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Moondog's CAWs (Updated 22/04/13)

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a couple of my CAWs here, sorry about the picture quality but they were taken with my phone.


"The Alien" Bizzaro - made this CAW for a few years now, but always try and create new and interesting attires for him.




Nate Williams - new addition this year


Attire 1




Attire 2




Wolfbane - my skeleton character, new this year, haven't worked on his hands yet.




Death Mask - new this year, still want to make his mask more evil looking


(final in last post)

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Not a fan of the similar color pallets of all them, but the concept and design of the attires are good. I'd mix the color schemes up a bit, but that's all I'd really change on them.

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Not too fond of Bizzaro as, to me, he looks like the spam CAWs you see online.


The others are pretty good though. But as already said, mix up the colour schemes a tad.

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time for an update on my CAWs


first up is "The Immortal" Tyrant


Tyrant is one of my main CAWs that i've been making since Smackdown: JBI


he's almost identical to my WWE '12 version of him






next is Tyrant's tag parter "The Neverending" Nightmare


been making him since Smackdown 3, also. together they form my fictional tag team Taste of Chaos


(Nightmare is still needing some extra work this year)




next is Death Mask again, finally happy with him now.




this is my main high flyer Chainz




and his 2nd attire, a DX one


(not entirely satisfied with this one yet, a year or 2 ago i had a really sweet DX attire on him but i can't recreate it cos i can't remember it exactly, that was before i started taking pics and archiving all my CAWs on photobucket)





and lastly, my latest CAW Shane Knight




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some updates of my CAWs


first up is 2 new ones, firstly


"The King" Danny Miller - this is actually his 2nd attire, but i liked it better than his first




next up is Crazy Clown, attire 1




attire 2




attire 3, this is his 'Court Jester' attire. together with Danny Miller and Nate Williams, they for my heel stable 'King's Court'




now Nate Williams' 'King's Court' attire




and a new attire for my Bizzaro CAW, which i've called 'Future Suit'



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