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Bhangra_Man/WolfgangJT's Hulk Hogan (1/22: all versions now previewed and on CC LIVE!!!)

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Hey guys. Here's the revamp of Bhangra_Man and my Hogan for WWE 13. At the moment, this is a preview of the Hollywood Hogan slot, however, we will have more previews coming on other versions attires. The project is slotted to be like last year, in which we will be releasing various versions, from Hollywood Hogan, Tie-Dye 2000's Hogan, TNA Hogan, pre-nWo WCW Hogan, and old school 80's Hogan (mostly doing the same attires with maybe one or two changing in the old school or TNA slots). Feedback is welcome.

Also, thanks to Archer and Razza for PT fixes, tekken and Petchy for a few of the attire textures that have been utilized for better quality, as well as anyone else that has helped as well.

Hope this is liked. :)

Updated shots 1/22: pre-nwo, classic slot 1 and classic slot 2 now previewed.


All versions now on Live

tags: bhangra22man Wolfgang


*note...if any of these caws happen to freeze in game vs matches, just re-save each attire on the slot (had it happen once during passing back and forth, so mentioning in case anyone has the issue as well on any slot).


Hollywood/darker facial stubble:
Hulkamania 2000's/shaved TNA:


TNA light facial stubble (on attires 1 & 4):


pre-nWo red/yellow Hogan:


Classic 80's (blonde eyebrows):


Classic 80's (darker eyebrows):


WM9 Classic face:




Attire slots

nWo Hollywood Hogan slot:


'02 Era Tie Dye slot:


TNA/Impact Wrestling slot (1/14 update: back tat added to slots 2-4...thanks to Rav for the back tat texture):






WCW Pre-nWo slot:






Classic Hogan - Slot 1 (Bhangra's upload):






Classic Hogan - Slot 2 (Wolfgang's upload):







.cas files:


03: Hollywood Hogan

04: Tie-Dye Hogan

05: TNA Hogan

07: Pre-nWo Hogan

08: Classic Slot 1

09: Classic Slot 2

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this caw really good....just a suggestion ....can u make it less tan....even we know that hogan is tan but is seem too dark.....it would be nice if the caw colour can be made just like hogan in previous game - shut your mouth model.


Here is some sample picture....




Plus can u make a caw with texture bandana...that will be awesome...


Just a suggestion to make it much better......

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It's..It's finally here. :o



Great stuff again this year guys, looking forward to the TNA slot.

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Agree with El Dandy...Hogan was quite tanned...the color we have works quite well for his tan IMO. Also, I understand some focus on his bandanas having logos, however, as we mentioned last year, paint tooling for that will 1) degrade the quality of the face PT's and 2) will also take the 3D from the hair, meaning using more PT's for that to look even half decent or horrific designs. IMO, not so great of a decision just for a logo only seen in the entrance.


Have an update I'll be posting tomorrow on the face...worked a bit more on the nose settings and darkened the eyelid makeup we had on it (noticed it standing out way too much in-game). :)

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Glad this is liked as Wolfie said. I been working on it some than Wolfie some now. It was high time for a preview. Should be fairly quick release how quick we can't ever guarantee but we do have most of our attires textures ready to apply. Keep it coming. I also disagree on the tan request to be lighter ..we have it right considering my first task was to make sure it was tanned right and considering Petchy amongst others persuaded us last year to make it more tanned ..


A few may be wondering why we took long to preview well it's not a straight conversion we both saw tweaks we can do this year and wolfie only just got the game


..and also agreed we will loose the face quality if we focused on lettering on headbandana


Also I know unlike me I have including this with Wolfie ..two others Cas on the boards but at least the other two be uploaded this coming weekend. Thanks eveyone keep any comments coming so we can finally finalise face. We dont want it like last year where comments came nearly twice when we nearly uploaded..Earlier the better else it add delays

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