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nCo WIP area: UPDATE 7/11/13 Curt Hawkins/Briley Pierce/Swagger UPLOADED//CM Punk Updated/ Vickie Guerrero - Victor Preview!/Sami Zayn/HBK UPLOADED!

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"The Ballard of Dr Nick who was busy caw'ing with No Mods when a Ravenos Simopotomus approached him"


This is a collab thread between a few of us that are hoping to provide a current/next gen wwe roster for the community.


Where it all began. TOPIC 1:




Complete section now including CAS files:








Founders of the project and responsible for all base caw related duties...morphing, textures...etc.



AJ - Textures/occasional caws
Ballard - Caws
Birdy - Caws
Big Pete - Caws

Cheddar - Refs/Adding renders/ Applying attires/Passing caws & textures

Defract - Textures/occasional caws

Dr Vries - Caws (Finisher)
Hippo - Caws/Movesets/Occasional Textures (Finisher)

Miztah Raza - Fixes/Occasional Textures

HotavioH - Textures/Renders
Iamnomodder - Caws (Finisher)
NWOldskool - Caws
Nickbreaker - Caws
Ravenos - Textures

Righteous L. Jackson - Movesets

Shattered - Caws




We appreciate the support for the project and encourage people to support us by adding nCo to your avatar/banners! We ask that you do not post CAWs in this topic unless your name is listed above! If you want to submit a CAW for the project please PM pics of it to the NCO account. If a member of the project sees enough potential in it to tweak your CAW, this will make you a guest contributor of the project NOT a member. Please only submit CAWs that you would consider FINISHED CAWs and not works in progress! Thank you.







Responsible for many of the other things that go towards making these wonderful creations such as fixes, refs, movesets, entrances, trons...etc


BroskiBen - Refs

Codes - Entrances

Kidd Dibiase - Refs

Kid Sampson - Fixes

NoMoreBumps - Refs

Status - Trons/not banning us :)

The Knight - Movesets



note: I'd also like to state a long overdue thank you to a few people and sincere apology for not adding this earlier -

BrienJ and Tekken for once again making textures possible...your work is truly appreciated.

Miztah Raza aka Cody's Mustache for the many pt fixes provided, you already know how grateful I am for this...just saying it out loud - you are a star and without doubt an honorary member of nCo :P

And finally each and everyone of you involved in this project, a superb group of gents all with individual talents, plenty of flair and just generally make collabing easy and fun...keep up the great work.


Roster List:

Red = Early work no preview

Yellow = In progress

Green = Complete/Uploaded

Found here: http://caws.ws/forum/topic/446769-nco-wwe-caws-complete-section/



Adrian Neville - Dr Vries

Aiden English - Dr Vries

Bray Wyatt - NWO/Hippo/AJ/Dr Vries
Briley Pierce - Ballard
Byron Saxton - Dr Vries/Birdy
CJ Parker - Shattered/HotavioH
Colin Cassidy - Shattered/Dr Vries
Connor O'Brian - Shattered/Dr Vries
Corey Graves - Hippo/Defract/AJ

Dante Dash
Emma - NWO
Eric Rowan - Shattered/NWOldskool/Iamnomodder
Garrett Dylan - Shattered/Dr Vries
J. Bronson - NWO/Ballard

Jake Carter - Shattered/Dr Vries
Jason Jordan
Kassius Ohno - Dr Vries/ AJ
Kenneth Cameron - Shattered/Dr Vries

Leo Kruger - Iamnomodder/BigPete/Dr Vries

Luke Harper - NWO/Iamnomodder/Dr Vries
Mike Dalton - Shattered/ Dr Vries
Oliver Grey - Shattered/Dr Vries
Paige - Iamnomodder - Hippo/NWO/Lyriqz
Richie Steamboat - Hippo/AJ/Dr Vries

Sakamoto - Shattered!
Rick Victor - Shattered!

Summer Rae - NWO
Xavier Woods - BME/Dr Vries



Alex Riley - Hippo/Slipfan/Dr Vries/NWO
Big E Langston - AJ/Hippo/Dr Vries

Bo Dallas - Dr Vries/AJ

Brad Maddox - Hippo/AJ
Camacho - Hippo/AJ
Curt Hawkins - Ballard/AJ
Darren Young - Iamnomodder/Dr Vries/AJ

Dean Ambrose - Hippo/AJ/Nickbreaker

Derrick Bateman - Hippo/AJ
Evan Bourne - Dr Vries/Reckless Youth
Ezekiel Jackson - BigPete/Birdy/Dr Vries/Iamnomodder/AJ
Fandango/Johnny Curtis - Hippo
JTG - Big Pete/Dr Vries
Kaitlyn - Hippo
Mason Ryan - Birdy/Dr Vries/Ravenos/AJ

Matt Stiker - Ballard/Codes

Michael McGillicutty - Big Pete/Hippo
Paul Heyman - NWO/AJ

Roman Reigns - Nick Breaker/Dr Vries/AJ
Rosa Mendes - Iamnomodder

Seth Rollins - Dr Vries/Rav
Tamina Snuka
Titus O'Neil - Iamnomodder/AJ
Tyson Kidd - Dr Vries/AJ
Vickie Guererro - Iamnomodder

William Regal - Dr Vries


WWE 13 IGM Updates:

Chris Jericho - Defract

CM Punk - NWO

Jack Swagger - Ballard/Dynomyte

The Miz - Big Pete / Iamnomodder / Ravenos

Ryback - WolfgangJT/AJ



Bret Hart - NoModder/AJ

Shawn Michaels - Birdy/NWO/AJ

Terry Funk-NWO


WWE Alumni:

Goldberg - AJ/Dr Vries

Kurt Angle - AJ/Hippo

Rob Van Dam - AJ/Dr Vries

Trent Barreta - Ballard/AJ/Hippo/Dr Vries

Tyler Reks - Ballard/AJ/Hippo

Bobby Lashley-NWO


Curt Hawkins

by Ballard, Dr Vries, & AjSim


Jack Swagger

by Ballard, Dynomyte, & Miztah Raza



CM Punk

by Oldsie, Ravenos and Miztah Raza



Vickie Guerrero

by Iamnomodder




Briley Pierce

by Ballard & Shattered!

Moveset by Broski Ben


Rick Victor

by Ballard


Sami Zayn

by Shattered!

(Tags: Sami Zayn, nCo)


  • Moveset by RIGHTEOUS




Bobby Lashley

(Lashley, nCo, NWO)

  • Morphing/Detailing by NWO
  • Face/Tattoo textures by AJSim
  • HotavioH for the Render
  • Righteous for the Moveset
  • Dre41 for the Trunks Logo




Morphing/Detailing by NWO and Hippo

Credit to: Lyriqz as this is a major overhaul of his Paige


Fandango/Johnny Curtis

Morphing/Detailing: Hippo

Attires: AJ Sim




Corey Graves

Morphing/Detailing: Hippo

Attires/Tattoos: AJ and Defract



Derrick Bateman

Morphing/Detailing: Hippo

Attires: AJ Sim



Terry Funk

Tags:NCO, Funk and Rendered

  • By NWOldskool
  • Credit to Codes for the face texture
  • Righteous for the Moveset
  • HotavioH for the Render



Audrey Marie

by NWOldskool


Shawn Michaels

by TheBirdSolution, NWOldSkool and AJSim

Tags:(Birdy, NWO, NCO and HBK. )

  • Credit to AJSIm for the attires
  • Credit to Codes. for the Face Texture



Matt Striker

by Ballard


Summer Rae

by NWOldskool


William Regal

by Dr Vries and AJ Sim

Attire and Face PTs by AJ Sim

Big thanks to Archer for a super quick emergency fix. :)


The Miz

by Big Pete, Iamnomodder, Ravenos



by Big Pete and Dr Vries


Alex Riley

by: Hippo, SLIPFAN

PTs by: Ravenos

Tweaks by: Dr Vries



By: Iamnomodder
Tweaks by: Dr. Vries



by Shattered


Themes/Trons section:

Nearly all the WWE entrance music for the guys we have planned, and some other theme updates too, just to keep the roster upto date (courtesy of yours truly, TheBirdSolution):

(3MB, Adrian Neville, Alex Riley, Big E Langston, Bo Dallas, Bray Wyatt, Byron Saxton, Corey Graves/Jake Carter, Curt Hawkins, Dante Dash, Dean Ambrose, Epico/Primo, Evan Bourne, Ezekiel Jackson, Hornswoggle, James Bronson, Johnny Curtis, JTG, Kaitlyn, Kassius Ohno, Leo Kruger, Mason Ryan, Matt Striker, Michael McGillicutty, Paige, Prime-Time Players, Richie Steamboat, Rosa Mendes, Seth Rollins, Summer Rae, Tamina, The Ascension, Trent Barreta, Tyson Kidd, Wade Barrett, Xavier Woods)


(The Shield, Sin Cara, Prime-Time Players)



(Adrian Neville & Oliver Grey, Brad Maddox, Brock Lesnar, Corey Graves, Fandango, Jack Swagger, Ryback)

THEME UPDATE PACK 3: (Credit to WFMashUpz for the assist on this)


(Emma, Fandango, Epico/Primo, Adrian Neville/Oliver Grey, Conor O'Brian, Sofia Cortez, Leo Kruger, Roman Reigns, NXT, Audrey Marie, Mike Dalton/Jason Jordan, Kassius Ohno, Kaitlyn, Dante Dash, Sasha Banks, Xavier Woods, Monday Night RAW, Friday Night SmackDown, El Generico [because F' "Sammy Sane", there will only ever be one generic luchadore. OLE!])

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How about "The Wrath of Cawn" ?

Yes I'm a trekkie! :D


I've got it


First it was nco so then we shall have:


nco Returns

nco Forever

nco & Robin?


and then when 2K make their game have


nco Begins

The nco

The nco Rises

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Part 2 sounds boring it needs a sub name.


nco: The CAW's Strike Back

nco: Judgement Day

From nco With Love

nco: Vol 2


nCo: 4life.... there thats settled ;)

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Well i'll be f*cked if i'm starting over...i'm out.





























But i'll probably come back tomorrow :P


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Why isn't any of the old content in the main post...? or even a link to the old topic?



There is a link right at the top. The content is being transferred at the moment.

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Take 2... Well, we shall see... As long as 2k Sports' problems dont plague the game! And the thread should be

nCo Revenge

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Just want to say a VERY happy Birthday to my man Phil aka Rav...onwards and upwards bud :D



Cake should have said "Slap Nuts." :P Happy Birthday Rav!

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I still think we should change this thread to nCo 2000. Just to make Ravenos happy :P


That's forward thinking!


But technically, wouldn't this just be nCo Wolfpack?


Then in 250 pages, we go Elite, then, finally...


we could commence with the slapping of the nuts.


And dear gawd does that sound wrong.


Question to my nCo peeps: Do we want to include "on the roster" updated caws in the project? I don't care in particular, but the good Doctor just sent back some tweaks on something that might end up being pretty slick.

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Hey, it's my birthday on Sunday, I wanna meth cake! ;) Nah, Happy Birthday Rav! :DD


Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday you slap-nut,

Happy Birthday to you!


Hip, Hip...

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Why so many N word droppings on this site?


These young folk think it's the "cool" thing to do now a days...

Without even--- NVM.. I wont get started...

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