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sonofblaine's CAWs - Update: Akiko Nakano makes a Heel Turn

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All my CAWS are under the 360 username, CDRPopNFresh


Kiko Nakano


My long running character (seen below in older posts) has made a heel turn and here's hernew name, new gear, with a tweaked moveset, and back tattoos more accurate to how I used to draw her, instead of something slapped together with in-game stuff.










Young Blood (stable)
"The Metal Maniac" Jacob Cass
Alignment: Face
Special Moves: SOS, Edge-O-Matic, Flying Knee Attack, Zig Zag
Automatic Slim
Alignment: Face
Special Moves: Huston Hangover, Flipping Neckbreaker, Clockwork (custom frankensteiner), DDT11
Not Pictured: Second purple attire matching Jacob Cass' second attire.
Becky Cass
Alignment: Face
Special Moves: Shining Wizard 3, The Flip Flop (custom slam), Pin-Up Strong, Skybreaker (custom top rope codebreaker)
*Not pictured is Becky Cass' second attire, her original "Wrestling Rose" gimmick.
Team Info:
Name: Young Blood
Member Order: Jacob Cass, Automatic Slim, Becky Cass
Tag Motions: Tag 01 (Hardyz)
Trio Motions: Trio 05
Music: "We Know Something" by DJ Format
Tag Team Finisher: (Jacob and Slim) Backbreaker and Elbow 2
Jacob Cass entered WWE in '12 where he helped Triple H end a WCW invasion. Then he teamed with Sheamus with their manager Triple H as The New Klik. They held Tag gold, as well as Cass holding IC and World Titles.
Becky Cass, Jacob's paternal twin sister, joined up as well, with an All American girl gimmick as "The Wrestling Rose" Becky Cass. Eventually a Mixed Tag division was formed. Jacob and Becky were groomed to be the premiere team, but befor they could have their first match, Jacob Cass sustained an injury which put him out for months, and the division was soon scrapped. Becky floundered in the Diva's Division for a month or two before leaving for a short time.
Automatic Slim came into the WWE when his childhood best friend, Jacob Cass, made his triumphant return. Together, they stormed the tag division, holding the title on several occasions.
Becky recently returned with a new look and joined Jacob and Slim, together forming Young Blood. And together, they plan on bringing it to the WWE and eventually joining the ranks of WWE legends.
And a singles entrant
Kozmo Kuiper
(pronounced "Kiper" like the Kuiper Belt)
Alignment: Face
Special Moves: Blast Off (Spear 5), Total Eclipse (custom top rope splash), Kuiper Belt (Beast Bite), Flipbreaker (custom slam)
Kozmo Kuiper played Football for Texas University and majored in Astronomy and Physics. After a couple of years playing Stadium football, he began wrestling for the WWE. He's fun loving and flamboyant, a contrast to his size and immense strength.




Alignment: Heel
Signature Moves: One Handed Chokeslam, Face Down Burial (custom Boogeyslam style move), Devil's Dream (Airplane spin into sitdown driver), Omega Driver
Music: "Metal Woman" by 3 Inches of Blood (Has to be edited somewhat to take some of the long intro guitar off, however)

She fills the lack of female monster heels who are brutal and destroy the opposition (Kharma being the only other one, in my game anyway). Not much for her in way of story. She's new, she showed up, she destroyed.




Special Moves: Samoan Drop 3, Death From Above (custom military press toss), Beast Bomb, The Fall of Man (custom powerbomb)


Akiko Nakano (Attitude Era)


This is the original look, from about 13 years ago, of a longtime character of mine. Maybe someday I'll redo her latest look from WWE12.


Likes: Herself, Hardcore Wrestling, Clowns (she has a den full of paraphernalia, from Emmett Kelly figurines, to an original "Pogo the Clown" painting by John Wayne Gacy)
Dislikes: Anyone who gets in her way
Signature Moves: Osaka Sniper (Osaka Street Cutter), Tower Sniper (Shiranui1), Kamikaze Kick (Superkick 3), Nakano Stretch (Yes-Lock)

Despite being the daughter of a Yakuza wakagashiri, Akiko grew up fairly free from her father's business, enjoying the life that wealth affords. Already an accomplished kickboxer, when she was 16, she began to train as a professional wrestler, against her father's will. She trained under many of the greats in Japan, but most influential was Mr. Pogo. Under him, a high tolerance for pain, and a sadisticly innovative mind in the ring were discovered. She wrestled under a mask as School Girl Kamen (the gimmick later sold and currently used by another of my CAWs) and also Pogo-Chan, the violent, insane prodigy of Mr. Pogo. In Japan, under this gimmick, she earned the moniker "Queen of the Deathmatch". at the age of 19, she moved to America and toured the southwest, living out of her car and performing for Indie feds.

Her big break came when she was recruited by Extreme Attitude Wrestling (EAW, an Efed I was in with friends). There, she rose in the ranks, eventually holding every title they had (it was intergender), but mostly coveting the Extreme Championship, where she brought her demented talents into the ring, making her a feared opponant. After EAW shut down, she spent 4 years in retirment as a business owner (a casino/hotel her Father gave her to run in Vegas), wife and mother of a daughter, Trish (named after her friend Trish Stratus).

A couple of years ago, she came out of retirment for a period in WWE, where she introduced the Diva's Hardcore Championship. It was soon scrapped and Akiko finally retired from in-ring competition to GM Saturday Night Fatales, an hour long Diva's show.

Akiko is an arrogant, sometimes selfish, semi-sociopath, and in her greatest moment of self-love, she paid Christian to use his time machine to bring a young version of herself to the WWE from 2000 (this CAW) when she was working the Southwest.

CAW also comes with alternate attire for her twisted, demented, and ruthless alterego, Pogo-chan.

Schoolgirl Kamen



Signature Moves: School Spirit (Houston Hangover), Class Dismissed (custom jumping DDT)
The SGK character was originally portreyed by my Akiko character, but last year this person bought the gimmick rights. She's an American Otaku who acts like a super hero. Her favorite show is Jpop America Funtime Now.

"Unibomb" Glenda Jacobs



Signature Moves: Chokeslam, Jackknife Powerbomb, Crossface Camel Clutch (Camel Clutch 2; the original move was the old Tazzmission where he dropped them and sat across their back, but that's not in the game anymore ), Oklahoma City Special (Fireman's Carry Slam 2)

From the name, you can tell this was a Rule 63 of Glenn Jacobs, but the name and some moves are all that really connect her now. She debuted over ten years ago in an eFed, EAW, originally from a dimension where wrestling was staged like our reality, where she played Kaye, a female Kane and before that, Lady Diesel. In the eFed, she proved herself to be tough as nails for real, winning several titles, and even co-leading it's faction of the nWo Wolfpack. I haven't used her in years, since the eFed shut down, but now she's out of retirement. She's a brawler and technician, having alot in common with Bikertaker. Gossip and Newz sites claim that she might be a lesbian, but she hasn't confirmed one way or another.

"Stylin' Irish" Erik O'Reily



Signature Moves: Crossface Camel Clutch (Camel Clutch 2; same as Glenda above), Shillelagh (Custom), Banshee's Kiss (Custom)

Erik O'Reily is an Irish born wrestler who worked for his father's promotion in the UK, then came to the EAW, where he served as comic relief jobber for most of his run there. Now in WWE, he's more serious, a strong technical wrestler with some high flying moves. He fueded with Sheamus for a while and now teams with him as The Hooligans, a heel team. Erik was actually trained by Glenda Jacobs (hense, him also using the Crossface Camel Clutch) in EAW as well.

"Dirty" Brooklyn McQueen



Signatures: Right Hand Hook, Booty Popping Moonsault, Goodnight Kiss (Left-Handed Knockout Hook), Kamikaze Kick (Super Kick 3)
Alignment: Heel

Brooklyn McQueen spent her teen years in Japan. Her father was the CEO of a large electronics firm and she attended not only the same Prep School as Akiko Nakano, but also trained in the same martial arts dojo. She even developed the Kamikaze Kick alongside Akiko, who was one of her best friends, before Akiko left to persue wrestling. Since graduating high school, this rich girl's hobbies include partying and competeing in MMA and Street Fighting tournaments. This summer, she aquired a lucrative contract with the WWE, and plans on knocking out any Diva in her way, with her Kamikaze Kick or her Goodnight Kiss Punch.

Gameplay Suggestions: Team her up with a heel Kelly Kelly (tag) and Kharma as the new Pretty Mean Sisters.

If she looks familiar, she was inspired, and subsequently her ring gear taken from, the Christina Aguilara "Dirty" video.

"Mr. 123" Referee McGee


Signature moves: The DQ (custom move, kicks to nuts followed by an atomic drop and backstabber), Butterfly Suplex 3, 1...2...3!! (custom move, triple suplex move), Diving corkscrew Splash
Alignment: Heel
Alternate Attire: His official referee gear

He's a luchador who tried to get a contract with WWE, but they couldn't use him, but they needed new refs for RAW. He get's attacked by Michaels after a loss and he gets pissed and fights back. This led to an official match between Shawn Michaels and Referee McGee at Night of Champions, where McGee debuts actual ring gear and begins his wrestling career.


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Kozmo is awesome could be an excellent addition to my universe as I am focusing on boosting the tag roster as we speak.


Right on thanks. :) My Universe tagged Kozmo up with Brodus Clay, so I stuck them with Too Cool's Entrance (Brodus in the Grand Master Sexay spot) and they turned out to be a pretty fun powerhouse tag team.


CC servers are not working for me, so this last batch isn't up yet, but I'll update when I have a chance to upload them. Thanks for the interest.

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OK, finally got the new batch (Jacob Cass, Automatic Slim, Becky Cass, and Kozmo Kuiper) uploaded. Just as well I had CC trouble, I took the time to tweak the face slightly on Jacob and Automatic Slim now has purple gear to match Jacobs second attire.


DL, Review, Enjoy.

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you need to reupload Jacob Cass, Automatic Slim, Becky Cass, and Kozmo Kuiper


Sorry it took so long. Had some troubles with the game's servers. They're up now. Enjoy and review.

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