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Tom Rice

Welcome to the community!

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I thought about looking for something that would make my intro original .. Then, I said, "Nah!"


Hi, I'm ViceEmerald. Been doing CAWs for a little while now, hopefully, with the amazing work of everyone here I'll only improve. I'll be uploading some of my work in WWE 13 shortly, I hope you all enjoy it.

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Welcome to CAWs.ws ViceEmerald! If you need any help or have any questions dont hesitate to message me. :)

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And hey, new peeps! Welcome to the forum! Just holla at me if you need anything.


*Teddy Long shuffles out of this thread.*

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Since its been bumped, Ive actually been around the forums for awhile, registered at the end of 06 as CandyAss, but I kept doing immature sh*t like PM flaming people then pretending that I never did anything :L Eventually got me banned, but that was about 6 years ago, I was 11 at the time aswell so bare with me :L

So I thought I'd offically say Hi again

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Yo I'm LoveBox,huge wrestling fan,grew up watching wwe but no I'm more into indie stuff like RoH, chikara, some AAA, etc. I also play a lot of wwe 13 on Xbox, and I like a good fair fun match

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Hey y'all! I just joined. I used to play my friend's copy of SvR 2010, but haven't played a WWE game newer than that until '13, since I create a lot of animal characters, and their skin colors weren't in SvR2011 and WWE '12. I bought WWE 13 and it was AWWWESSSOMMEE!! I mostly like to make animalpeople characters, and some of my original pro wrestlers. I might show you some of my creations soon, and I'll post them up for download when I get my XBox Live Gold membership renewed.


And I (kinda) know how to get around that thing in WWE '13 where if you put some leotards on a diva, it looks tacky because you can see the side of their panties.


Just put shapes that match the skin color over that part. It can also be used to make clothing that's more revealing than any of the original ones available. The only thing is, the decals are slightly transparent, so you can still see the pantyline, but you can't really notice it, especially when you're wrestling.


I also like making arenas. I made two leagues for Universe mode: SCW: Simulator Championship Wrestling, where all my original and non-gaming wrestlers go, and NWE: Nintendo Wrestling Entertainment, where all my video game character Caws go. The SCW ring uses the indie gym/ROH-style stage, and the NWE arena is very colorful and uses the medium-size arena.


Current SCW Roster:



"The Obsession" Davey Randle (me)(face)

The Conductor (heel)

Hulk (Marvel)(face)

Russell Mathers (my friend)(face/tweener)

Chinese Thunder (face)

Dragon Skin (face)


Jefferson Milton(heel)

Cool Dude(face)

Elbow Grease(face)

Tom Sullivan (face)




La Senorita(face)

Sour Kangaroo(Dr. Seuss)(heel)

Miss Proper(heel)


Current NWE Roster



Donkey Kong (face)

Bowser (heel)

Ludwig von Koopa (tweener)

Iggy Koopa (face)

Ryu (Street Fighter)(face)

Ken (Street Fighter)(face)

Balrog (Street Fighter)(heel)

Sagat(Street Fighter)(heel)

Terry Bogard(SNK)(face)

Guile(Street Fighter)(face)

Fox McCloud(Starfox)(face)

Falco Lombardi(Starfox)(face)



Chun Li (Street Fighter)(face)


Sakura(Street Fighter)(face)

Ayane(Dead or Alive)(face)


Seems like the NWE divas matches are happy-go-lucky face-on-face battles! I'll make some heels soon!


I remember hearing someone saying that they wish there were 100 CaW slots. That would be good, cause then I could create 50 wrestlers, than download 50 more!


I'm looking forward to posting here and on the main site, and nice to meet ya!


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