those five I mentioned will take up two apiece (I like to place my fantasy CAWs on both shows, and I need one slot for each show). I might reserve the final slot for The Machine himself, GOLDBERG!...GOLDBERG!...can he reclaim his former undefeated streak of 173-0? Mewtwo has already gone a long way toward that--yes, he is still undefeated, and the current WWE Champion. I hope he remains undefeated until 'Mania, when he finally puts Taker's streak to rest...in...peace!

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