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XWF GWS Showcase

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Having been on this site almost as long as it is running I feel a bit of a veteren, and yet I am a noob when it comes to sharing my stuff online (having only done so once before 2/3 years ago). So, I suppose its time I put my neck on the chopping block and shared some stuff with you guys.


I don't know if anyone is interested in this, but here goes nothing:


My WWF/E Gaming History,


A History of XWF (Xtreme Wrestling Federation), SCF (Squared Circle Federation), TBW (Totally Brilliant Wrestling) and GWS (Global Wrestling Superstars).



The XWF or The Xtreme Wrestling Federation, was the brain child of myself and three very close friends from childhood (we ranged in age at the time, a very innocent 9-11 years old) way back in 1994! Which of us first coined the term I am unsure, but I remember clearly the people that were there in those eary days.You could say it was our first backyard fed! Many others joined us, family and friends, until we had a decent roster (about 10-12 people). Almost all of us had no unique names, and simply pretended to be whoever our favourite wrestler was as we attempted to "try this at home" and become the Macho Man, Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Hawk, Animal etc. etc. But we were never the WWF (then) champion, we made our own belt from an off cut of carpet, which we painted as the XWF World Heavy Weight Championship. Over time characters began to develop, some were crude rip offs at first in terms of their names and personas, but this evolved, personas grew as our roster changed and we made up our own feuds, deviating from what we saw on the videos we got of a recorded Raw or PPV from a friend which we all sat around to watch. (Or from the sounds we picked up as we listened to commentary only of PPVs as the rest of the screen was fuzzed out!!! - Our parents refused to pay for the channel which WWF was on).


It was also around this time that I clearly remember getting my first wrestling game. It was on the PC and was called WWF European Rampage. It was awful. Shortly afterwards however, WWF Royal Rumble was released for the Sega Mega Drive, one problem stood in our way, of our group, not one of our parents would buy it for us! Wrestling was for some reason, condemned! Perhaps they were concerned at the amount of time we would give to playing our own version of wrestling and believed someone would get hurt, or, perhaps they were ashamed of the idea of going into a shop and purchasing a wrestling game. (Something I feel today when I go to purchase a WWE game). As a result we had to rent the game from a man who would come to our housing estate with his car loaded with videos and video games. (oh how times have changed…VHS for hire from the trunk of a car) I don’t think that copy of Royal Rumble left our estate for months as we would each "book" it for the week after the other had rented it. Evenings were shared between homes playing this game. It definitely fed our imaginations. (Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t the only thing we were doing lol, but I don’t need to give every facet of my life story for this one, even if I am being quite detailed :lol: ).


As the years passed, our "wrestling shows" aka messing about in a garden, became less and less, until we hit our mid-teens and the attitude era exploded. ECW was in full swing, as were the Monday Night Wars. It was hard not to enjoy wrestling. We were hooked, and so came the release of WWF Warzone in 98, our creative juices were in full flight (also aided by Extreme Warfare and extreme warfare Revenge), and we would sit around for hours creating each other, having matches, our own storylines etc. on the latest Wrestling game. This continued through WCWs Mayhem, ECWs Anarchy Rulz and onto WWF Attitude etc. etc. During all of this, we continued our backyard fed on and off, it had become a little more violent compared to those early 90s days of “play wrestling”. The characters of the XWF were now almost all unique, even if some of the old guard still remained, then in the summer of 2002 we had the WCW Invasion Angle, as chance would have it, two friends of one of our group had their own backyard feds set up called TBW (Totally Brilliant Wresting) and EIW (Extreme International Wrestling), we decided to do our own invasion angle and combine all 3 federations. It was determined that XWF would be the stand-alone company (being the oldest) and the others would be "bought out" by XWF owner Edgar J. Broughton, however on their introduction to the XWF, the member of TBW and EIW would join together and protest against the destruction of their respective companies and the erasing of their titles this would form the premises feuds that lasted years. If you read each characters description as I post it, you will see which company they were part of, and what roles they had to play in the evolution of the XWF as I post them. Over time we began to hate the names of EIW & TBW and referred to them as a single entity known as The SCF (The Squared Circle Federation). TBW became a singular faction from this but now meant “The Best Wrestlers”.


Confusing to anyone reading this I am sure, but to those of us who were involved this all seemed to flow rather seamlessly together.


As each WWf/WWE game came out, we would create our roster and reproduce the storylines that we created in our fed. Over the years we kept detailed records of our champions (within the XWF promotion).


On a side note, in 2001, Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart created a short lived federation known as Xcitement Wrestling Federation (XWF) to say we were fuming over this was an understatement haha!


Looking back on all of this now, over a decade later and I still get a smile from it all. Some of the things people said in interviews, the comments passed in commentary etc. Each year I still make the CAWs, have the classic matches and generally have fun with WWE games. I took a break from making the entire roster over the past few years and simply made one or two. I didn’t bother with WWE11 at all, the first game I hadn’t bought since Warzone. This year I have decided to go back and recreate everyone and write up a storyline to go with it. The problem is, 50 caw slots simply isn’t enough, so the story will be altered as a result (not that anyone here will know haha) but I hope to produce the 50 most entertaining gimmicks and characters that tie in with the stories I have in mind. (that’s 50 out of our 104 that I have listed!)


Hopefully as I post I will be able to give a detailed background history to each member of the XWF family. Finally, this year, I also decided to rebrand the XWF as GWS (Global Wrestling Superstars).Why? I don’t know to be honest, I just want to have as many different Wrestling Company names as possible. I will still be using XWF, TBW, EIW, SCW where needed. So, when you read some of my backgrounds, don’t get too confused, it’s simple really: GWS (Global Wrestling Superstars) is the parent company of XWF (Xtreme Wrestling Federation) which was invaded by The SCF (Squared Circle Federation) which consists of TBW (Totally Brilliant Wrestling) and EIW (Extreme International Wrestling)


Wow, I didn’t think I would write quite so much. Hope you guys enjoy.



XWF/GWS Showcase 2013

CAW #1


Call Name: Mortimor B. Zuckerman



Nick Name: MBZ

Real Name: Mortimor Bradley Zuckerman

Height:184cm (6'0")

Weight:101kg (222lb or15st12)

Hometown:Long Island New York

Finisher 1:MBZZZZZZZZZZZZZ (Million Dollar Dream)

Finisher 2:Cross Arm Neckbreaker

Signature Moves: Money Drop (Fist Drop), Tornado DDT

Overall: 81

Card Position: Midcard

Tag Team: Money & Fame (with Albert "The Count" Roulard

Stable/Faction: (Leader of) Zuckerman Inc (also referred to as MBZ Inc)

Back Story: Evil Multimillionaire who leads Zuckerman Inc. Zuckerman, who joined the XWF in 2005 is a seasoned veteran after long stints in a number of other Federations such as TBW and WASP (Wrestling Association of Super Pro's). Zuckerman is a certified millionaire from his businesess away from the wrestling industry, has used his money and fame to buy his way to victory on a number of occasions, hired goons and created his own stable known as "Zuckerman Inc" consisting of his right hand man; Albert "The Count" Roulard, Membrian, Sinspector, Dirty Dev and Dave the Drunk.


In many cases Zuckerman plays on the weaknesses of those within his group to manipulate them into getting what he wants. He has on occasion also hired BBK & Hard Assassin to take care of business for him when he feels his own crew arent getting the job done. He is malicious and cold hearted individual and will often throw his own men to the wolves to save his own skin. In his opinion he can buy their loyalty, and if they take a beating for him he can fix the problem by giving them a bonus in their pay packet.
















New M.B.K. look for 13















Song: Money & Fame

Artist: Scorpions



CAW #2

Call Name: "The Count" Albert Roulard


Nick Name: The Count

Real Name: Albert Roulard

Height:182cm (5'11")

Weight:101kg (222lb or15st12)

Hometown: New York, New York

Finisher 1:

The V.A.T. Kick (Spinning Wheel Kick from the Top Rope)


Signature Moves: The TAX Haven (Emerald Fushion)

Overall: 82

Card Position: Midcard

Tag Team: Money & Fame (with Mortimor B. Zuckerman)

Stable/Faction: Zuckerman Inc (also referred to as MBZ Inc)

Back Story: The Count joined MBZ in the XWF in the winter of 2007 (Smackdown vs Raw 08). Roulard is a hardworking in ring wrestler who has a rounded approach to his grappling style. Previous to becoming a pro wrestler Roulard was a small business auditor. Currently employed as both a wrestler and accountant by Mortimor B. Zuckerman. Assists Zuckerman in all his financial dealings. The Count is hated by fans due to his appearance, history of closing small businesses and his association with Mortimor B. Zuckerman. He has no redeeming qualities and is all about making sure that MBZ is going to be a rich man for life. Because as he says "Counting money for MBZ means I get paid more than everyone in the arena combined!" Think I.R.S.












The Count Albert Roulard uses the same entrance music as his tag team partner.

Money and FAme by Scorpions.




Money & Fame Tag Entrance (Mortimor B. Zuckerman & Albert "The Count" Roulard) Entrance

CAW #3


Call Name: Membrian



Nick Name: Membrian

Real Name: Brian Goodall

Height:178 (5'10")

Weight:71kg (156lbs or 11st2)

Hometown:Dublin, Ireland

Finisher 1:The Tract Finder (Step over Toe Hold)

Finisher 2:The 4 Leaf Clover (Texas Cloverleaf)

Signature Moves:

Overall: 81

Card Position: Midcard

Tag Team: Saints & Sinners (with Sinspector)

Stable/Faction: Zuckerman Inc (also referred to as MBZ Inc)

Entrance Music: Suicide Pact (You First) - Therapy?

Tag Entrance Music: Saints & Sinners - Kiss

Back Story: Membrian is one of the most unique entertainers in the history of the XWF, he is a heroin junkie from Dublin Ireland. Due to his intense desire to find the ultimate high, Membrian is known to have consumed copious amounts of heavy drugs he was called "insane in the membrain" by other street thugs, hence his name Membrian.He has been in a number of different rehabilitation centres and claims to be clean now. But he cuts through his pay check incredibly fast and often has to work for Mortimor B. Zuckerman to simply pay the "bills". (Game Debut: WWF Attitude)
















CAW #4


Call Name: Sinspector

Nick Name:

Real Name: Damien Doyle

Height:165cm (5'4")

Weight:73kg (160 lbs or 11st 6lbs)

Hometown:Adopted home town of: San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Finisher 1:Shooting Star Press

Finisher 2:

Signature Moves: Suicide Dive

Overall: 82

Card Position: Midcard

Tag Team: Saints & Sinners (with Membrian)

Stable/Faction: Zuckerman Inc (also referred to as MBZ Inc)

Entrance Music: Blood, Milk and Sugar - White zombie

Tag Entrance Music: Saints & Sinners - Kiss

Back Story: Demonic, Gothic, Sadistic, Terrifying, Electrifying, Crazy, Unhinged, Gravity Defying are all terms regularly used to describe Sinspector. His deep love for Lucha Libre wrestling is evident in his look but Sinspector is a man who also loves hardcore wrestling and this often comes to the fore when we least expect it. A risk taker and hardcore lover are two dangerous things in wrestling, something Sinspector combines to perfection. It is often stated that Sinspector will have a short career due to his high risk and hardcore nature. Having remodelled Sinspector in every game, and on a number of times in this game, I can officially state that he is my least favourite character. i have never been able to settle on a look which would best represent him and as a result he simply becomes the definition of disappointment to me. Other CAWS could look worse, but their gimmick will be supported within the look. With Sinspector time I simply gave up. What you see, well, that is the last attemp I will make at my most disappointing CAW. In truth I am glad to be finished with him.













before the dreadlocks

























And that sees the last of the members of Zuckerman Inc that I am creating for now. I will upload the tag entrance for Saints and Sinners (Membrian & Sinspector) as soon as I have the time. But up next: The Clergy.


CAW #5


Call Name: The Reverend Bob Sexington

Nick Name:The Rev/Reverend

Real Name: Bob Sexington

Height:200cm (6'6")

Weight:113kg (249lbs or17st 11)

Hometown:Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Finisher 1:The Clergy Crossover (Sharpshooter)

Finisher 2:The Sexington Sweep (Side Russian Leg Sweep)

Signature Moves:

Overall: 92

Card Position: Main Event

Tag Team: The Clergys: Rev & Pope (The Reverand Bob Sexington & Pope Paddy)

Stable/Faction: (Leader of) The Clergy

Entrance Music: Perfect Strangers - Deep Purple

Tag Entrance Music: ? (I cant remember right now) - Helloween

Back Story: Bob Sexington is the charismatic leader of the Cult/Religious organisation known as The Clergy. He regularly preaches about the sacrifices that we all must make for the greater good, but, this greater good is more often than not what is good for Bob Sexington. He uses his position of power and numbers to ensure that he remains in the main event and title picture. Bob was originally brought to the XWF by the Chairmain Edgar J. Broughton in the autumn/fall of 1996. As a new member of the company he was full of ethusiasm and edevour. Over the next two years as a wrestler Bob Sexington began to progress as a wrestler, slowly moving up the ranks of the company. By Spring of 1998 he had captured the now XWF Hardcore championship on two occasions and had risen up to the number one contender for the 5 Continents Title (the second highest singles title in the company). At this time XWF World Heavyweight Champion "The Cornerstone" Jesus Jones recruited Bob Sexington to become part of his new stable "Elite Forces" with the then XWF Tag Team Champions John "Mojo" Striker and Ace Steel (Then known as "StrikerSteel"). To an neutral observer, this seemed like a powerplay by Jesus Jones to ensure he had all the gold in the XWF surrounding him in his stable Elite Forces; the purpose of which was to have his group as the faces of XWF as the company underwent its second INVASION angle as WASP (Wresting Association of Super Pro's) merged with the XWF and the superstars struggled for power. Bob Sexington went on to win the XWF 5 Continents Title and managed to hold onto it for 5 months before dropping the title to Diablos at XWFs "Hells Frozen Over" PPV. Post this defeat Bob began to spiral out of control. Having been a champion and a successful member of Elite Forces, having no title was like going cold turkey from heroin. He was out of control and unconsolable, he regularly missed TV and PPV appearances and was on the brink of being saked from the company due to his difficulties when Jesus Jones took action and placed Bob in a rehab facility in Feb 2000. Bob returned to the XWF 12 months later. He proclaimed to be a changed man that had "found the light of the Lord Jesus Christ". During his time away he became an ordained Minister and had mafe an oath to himself that he would help each person he met in every way he could. From Feb 2001 until July 2003 Bob helped hundreds of people. He was celebrated by being mafe Honarary President of the "Make a Wish" foundation. Each week on XWF Monday Night Mahem Bob would come to the ring as part of Elite Forces and hold a short cermon highlighting the work that he had done over the past week. He began to form a group of followers and slowly he began to induct them into the Elite Forces group (Patrick Kehoe - later known as Pope Paddy, . Then in July 2003 Bob asked Jesus Jones for a World Title match. JJ now a 14 time World Champion granted his friend the match. The two met for the 1st time at XWF's *Censored* you it's July PPV. Bob looked to have the match won, with JJ prone on the mat Bob went to the top rope only to slip and fall, JJ rolled over for the win. The following night on XWF Monday Night Massacre Reverend Bob Sexington stepped into the ring alone, he called all memebers of the Elite Forces stable to the ring. He called JJ a cheater who would do whatever it took to win the match, he said he had learned from HH, he learned that the only way to help anyone is to show them how to take what they want. Bob says he is going to start leading by example. He then stepped out of the ring, as he did 4 emembers of Elite Forces blindsided and attacked the other 3 original members (JJ, Ace Spade & John Striker). The 3 original members were now "Outcasts" in the eyes of Sexington. Sexingtons actions toward his mentor resulted in the Sexington v Jones feud that still burns hot today. Each week "The Revs" sermon became more and more sinister, his actions more violent he bagan to call his followers "Members of his Clergy". Soon the name Elite Forces was abandoned and he renamed his group "The CLergy" (Game Debut: Attitude)



Original Entrance


Original Back




Original Ring






Red Back



Red Entrance



"New Age" Clergy Attire



New Age Clergy Entrance



New age clergy back entrance



Old look from his time in Elite Forces as Bob Sexington (yet to become "The Rev")










CAW #6


Call Name: Pope Paddy

Nick Name:Pope

Real Name: Patrick Simpson

Height:184cm (6'0")

Weight:102kg (224lbs or 16st 1lbs)

Hometown:Rome, Italy

Finisher 1:The Confession (Torture Rack)

Finisher 2:Time to See the Light (Single Knee Facebreaker)

Signature Moves:

Overall: 84

Card Position: Midcard

Tag Team: The Clergys: Rev & Pope (The Reverand Bob Sexington & Pope Paddy)

Stable/Faction: The Clergy

Entrance Music:

Tag Entrance Music: ? (I cant remember right now) - Helloween

Back Story:

Second in command to Bob Sexington. He has always been a vocal supporter of The Reverend, announcing himself and the Clergys "Pope" to serve its Reverend and God, Bob Sexington. He is a complete convert who will not tolerate any doubts over the legitimacy of his religion or leader. Patrick Simpson jonied the XWF in 2002, he was the first member of the "elite forces" stable to be inducted by Bob Sexington as opposed to the then leader Jesus Jones and so remains fiercely loyal to him. He is a slimy/greasy kind of character who is constantly leering at young women.







New Age Clergy Entrance





REd and Gold attire








Patrick Simpson look from Elite Forces days...













Pope Paddy & The Reverend Bob Sexington - The Clergy (In New Age Cergy Attires) Tag Entrance





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If there's one thing I like, it's CAWs with rich, detailed back-stories. He really looks the that old school, love to hate him, Ric Flair kind of heel that seems completely untouchable until the good guy finally gets to deliver the decisive blow in the feud. I can dig it.

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If there's one thing I like, it's CAWs with rich, detailed back-stories. He really looks the that old school, love to hate him, Ric Flair kind of heel that seems completely untouchable until the good guy finally gets to deliver the decisive blow in the feud. I can dig it.



Thats almost exactly the kind of guy you are dealing with. Zuckerman is the DiBiase/Flair type guy of the XWF.

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I have added the entrance video of Mortimor B. Zuckerman, Albert "The Count" Roulard, their tag entrance. I also added Membrian and his entrance. I had added Sinspector (Membrians tag partner) but for some reason my laptop froze and so i will have to start all over again on that post another time.


All thoughts appreciated.

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Awesome edition, man. I'm definitely diggin' Membraine.

"Membrian" not membrain (as it should be) its a play on his name being Brian and his mental state, a small thing, but hey, I'm pedantic :lol: . But thanks for the positive feedback guys.

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Just bumping this thread to say I have uploaded Sinspectors video, which completes the members of Zuckerman Inc that I will make this year. I have also added The Reverend Bob Sexington, leader of "the Clergy". I will be adding other Clergy members in the coming days.

Hope you guys like them

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CAW #7


Call Name: BJ Fashions

Nick Name:

Real Name: Bartholomew Johannson

Height:186cm (6'1")

Weight:104kg (229lbs 16st 5lbs)

Hometown:London England

Finisher 1:Styles Clash

Finisher 2:Fashionable Art (Diving Moonsault)

Signature Moves:Who Needs Protection? (Banzai Drop)

Signature Moveset - vertical Suplex followed by Who Needs Protection

Overall: 88

Card Position: Midcard

Tag Team: Big Dick & BJ (With "Big" Richard Johnson)

Stable/Faction: The Clergy

Entrance Music: Battle without Humility or Honour - Soundtrack to Kill Bill

Tag Entrance Music: Battle without Humility or Honour - Soundtrack to Kill Bill

Back Story:

Charismatic Fashion Designer who might be gay or at least bisexual. BJ designs and makes all the Divas attires, he has hired "Big" Richard Johnson as his protection. He has at times been caught in comprimising positions with his body guard but each occassion has been explained as some form of misunderstanding. BJ also designed the jackets for the Clergy when Reverend Bob Sexington demanded that they should be in uniform, all jackets were styled by Fashions, but his was unique. The Rev would later quiz BJ on this. Fashions response was simple "I am the Decon of Fashion, it requires a certain element of panache".













New Clergy Attire







For some reason I uploaded the tag video for Fashions Inc with them both wearing their New Age Clergy gear rather than their "who needs protection" & "When you've got a dick this big" t-shirts which I, at least find funny. I will upload it sometime in the future




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CAW #8


Call Name: "Big" Richard Johnson

Nick Name: Big/ Big Dick

Real Name: Richard Johnson

Height:217cm (7'1")

Weight:158kg (343lbs or 24st 12lbs)

Hometown:Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Finisher 1: The Humbler (Colossal Clutch)

Finisher 2:Protect That! (Military Press Oaklahoma Slam)

Signature Moves:Elbows in the Corner

Signature Moves: Swallow this! (Big Boot)

Overall: 86

Card Position: Midcard

Tag Team: Big Dick & BJ (With BJ FAshions)

Stable/Faction: The Clergy

Entrance Music: Battle without Humility or Honour - Soundtrack to Kill Bill

Tag Entrance Music: Battle without Humility or Honour - Soundtrack to Kill Bill

Back Story:

Richard Johnson, or Big Dick as he is known is a 7 foot giant, who has joined the XWF as part of the BJ Fashion Designs Inc. helping BJ to get to the top in the ring and in the world of fashion. Dick Johnson has been offered huge sums of money by people like Mortimor B Zuckerman to leave BJ Fashions Inc. but, Big Dick remains mysteriously loyal saying he has " a great partnership with BJ and couldnt bare to break up with his tag team partner". Rumours are rife. Big Dick is a hard hitting monster however who has a powerful assault style of wrestling. He dominates his opponents with his aggressive throws, lifts and strikes. He is not the sort of wrestler who can mix it up with high flying 450 splashes, nor is he a technically proficient wrestler, but that doesnt matter, because if you find yourself being locked into a camel clutch by a man this big, there is no escape. He will break your back and make you humble.




New Age Clergy Attire






Regular Attire













I will upload additional footage of BJ Fasions & Big Richard Johnson soon!










CAW #9




Call Name: B.B.K

Nick Name: Killer

Real Name: BBK

Height:207cm (6'8")

Weight:135kg (298lbs or 23.8st)

Hometown:The Former Soviet Union Russia

Finisher 1: BBK Bomb (Baldobomb)

Finisher 2:

Signature Moves:

Signature Moves:

Overall: 83

Card Position: Midcard

Tag Team: BBK & Hard Assassin

Stable/Faction: None

Entrance Music: Spawn Again - Silverchair

Tag Entrance Music: Spawn Again - Silverchair

Back Story:

Bruiser/Hardhitter/Gun for Hire of Russian Mob decent. His tattoos tell a story of a life of crime, but with no criminal record he managed to make his was into the XWF and the United States. Rumours of people disappering in States as the company tour have resulted in him being brought in for questioning a a person of interest in a number of different cases, but as yet, no evidence has ever been discovered to concretely tie him to any crime. Brought to the XWF as protection by Jesus Jones along with his ally Hard Assasin. Neither man has ever allowed his true name be revieled to the public and instead is only known by the names BBK and Hard Assassin




Original Attire





Spitz/Army Attire



Spiked Attire
















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When I first looked in here, I saw the top two guys, and thought not my thing but not bad at all. After seeing more of your stuff, I find myself liking the whole thing, it brought back memories of some of the types of wrestlers me and my friends used to pretend to be. Really nice work, and its always good to have a bit of history behind the wrestlers, I really need to write some up for my guys (most have history but its all in my head!).


Just to let you know, you might want to put some stuff in spoiler tags for people with slower connections, my connection is usually alright but took several freeze scrolls while going down the page.

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CAW #10




Call Name: Hard Assassin

Nick Name:

Real Name:Guy Black

Height:202cm (6'6")

Weight:130kg (286lbs or 20.4st)

Hometown:Helana Montana

Finisher 1: Snipers Shot (Christians Finisher)

Finisher 2:

Signature Moves:

Signature Moves:

Overall: 83

Card Position: Midcard

Tag Team: BBK & Hard Assassin

Stable/Faction: None

Entrance Music: Spawn Again - Silverchair

Tag Entrance Music: Spawn Again - Silverchair

Back Story:Guy Black is from Helena Montana, a state with the highest percentage of its population in the U.S. troops. Guy Black excelled in the US Navy Seals. However having seen some terrible scenes on Black Ops Guy Black left the Seals. For years he operated as a mercinary and general gun for higher until he met with BBK. At this point Guy Black was converted to communism and was a firm believer in the old Soviet Union and its beliefs. The Hard Assassin was to be introduced to the XWF as "The Hired Assassin - Guy Black" by Jesus Jones who was XWF World Heavy Weight Champion; at the time he felt he needed protection from the legendary grappler Brian Micheals as he had won the title in questionable circumstances, however on the night of his introduction Jesus Jones suffered a faux pas on the mic and introduced him as "My Hard Assassin" rather than "My Hired Assassin". The Hard Assassin has gone on to demolish many opponents and is a gun for hire, but shaking the name has proved impossible.




Spiked Attire









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Not sure if its just the pictures but the orange on the spiked attire is blinding. Got any CAW mode pictures of THA?


Btw, I like how you explained using hard assassin lol.

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