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CAT Caterpillar Communication Adapter 3 317-7485 Diagnostic Interface

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As a Construction truck driver, it is frequent to encounter failed construction truck engine for me. Because of my job, I had been to many places. One time, I went to a secluded mountain-built villa, the engineer told me to excavator digging a foundation, but it had trouble excavator engine, then find that it is a mistake to stop at the bottom... I often encounter this failure, nothing difficult for me, a few months ago, I bought a Cat Caterpillar 3 317-7485, it can easily clear the fault, the project has successfully completed.


As we all know, Caterpillar 3412TA engines for construction vehicles repair professional advantage, in fact, Cat Caterpillar 3 317-7485 is suitable for diagnostic engineering vehicles or large trucks, this original diagnostic tool in the industry also has a very good reputation.


The third generation of CAT adapter P/N 317-7485 had been the most recent era on CAT Communication Adapter group. We can use it to communicate and all the gadgets. In addition, whenever you work some the CAT electronic technology function, you will need to use it. CAT Caterpillar Communication Adapter 3 also has a feature only data link layer device, which makes the the CAT engine dual data chain to better communication with us, but this feature needs some CAT ET (electronics technician) function, recommend an ET version: 2011A.


What can I do with the CAT Communication Adapter III:

CAT Communication Adapter III has a computer, our users can display the status of a set of parameters (temperature, pressure, etc.) For more information:

1. shows the record of the event code to display the engine, speed, temperature, fuel consumption, etc.;

2. View ECM's current configuration and change user settings;

3. Perform diagnostic tests and calibration, calibration;

4. Electro mechanical and electro-hydraulic components;

5. Context help lead the operator through each task cat, ET can perform

6. Data loggers and data recording Viewer can be recorded in the ECM signal delay troubleshooting capabilities.


It is time to replace the CAT Adapter II, why?


Between the cat adapter2 and 3- the adapter3 is an upgrade but both works with the CAT ET. We can use any other RP1210 com adapter with the ET software. Example Dearborn Tech works with the software. Caterpillar Communication Adapter 2 need RS232 usb converter and driver of RS232 Caterpillar Communication Adapter 3 dont need RS232 usb. But you have to install CA3 driver. CA3 small than CA2 Cat3 use stable than Cat2.


you can view this URL: http://www.obdiag4u....face-p1087.html


CAT Communication Adapter III there is a good advantage is that it supports languages ??include: English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Danish, Portuguese and even Spanish.

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