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Coach PC's BWA Debut Showcase

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I decided to start a new thread for my BWA CAW's so if a moderator reads this will you please delete my other thread. Thanks!!


So here are the first four superstars signed to the new and upcoming Blitzkrieg Wrestling Alliance. These were the first four I created. Like I said in my previous post...I am not great at creating CAW's so if you give feedback please be kind :) I try to do my best and make them look simple but still look good. I posted information with each one including very short background information. They are fairly complete and shown with original attires but may have to just tidy them up. I will be doing alternate attires but want to finish up the rest of the roster first. I don't have a capture card yet so pics were taken with my phone so I apologize for any clarity issues.


Superstar #1

PJ Powers


Height: 6'0''

Weight: 228 lbs.

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

Signature: Cajun Suplex (Falcon Arrow)

Finisher: Mardi Gras Hangover (Houston Hangover)








Background: Powers comes from an athletic background. He was a two sport athlete at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. With his athleticism and quickness he is sure to frustrate his opponents and climb the ranks quickly.




Superstar #2

Marcus Money


Height: 6'1''

Weight: 244 lbs.

Hometown: Hollywood, CA

Signature: Outer Limitz Elbow Drop

Finisher: Face Time (Single Knee Facebreaker)














Background: A definite heel. Marcus Money is all about...well..the money. He drives fancy cars and always has his phone within reach. He comes from Hollywood where he had a brief career as an actor and he thought he was the best in the business. He brings the same mindset to the BWA and will most definitely ruffle some feathers.




Superstar #3

"Archangel" Alex Blade


Height: 6'4''

Weight: 256 lbs.

Hometown: Mesa, AZ

Signature: Cobra Clutch Legsweep; Crucifix Powerbomb

Finisher: Fallen Angel (Canadian Neckbreaker 2)















Background: Blade is a tweener. Some love him, others think he is self-centered. He is probably more of the latter. Other than his main stats, his background is not known and remains a mystery. He is powerful yet can showcase his high flying ability when needed. Blade will definitely be one to keep your eye on.




Superstar #4

Big Vic Justice


Height: 6'7''

Weight: 320 lbs.

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Signature: Chokeslam; Sidewalk Slam 2

Finisher: The Slammer (Full Nelson Slam 2)








Background: Big Vic is a former prison guard at the Texas State Prison. He is big and bad and doesn't take crap from nobody. If you are out of line he will make you pay. The first big man to sign with the BWA, Big Vic should be a force to be reckoned with.


Note: I am currently still working on his entrance attire. I am not sure what I want to go with so if anyone has any suggestions or ideas I will greatly appreciate it :)




Those are the first four superstars of the BWA. There are more to come as I am in the process of finishing four more. I will post the next batch when they are completed. Hope you guys like them and please be kind if you give feedback :)

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I like the ideas, its just the in game logos are kind of lackluster if u could pt some of um it would be good, also I don't know if its just the pics but the body morphing seems a bit strange

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I appreciate the feedback. Like I said I'm not the greatest at CAW making. And I think it is the pics. I took them with my crappy phone because I don't have a capture card. They look better in the game. As far as the in game logos....I'm not a real artsy person so I try to just use the in game logos but I'm gonna try and clean them up. Glad you like the ideas though :)

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Ya paint tool isn't as hard as u think, I'm not great at drawing but ppl seem to think my paint tools are good, you can just do abstract designs and make them work, also try and stay away from the fixed design tats a lot ppl use um and makes caws look generic sometimes they work out though

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After reading the feedback on here I've updated Alex Blade and Big Vic Justice so I will post their new looks as soon as I can. Also will be updating Marcus Money and posting 4 more BWA superstars. I'm just cleaning up some PT logos and will post as soon as they are completed.

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I have decided to wait until I have all of my CAW's finished and how I like them before I post them on here. I am just about finished....just tidying them up a bit and changing a few things. Should have them done in a few days and will post them as soon as they are completed and to my liking :)

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I apologize for taking so long but I have most of my roster complete and I will try and post pics on here this weekend. I have been crazy busy so I haven't had a lot of time for creating CAW's. I will try to post the first batch of my CAW's this weekend. I have made some changes so ignore my original posting of CAW's at the top :)

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I know a lot of people probably aren't reading this but I've decided to wait until I get my game capture card before I post any pics or videos of my BWA roster on here. I'm not satisfied with how my phone takes pictures and want to post clear pictures. I will be getting my game capture within the next week...hopefully. This will allow me time to finish up my roster anyway.


So stay tuned because the BWA roster is coming soon.....

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