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hey can anyone help with these movesets?

( ill try to mark them off as i get them ) thanks in advance

1. John Morrison

2. Matt Hardy ( combo of his last few years in wwe and his tna run )

3. Batista

4. Samoa Joe

5. The Ultimate Warrior

6. Sting ( combo of TNA & WCW )

7. Kurt Angle ( combo of TNA & WWE )

8. Shelton Benjamin

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Here are samoa joe & matt hardy movesets, joe by righteous and hardy by knight. have got a batista caw at home so can write up moveset and post tomorrow, anyway hope this helps you. can't find the other ones you wanted:



Samoa Joe

Abilities:-outside dives-resiliency-hammer throw-ring escape-comeback

Standard Actions:
Ring-In/Out:-normal ring in 1-slide ring out
Apron Ring-In/Out:-normal ring in 2-normal ring out 2
Apron Ringside-In/Out:-normal on the apron 2-normal apron out 2
Taunts:-quake-big show 2-cody rhodes 3-the great khali 1

Strike Attacks:-quick jab-orton kick-cena punch 2 (reversed)-jigokutuki-woman’s elbow smash
Strike Combination:-keylock combo 1-keylock combo 2-right back kick
Strong Strikes:-enzuigiri 2-knife edge chop 2
Kick Reversal:-clothesline reversal 2-dragon screw reversal-achilles tendon lock-walls of jericho 1-enzuigiri reversal
Chain Grapple:
Front Facelock:-elbow smash 3-snapmare & chin lock-vertical suplex-t-bone suplex 1-front neck lock knee lift-exploder suplex 1-snap suplex-dragon screw (Weight Detection)
Side Headlock:-knee to head-snapmare & butterfly lock-side walk slam 3-sambo suplex-snapmare & soccerball kick-exploder suplex 2-snapmare & big boot
Wrist Lock:-elbow smash 4-sleeper hold 1-short-arm chops-arm drag 1-hip toss 2-rapid kicks to chest 1-sambo hip toss
Waist Lock:-elbow smash 6-full nelson- back suplex 7-back suplex 2-triple german suplex 2-high knee smash-inverted backbreaker-chop block 2 (Weight Detection)
Limb Target - Chain Grapple:
Front Facelock:-shining wizard 2-arm wrench kick & punch-arm wringer/ leg drop-dragon screw-shining wizard 2 (Weight Detection)-shoulder arm breaker (Weight Detection)-dragon screw (Weight Detection)
Side Headlock:-european uppercut 2-armlock scoop slam-double knee armbreaker-chop block 2
Wrist Lock:-step up enzuigiri 2-shoulder arm breaker-sit-out shoulder armbreaker-dragon screw
Waist Lock:-dragon suplex-wrist clutch & elbow-arm wringer/ leg drop-chop block 2
Groggy Grapple:
Groggy Grapple:-rolling elbow 3-gourdbuster 3-white noise 2-powerbomb 3-tiger bomb 1-rolling elbow 3 (Weight Detection)
Groggy Grapple From Behind:-back suplex 4-sleeper suplex-german suplex 2-half nelson suplex 2-belly to back-chop block 2 (Weight Detection)
Limb Target:-emerald fusion 2-armlock scoop slam-arm wringer/ leg drop-dragon screw-facebuster knee smash (Weight Detection)-jumping armbreaker (Weight Detection)-dragon screw (Weight Detection)
Breaking Point Submissions:-crossface-full nelson

Strike Attacks:-undertaker stomp-elbow drop 2
Grapple Moves Facing Up:-jumping knee drop-mysterio middle kick-kick to back 1
Grapple Moves Facing Down:-knee attack 2-ground punch 2-knee slam
Limb Target:-sleeper & body scissors-stomp to arm-leg stomps
Submission Grapple:-surfboard stretch-beast bite-stf

Strike Attacks:
Corner Groggy:-knife edge chop 4-forearm smash 2-corner step up enzuigiri-clothesline 14-stomping 3-running wash
Top Rope:-knife edge chop 3-big boot 1
Tree Of Woe:-kick to gut-dropkick 6
Grapple Moves:-shining wizard/ bulldog 2-hip attack 1-corner back elbow (Weight Detection)
Grapple From Behind:-rebound suplex-toss into ring post-toss into ring post (Weight Detection)
Top Rope Grapple:-superplex-super powerslam-arm drag 8 (Weight Detection)
Top Rope Grapple Behind:-super back suplex-side slam 2-neckbreaker 11 (Weight Detection)
Seated Corner Grapple:-face wash
Tree Of Woe Grapple:-foot choke 2
Running Top Rope Grapple:-corner top high kick

Groggy Against Ropes:-rope hung knee strike-psych out rebound lariat (Weight Detection)
Groggy Against Second Ropes:-leg drop guillotine
Out Of Ring Dive Attack (Run):-dive through ropes

Strike Attacks:-kick to ring-axe handle to ringside
Grapple:-apron suplex 2-face scrub (Weight Detection)-apron hip toss- hotshot 2 (Weight Detection)-apron shoulder block-cut down-apron low blow
Ground:-apron elbow drop-apron elbow attack
Running:-apron clothesline-jumping knee attack 8

Diving Attack Vs. Standing Opp.-missile dropkick 2-diving leg lariat 1
Diving Attack Vs. Downed Opp.-diving senton bomb-diving knee drop

Running Strikes:-single leg high knee-clothesline 2
Grapples:-belly to belly 1-running sto-running sto (Weight Detection)
Grapple From Behind-half nelson suplex 2-german suplex 2-high knee smash (Weight Detection)
Ground Strikes:-double axe handle 4
Irish Whip Rebound:-shoulder block 2-powerslam 6-samoan drop 2-facebuster knee smash (Weight Detection)-ducking
Pull-Back Attacks:-Pull-Back middle kick-Pull-Back powerslam-Pull-Back hip toss (Weight Detection)

Special Moves:
Comeback:-orton comeback
Wake-Up Taunt:-quake
Signatures:-running senton 2-lift & cutter
Finishers:-pump up buster- sleeper hold 2-dreamer driver (Alternate Finisher)
Royal Rumble:
Quick Grapple:-backhand chop-body punch-knee lift-toe kick
Finishers:-powerbomb-t-bone suplex-player’s boot-shoulder block
Strike Attack-slap-backhand chop
Grapple:-smash to ladder 1-back suplex-pushing down side (Weight Detection)
Finishers:-white noise-rock bottom
Cell:-choke slam-german suplex


Matt Hardy

Abilities:- Springboard Dives- Outside Dive- Leverage Pin


Standard Actions:

Ring-In/Out:- Slide Ring In- Slide Ring Out

Apron Ring-In/Out:- Normal Ring In 1- Normal Ring Out 1

Apron Ringside-In/Out:- Normal On The Apron 1- Normal Apron Out 1


Taunts:- Version One 5- Spank 2- Version One 4- Quake



Strike Attacks:- Right Punch- Dropkick To Knee 1- Gut Kick 2- Backhand Chop-Gut Kick 2-Dropkick 1-Elbow Smash 2

Strike Combination:- Right Punch- Head Punch 1- Gut Kick 1

Strong Strikes:- Discuss Punch- Dropkick 7

Kick Reversal:- Clothesline Reversal 1/Elbow Reversal- Takedown Reversal- Single Leg Boston Crab- Armbar 3- Enzuigiri Reversal

Leverage Pin:- Small Package Hold

Chain Grapple:

Front Facelock:- Elbow Smash 3- Sleeper Hold 1- Jawbreaker 2- Scoop Slam 3- Suplex 4/Hurricanrana 2 (If you just really want him to have a hurricanrana)- Reverse Atomic Drop 1- Gutwrench Suplex 1- Jawbreaker 2

Side Headlock:- Punch To Head 1- Snapmare & Butterfly Lock- Snapmare & Elbow- Gutbuster 1- Snap Suplex- Side Headlock Takedown- Neckbreaker 2

Wrist Lock:- Arm Wrench- Armbar 3- Arm Wringer Flip 1- Back Suplex 5 - Arm Drag 2- Fireman’s Carry 1- Russian Leg Sweep 2

Waist Lock:- Elbow Smash 6- Full Nelson- Back Side Slam 1- Back Suplex 1- Shin Breaker- Atomic Drop- Russian Leg Sweep 1- Russian Leg Sweep 1

Limb Target - Chain Grapple:

Front Facelock:- Knuckle Part- Jumping Armbreaker- Shoulder Arm Breaker- Knee Breaker - Knuckle Part- Jumping Armbreaker- Leg Sweep Kneecrusher

Side Headlock:- Fist Drop 5- Arm Wrench Kick & Punch- Wrist Clutch & Elbow- Leg Sweep Kneecrusher

Wrist Lock:- Drop Toe Facecrusher- Wrist Clutch & Elbow- Wrist Clutch & Elbow- Takedown & Leg Breaker

Waist Lock:- Neckbreaker 3- Shoulder Armbreaker- Arm Wrench Kick & Punch- Chop Block 4- Neckbreaker 3- Shoulder Arm Breaker- Chop Block 4

Groggy Grapple:

Groggy Grapple:- Running Bulldog 3/Running Bulldog 1- Sidewalk Slam 3- Powerbomb 2- Northern Lights Suplex 2- Samoan Drop 4- Running Bulldog 3/Running Bulldog 1

Groggy Grapple From Behind:- Reverse DDT 3- Backbreakder Drop 8- Saito Suplex- Back Suplex 2- Russian Leg Sweep 1- Russian Leg Sweep 1

Limb Target:- DDT 7- Armlock Scoop Slam- Wrist Clutch & Elbow- Leg Sweep Kneecrusher- DDT 7- Wrist Clutch & Elbow- Leg Sweep Kneecrusher

Breaking Point Submissions:- Snapmare & Butterfly Lock- Full Nelson



Strike Attacks:- Angry Stomp- Elbow Drop 3

Grapple Moves Facing Up:- Ground Punch 1- Standing Leg Drop- Belly Stomp

Grapple Moves Facing Down:- Low Dropkick 1/Knee Stomp 1- Ground Punch 2- Knee Stomp 3

Limb Target:- Fist Drop 4- Arm Stomping- Foot DDT

Submission Grapple:- Surfboard Stretch- Camel Clutch 2- Single Leg Boston Crab



Strike Attacks:

Corner Groggy:- Punch To Head 3- Forearm Smash 2- Clothesline & Bulldog- Clothesline 14- Punch To Head 4- Turnbuckle Dropkick

Top Rope:- Punch To Head 2- Dropkick 5- None/Springboard Clothesline

Tree Of Woe:- Kick To Gut- Low Dropkick 2

Grapple Moves:- 10 Count Punch- Bulldog 1/Diving Moonsault 3- Bulldog 1

Grapple From Behind:- Toss Into Ring Post- Lucha DDT- Lucha DDT

Top Rope Grapple:- Superplex- Goriconoclasm- Arm Drag 8

Top Rope Grapple Behind:- Back Superplex- Back Superplex- Side Slam 2

Seated Corner Grapple:- Alley Oop 2

Tree Of Woe Grapple:- Foot Choke 2

Running Top Rope Grapple:- Deadly Drive



Groggy Against Ropes:- Flapjack 6- Elbow To Back

Groggy Against Second Ropes:- Rope Choke 2

Springboard Attacks:- Springboard DDT 2

Outside Springboard Attacks:- Vaulting Body Press 3

Out Of Ring Dive Attack (Run):- Baseball Slide



Strike Attacks:- Right Hook- Axe Handle To Ringside

Springboard Attacks:- None- Moonsault Attack 3

Grapple:- Hotshot 1- Hotshot 1- Hotshot 2- Dropkick 4- Apron Shoulder Block- Cut Down- Pull Down 2

Ground:- Apron Elbow Drop- Apron Elbow Attack

Running:- Apron Clothesline- Jumping Knee Attack 8



Diving Attack Vs. Standing Opp.- Diving Clothesline 1- Diving Cross Body 1

Diving Attack Vs. Downed Opp.- Diving Elbow Drop 1- Diving Body Press 1



Running Strikes:- Clothesline 3- Running Neckbreaker

Grapples:- Neckbreaker 8- Float Over DDT 1/DDT 10 (Running Tornado DDT Replacement)- Neckbreaker 8

Grapple From Behind- One-Handed Bulldog 3- One-Handed Bulldog 3- One-Handed Bulldog 3

Ground Strikes:- Elbow Drop 4

Irish Whip Rebound:- Clothesline 2- Back Body Drop 1- Drop Toe Hold 1- Drop Toe Hold 1- Ducking

Pull-Back Attacks:- Pull-Back Knee Strike- Pull-Back Samoan Drop- Pull-Back Samoan Drop


Special Moves:

Wake-Up Taunt:- Version One 1

Signatures:- Diving Leg Drop 1- Diving Moonsault 1

Finishers:- Twist Of Fate 2- Twist Of Fate 1- Twist Of Fate 2

Royal Rumble:

Quick Grapple:- Toe Kick- Body Punch- Dropkick- Elbow Smash

Finishers:- Hurricanrana- Samoan Drop- Dropkick- RKO


Strike Attack- Elbow Smash- Powerful Punch

Grapple:- Smash To Ladder 1- Pushing Down- Pushing Down

Finishers:- Twist Of Fate- Suplex

Cell:- Pushing Down- Suplex


If you decide to use Diving Moonsault 1 as a finisher, I don’t recommend giving Matt Diving Moonsault 3 as a corner grapple. Instead, used Bulldog 1 to fill that gap.


Also the Side Effect isn't on this set because he didn't start using it until later in his career.



SIGNATURE 1:diving moonsault

SIGNATURE 2:side effect 2(or 1)

FINISHER 1:twist of fate 2

FINISHER 2:front necklock(scar')

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no worries here is batista



-Hammer Throw
-Ring Escape

Standard Actions:
-Slide Ring In 1
-Slide Ring Out

Apron Ring-In/Out:
-Normal Ring In 3
-Normal Ring Out 2

Apron Ringside-In/Out:
-Normal On The Apron 2
-Normal Apron Out 2

-Beast 1
-Beast 3
-Beast 4
-Brock Lesnar

Strike Attacks:
-Head Punch 1
-Orton Kick
-Body Hook(reversed)
-Clothesline 1(reversed)
-Head Punch 1

Strike Combination:
-Head Punch 1(reversed)
-Body Punch
-Edge Punch 3

Strong Strikes:
-Clothesline 12
-Big Boot 6

Kick Reversal:
-Clothesline 2
-Take Down
-Figure 4 Leglock 2
-Shove Back

Chain Grapple:
Front Facelock:
-Elbow Smash
-Belly To Belly 5
-Suplex 3
-Sidewalk Slam 3
-Neckbreaker 6
-Backbreaker Drop 6
- Big Swing Punch(Weight Detection)

Side Headlock:
-Punch To Head
-Abdominal Stretch
-Suplex Hammer
-Two Handed Chokeslam 1
-Snapmare & Big Boot
-Scoop Powerslam
-Two Handed Choke Toss

Wrist Lock:
-Elbow Smash
-Torture Rack
-Suplex 5
-Belly To Belly 4
-Gutwrench Suplex 2
-Scoop Slam 1
-Back Suplex 5

Waist Lock:
-Forearm Smash
-Full Nelson
-Back Suplex 1
-Back Side Slam 1
-Shin Breaker
-Back Suplex 7
-Back Suplex Side Slam 2
- Chop Block 1(Weight Detection)

Limb Target - Chain Grapple:
Front Facelock:
-Hangman’s Elbow
-Shoulder Arm Breaker
-Wrist Clutch & Elbow
- Chop Block 1
- Back Elbow(Weight Detection)
- Armbar 1(Weight Detection)
- Chop Block 1(Weight Detection)

Side Headlock:
-Back Suplex 2
-Wrist Clutch & Elbow
-Shoulder Arm Breaker
-Knee Breaker

Wrist Lock:
-Hangman’s Elbow
-Shoulder Arm Breaker
-Armlock Scoop Slam
-Chop[ Block 1

Waist Lock:
-Back Elbow
-Wrist Clutch & Elbow
-Wrist Clutch & Elbow
-Knee Breaker

Groggy Grapple:
Groggy Grapple:
-World’s Strongest Slam 2
-Running Powerslam
-Backbreaker Drop 2
-Inverted Front Powerslam
-Canadian Backbreaker 1
- DDT 1(Weight Detection)

Groggy Grapple From Behind:
-Back Suplex Side Slam 3
-Backbreaker Gutbuster
-Back Suplex 2
-Pumphandle Fallaway Slam
-Full Nelson Slam 2
- Chop Block 2(Weight Detection)

Limb Target:
-DDT 5
-Shoulder Arm Breaker
-Armlock Scoop Slam
-Knee Breaker
- DDT 1(Weight Detection)
- Jumping Armbreaker(Weight Detection)
- Leg Sweep Kneecrusher(Weight Detection)

Breaking Point Submissions:
-Full Nelson

Strike Attacks:
-Wrestling Hero Stomp
-Double Axe Handle 2

Grapple Moves Facing Up:
-Ground Punch 1
-Running Big Boot
-Leg Stomps

Grapple Moves Facing Down:
-Armbar 2
-Ground Punch 2
-Knee Slam

Limb Target:
-Head Punch 2
-Stomp To Arm
-Elbow Drop 12

Submission Grapple:
-Shoulder Claw
-Hammer & Chin Lock 2
-Figure 4 Leglock 2

Strike Attacks:
Corner Groggy:
-Punch To Head
-Double Axe Handle
-ECW Shoulder Thrust
-Clothesline 14
-Stomping 3
-Stomping 1

Top Rope:
-Punch To Head
-Big Boot

Tree Of Woe:
-Punch To Gut

Grapple Moves:
-Shoulder Block 5
-Clothesline 10
- Shoulder Block 5(Weight Detection)

Grapple From Behind:
-Toss Into Ring Post
-Snake Eyes
- Head Slam(Weight Detection)

Top Rope Grapple:
-Super Powerslam
- Arm Drag(Weight Detection)

Top Rope Grapple Behind:
-Super Back Suplex
-Back Superplex
- Side Slam(Weight Detection)

Seated Corner Grapple:
-Stomp & Choke

Tree Of Woe Grapple:
-Foot Choke 2

Running Top Rope Grapple:
-Deadly Drive

Groggy Against Ropes:
-Flapjack 6
- Arm Lock 1(Weight Detection)

Groggy Against Second Ropes:
-Knee Drop 7

Strike Attacks:
-Right Hook
-Axe Handle

-Suplex 2
- Slap(Weight Detection)
-Suplex 3
- Hotshot 2(Weight Detection)
-Cut Down
-Pull Down 2

-Leg Drop 2

-Elbow Strike

Diving Attack Vs. Standing Opp.
-Diving Spear
-Diving Shoulder Block

Diving Attack Vs. Downed Opp.
-Diving Elbow Drop 2 x2

Running Strikes:
-Shoulder Block 2x2

-Running STO X3

Grapple From Behind
-Full Nelson Slam 1x2
- Chop Block 1(Weight Detection)

Ground Strikes:
-Double Axe Handle

Irish Whip Rebound:
-Big Boot 2
-Back Body Drop 2
-Winds Of Change
-Drop Toe Hold (Weight Detection)

Pull-Back Attacks:
-Shoulder Block
-Backbreaker 2
- Hip Toss(Weight Detection)

Tag Team:
Standing Moves Tag Team:
-Russian Leg Sweep

Corner Moves Tag Team:
-Atomic Drop & Big Boot
-Head Thrown To Big Boot
-Whip Clothesline
-Chin Lock & Kenka Kick

Special Moves:


Wake-Up Taunt:
-Beast 2

-Spear 1
-Spinebuster 7

-Beast Bomb
-Beast Bite
- Spinebuster 7/Sit Out Powerbomb(Alternate Finisher)

Royal Rumble:
Quick Grapple:
-Knee Lift
-Body Punch
-Shoulder Thrust

-Oklahoma Slam

Strike Attack
-Punch To Head
-Powerful Punch

-Backhand Chop
-Pushing Down
- Pushing Down(Weight Detection)

-White Noise

-Beast Bomb

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