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[TUTORIAL] How to Import Textures into WWE '13 on PS3

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Can't figure out why, but I've followed all the steps multiple times now, but I still can't get my textures into the game. Step by step of what I've done to see if there's anywhere I could've messed up:


  • Followed all the steps to unlock my save, and was able to copy it back onto my USB
  • Resaved my 5 logos from .psd files to ARGB .dds files, all at 128x128
  • Opened up 00PaintTool.pt in the Texture Importer, imported my 5 logos, and saving as a new .pt file
  • Used Le Fluffie to take my new .pt file and extract package into a SaveData.dat file (which I then renamed LOGOS.DAT)
  • Used PPF-O-Matic to apply the .ppf file to the LOGOS.DAT
  • Transfered over my LOGOS.DAT file to my USB drive (seen here)
  • Plugged my USB into the PS3, overwriting the old file on my system with the one from my USB
  • Go on CC and download a random paint tool to a slot that didn't contain one of my logos


When I go to look at all of my logos, the only one that shows up is the one I've downloaded, with all of the other slots showing up as empty. I'm pretty sure I've done everything I'm supposed to, so it's getting a little frustrating that it never works.


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