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Tazz - The Extreme Human Suplex Machine

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-Leverage Pin
-Hammer Throw


-Outlaw Ring In
-Roll Down Ring Out

Apron Ring-In/Out
-Normal Ring In 1
-Normal Ring Out 2

Apron Ringside-In/Out
-Outlaw On The Apron
-Normal Apron Out 1

-Hold Up 2
-Cody Rhodes 3
-Lord Tensai 1


Strike Attacks
-Head Punch 1
-Orton Kick
-Undertaker Punch 3
-Cross Chop To Throat
-Body Punch

Strike Combination
-Head Punch 1
-Cena Punch 3
-Keylock Combo 3 (OR) Triple H Punch 5

Strong Strikes
-Clothesline 13
-Double Axe Handle 8

Kick Reversal
-Elbow Reversal
-Belly To Belly Reversal
-Achilles Tendon Lock
-Armbar 3
-Shove Back Reversal

Leverage Pin
-School Boy 2


Front Facelock
-European Uppercut 1
-Snap Suplex
-Hatch Suplex
-Northern Lights Suplex 2
-Vertical Suplex
-Sambo Suplex
-Combination Punch

Side Headlock
-Punch To Head 1
-Fujiwara Armbar
-Back Side Slam 2
-Hammer & Sickle
-Pendulum Backbreaker
-Short-Arm Clothesline
-Exploder Suplex 2
-Combination Punch

Wrist Lock
-Elbow Smash 4
-Anaconda Vise 1 (just pretend it's an inverted guilliotine)
-Spinning Double Leg Takedown
-Neck Lock Suplex
-Scoop Slam 1
-Undertaker Knee Strike
-Soda Twist
-Combination Punch

Waist Lock
-Forearm Smash 6
-Full Nelson
-Back Suplex 3
-Leg Hook Belly To Back
-Back Side Slam 1
-Saito Suplex
-Double Chicken Wing
-Cobra Clutch Legsweep

Front Facelock
-Drive-By Kick 1
-Armlock Scoop Slam
-Armbar 1
-Chop Block 2
-Arm Wrench Slap
-Shoulder Arm Breaker
-Leg Sweep Kneecrusher

Side Headlock
-Million Dollar Dream
-Wrist Clutch & Elbow
-Arm Wrench Kick & Punch
-Knee Breaker
-Arm Wrench Slap
-Shoulder Arm Breaker
-Leg Sweep Kneecrusher

Wrist Lock
-Back Suplex 5
-Armbar 1
-Wrist Clutch & Elbow
-Takedown & Kneedrop
-Arm Wrench Slap
-Shoulder Arm Breaker
-Leg Sweep Kneecrusher

Waist Lock
-Hangman's Elbow
-Arm Wrench Kick & Punch
-Armbar 1
-Chop Block 2
-Arm Wrench Slap
-Shoulder Arm Breaker
-Leg Sweep Kneecrusher


Groggy Grapple
-Belly To Belly 2
-Capture Suplex
-Alabama Slam 2
-Northern Lights Driver
-German Suplex 6
-Drive-By Kick 1

Groggy Grapple From Behind
-German Suplex 2
-Pumphandle Fallaway Slam
-Tiger Suplex
-Dragon Suplex
-Half Nelson Suplex 2
-Chop Block 1

Limb Target
-Running Swing Neckbreaker
-Armlock Scoop Slam
-Jumping Armbreaker
-Dragon Screw
-Hammer And Sickle
-Shoulder Armbreaker
-Leg Sweep Kneecrusher

Breaking Point Submissions
-Front Necklock
-Full Nelson


Strike Attacks
-King Stomp
-Elbow Drop 3

Grapple Moves Facing Up
-Head Punch 2
-Running Big Boot
-Leg Stomps

Grapple Moves Facing Down
-Knee Attack 2
-Wrestling Rolling
-Cloverleaf Pain (just pretend it's a kneeling leglock..)

Limb Target
-Sleeper & Body Scissors
-Key Lock
-Knee Stomp 3

Submission Grapple
-Triangle Hold
-Hammer & Chin Lock 2


Strike Attacks
Corner Groggy
-Punch To Head 3
-Forearm Smash 2
-Turnbuckle Clothesline
-Jumping Knee Attack 6
-Stomping 3
-Running Wash

Top Rope
-Punch To Head
-Big Boot 1

Tree of Woe
-Kick To Gut
-Cactus Elbow

Grapple Moves
-Corner Back Elbow Strikes
-Repeating Punch 1
-10 Count Punch

Grapple From Behind
-Rebound Suplex
-Head Slam
-Toss Into Ringpost

Top Rope Grapple
-Double Underhook Suplex
-Arm Drag 8

Top Rope Grapple From Behind
-Super German Suplex
-Reverse Superplex
-Side Slam 2

Seated Corner Grapple
-Stomp & Choke

Tree of Woe
-Foot Choke 2

Corner Springboard

Running Top Rope Grapple
-Deadly Drive


Groggy Against Ropes
-Rope Hung Knee Strike
-Top Rope Choke

Groggy Against Second Ropes
-Knee Drop 7

Springboard Attacks

Outside Springboard Attacks

Out of Ring Dive Attack (Run)

Running Springboard


Strike Attacks
-Right Hook
-Axe Handle To Ringside

Springboard Attacks

-Apron Suplex 1
-Slingshot Shoulder Block
-Apron Suplex 3
-Giant Chop
-Apron Facelock
-Pull Down 1
-Pull Down 2

-Apron Stomp
-Apron Big Boot

-Apron Clothesline
-Running Elbow Strike


Diving Attack Vs. Standing Opp.
-Diving Clothesline 3
-Diving Double Axe Handle 1

Diving Attack Vs. Downed Opp.
-Diving Elbow Drop 5
-Diving Knee Drop


Running Strikes
-Shoulder Block 2
-Clothesline 8

-Spear 1
-Belly To Belly 1
-Running STO

Grapple From Behind
-German Suplex 3
-Back Side Slam 1
-Chop Block 3

Ground Strikes
-Double Axe Handle 4

Irish Whip Rebound
-Running Neckbreaker
-Hip Toss 4
-Wheelbarrow Suplex 2 (OR) German Suplex 6
-Drop Toe Hold 1

Pull-Back Attacks
-Pull-Back Kitchen Sink
-Pull-Back Hip Toss
-Pull-Back Hip Toss


Wake-Up Taunt

-Cobra Clutch
-Super Belly To Belly Tazzplex (CAF)

-Sleeper Hold 2
-Half-Nelson Choke Suplex
-Belly To Belly 5

Created Special Moves

Super Belly To Belly Tazzplex (CAF Corner)

(Leg Outside 110%)

(Jumping Top Rope Position 01 105%)

(Belly To Belly Clutch 01 115%)

(Belly To Belly Take Off 03 78%)

(Cracker Jack Dive 75%, 0, 5)

(Belly To Belly Finish 03 85%)

- Royal Rumble:
-Quick Grapple:
- Toe Kick
- Knee Lift
- Body Punch
- Throat Thrust
- Finishers
- T-Bone Suplex
- Powerbomb
- Clothesline
- Player's Boot

-Strike Attack
- Punch To Head
- Powerful Punch
- Smash To Ladder 2
- Back Suplex
- Kicks It Down
- Suplex
- White Noise

- Pushing Down
- German Suplex

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