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Can't create CAW #16

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Here's the situation.


I go to CAW suite.

I make my CAW.

I go ahead and save it.

Red saving bar fills up.

Screen goes into secondary saving screen with red WWE spinning icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.



That's where it stops. It just stays on the secondary saving screen. The logo still spins but I spent at least 20 minutes waiting to see if it'll save and turn blue and eventually return to the game menu. Undortunately no. Luckily every time I quit the game, only the new CAW is erased.


Anybody experience this problem.

I'm on PS3


In order to get passed this problem I have to delete anyone of my first 15 CAWs and make a new CAW in the old ones place.

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Could you try copying one to slot #16 then making the new one on #17 and then just copying that one back. Assuming its just specific to that slot. I vaguely remember 2007 had an issue with slot #7.

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