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TysonKiddFan01 Presents: Ring of Honor 2013 [TEW05 Diary]

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Dylan Murray had always wanted to be a professional wrestling booker. When he was a kid,he didn't dream of being a wrestler. he dreamed of working behind the scenes. Making dream match cards. Now was his chance to accomplish his dream. It was late December 2012. Ring of Honor,a pro wrestling promotion out of Bristol, PA, needed a new booker. Right now,he was at their headquarters.He had been waiting in this line for hours. He was very nervous about this interview.


"Next!" called the ROH president Cary Silkin. It was his turn. He calmed himself down and walked inside.


*About an hour later*


Dylan walked out of ROH headguarters. He was told he would get a response about the job a few days later.


*A few days later*


*Rinnnnnnnggg! Rinnnnnnngggg!*

Dylan picked up his phone and answered it. It was ROH Headquarters. He got the job! He would be starting on the first of January 2013. He couldn't wait.





Adam Cole

Andy Ridge

Caprice Coleman

Cedric Alexander

Charlie Haas

Davey Richards

Eddie Edwards

El Generico

Grizzly Redwood

Harlem Bravado


Jay Briscoe

Jay Lethal

Jimmy Jacobs

Kevin Steen

Kyle O Reilly

Lancelot Bravado

Mark Briscoe

Matt Jackson

Michael Elgin

Mike Bennett

Mike Mondo

Mr. Ernesto Osiris

Nick Jackson

R.D. Evans

Rhett Titus


Roderick Strong

Shelton Benjamin

Steve Corino

Tommaso Ciampa





The Embassy, LTD.


Prince Nana

Princess Mia

R.D. Evans

Mr.Ernesto Osiris

Tommaso Ciampa




Steve Corino

Kevin Steen

Jimmy Jacobs



Tag Teams

C & C Wrestling Factor (Caprice Coleman/Cedric Alexander)

S.C.U.M 1 (Jimmy Jacobs/Steve Corino)

The Bravado Brothers (Harlem/Lancelot Bravado)

The Briscoes (Jay/Mark Briscoe)

The Young Bucks (Matt/Nick Jackson)

Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin/Charlie Haas)










Week 1


Monday- Basic first day stuff.


Tuesday- released about 30 employees.WWE also released about 30 employees.Ring of Honor is currently in negotiations with two former Ring of Honor wrestlers.


Wednesday- ROH and TNA have agreed to a working agreement with each other.


Thursday- Bret Hart has taken over CWE


Friday- ROH have signed Austin Aries to an Exclusive PPA contract. In other news, Chris Jericho signed with TNA.ROH Wrestling (TV Show) took place.


Saturday- Kenny King has agree'd to an Exclusive PPA contract with ROH.


Sunday- Shawn Michaels has signed with TNA Wrestling.


Week 2

Monday- Ric Flair,Carlito,Brian Kendrick,Alex Shelley,Amy Dumas,and Nick Patrick have signed with TNA Wrestling.


Tuesday- John Hennigan and Dustin Rhodes have signed with TNA Wrestling




Thursday-Delirious and Jimmy Jacobs are no longer friends


Ring of Honor Wrestling on Syndication: United States LIVE in front of a sellout crowd of 5,000 fans @ The National Guard Armory in Philapdelphia, Pennsylvania.


The show opens with Nigel McGuinness in the ring.He announces the card for tonights shows before leaving the ring and letting the show get started.


RD Evans is already in the ring. The Bravado's music plays as Lancelot walks to the ring,accompanied by his brother Harlem. The referee checks both men for foreign objects. He goes to call for the bell before noticiing Harlem. He bans Harlem from ringside,making both Bravados mad. He then calls for the bell and the match is underway. Lancelot has control as the match starts, throwing punches and kicks at Evans.He whips Evans into the ropes and hits a BIG back body drop. He goes for the quick pin but can only get 1. Lancelot argues with the ref. He turns around and gets hit with a dropkick from Evans. The dropkick takes out Lancelot AND referee Paul Turner. Lancelot and Evans swap rights before Evans hits a DDT. Evans turns his back to the entrance ramp and taunts towards the crowd. Harlem Bravado runs down to the ring and hits Evans with the . He lays Lancelot on top of Evans and runs off. The ref gets up. 1..2...3. Lancelot wins. Harlem slides back into to the ring and celebrates with his brother befor ethey make their way backstage.

TIME: 5: 01


*Comercial Break*


The show comes back on and Andy Ridge and Mike Mondo are already in the ring. The referee checks both men for illegal objects and the match is underway. The two men lock up and Mondo shoves Ridge backwards making Ridge do a backwards roll. Ridge runs at mondo, who hits a bodyslam on his opponent. Mondo picks Ridge up over his head and drops him, hitting a Gorrilla Press Slam. He goes for a pin but Ridge kicks out at 2 and 1/2. Mondo picks his opponent up and whips him into thr corner. Mondo charges and hits a body splash. He backs up and Ridge walks towards him in a daze. Mondo grabs Ridge and hits the Gut Check Time for the 3 and the win. Mondo makes his way backstage without celebrating after the match.

Time: 4:44


S.C.U.M's music plays and Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs make their way to the ring. The arena suddenly goes quiet. Then, T.N.T by AC/DC blasts over the PA system as the crowd screams and WGTT Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin make their way to the ring. The ref checks the tights of all 4 men,calls for the bell and Haas and Jacobs start out with a lock up. Jacobs backs Haas into the turnbuckle. He lets go and begins to walk backwards. He quickly goes for a punch on Haas but Haas ducks it,sending Jacobs into the corner and hitting a punch of his own. Haas whips Jacobs into the ropes. Jacobs hits a shoulder block and sends Haas to the mat. Jacobs bounces off the rope and steps over Haas. Jacobs comes backa nd Haas leapfrogs over him. Jacobs bounces off the ropes again and gets hit with a closed fist punch from Haas. The referee gets onto Haas about it. Haas picks Jacobs up and sends him headfirst into the top turnbuckle. Haas tags in Benjamin. Haas picks Jacobs up in a powerbomb position and Benjamin climbs up to the top rope.Bejamin dives off and hits a clothesline. At the same time Haas hits a powerbomb. Benjamin goes for the pin but Corino breaks it up. The ref is distracted by Corino and Haas comes in,making a ghost tag. Benjamin hits a superkick on Jacobs,who backs into Haas. Haas goes for a quick German Suplex but Jacobs does a backflip. Haas turns around and gets hit with a snap suplex. Both men are down. Jacobs crawls towards his corner. Haas follows him. Jacobs makes the tag to Corino. Corino hits a DDT on Haas. Benjamin runs in and gets hit with a punch. Corino goes back to Haas,hitting him with rights. Benjamin gets Corino from behind with a double axehandle to the back. Jacobs is down on the mat at the side of the ring. Kevin Steen runs down to ringside and hands something to Jacobs. Corino kicks Haas in the midsection and hits an Old School Kick on Benjamin. He grabs Haas' arms behind his back. Jacobs has a chain. Steen handed Jacobs a chain. Jacobs wraps the chain around his fist.He runs at Haas.Haas is able toget away from Corino and ducks! Jacobs just hit his own partner with the chain. Haas grabs Jacobs from behind and hits the Total Haastility,his version of the Olympic Slam! He goes for the pin. 1...2...3. WGTT have defeated SCUM in a match in which both teams tried to cheat for the win.

TIME: 7:40




The show comes back on with C & C Wrestle Factory in the ring. The Young Bucks music plays and they come to the ring. The referee checks the tights of both teams and calls for the bell.Matt starts off with Coleman.The goes back and forth for a couple minutes.Matt and Cedric are in.They bounce off opposite ropes and hit a double dropkick.Both are on the mat.The ref begins to count.At 5 the two are able to start crawling.6...7..Matt makes the tag to Nick.Cedric makes a tag to Coleman.Coleman gets Nick into a corner. Cedric gets Matt into the opposite corner. They simultaneously whip the Young Bucks,who collide and fall to the mat.Cedric and Coleman begin to double team Matt. Coleman backs up towards Nick to set up for a clothesline. The referee has his back turned and Nick lowblows Coleman as Matt clothesline Cedric out of the ring. Nick climbs up top. He leaps off and hits a 450 splash.The two roll out of the ring.Cedric and Matt have made their way back into the ring.Matt sets Cedric up and hits the Worst Case Scenario.1..2...3! The Young Bucks have won the match

Time: 5:43


Rhino's music plays and he walks down to the ring,with a determined look on his face.

Kevin Kelly: And Rhino is very determined for this match with Adam Cole

Nigel McGuinness: He is Kevin,because he knows a when over the World TV champion is sure to get him a shot at that title.

Adam Cole's music plays and he makes his way to the ring,TV title strap around his waist.The referee checks the two men and calls for the bell.Cole runs at Rhino and gets caught with a bear hug.He holds it in for about a minute before Cole grabs the rope. The ref count 1..2..3...4.. Rhino drops Cole.He yells at the ref.Cole makes his way up top while Rhino is distracted. Rhino turns around..and catches Cole,who is attempting a diving crossbody,in mid-air.He picks Cole up on his shoulder and hits a running powerslam.Pin 1..2.No! Cole kicks out just before the three. Rhino is mad.He truns around a blocks a midsection kick from Cole,but Cole hits an enzuiguri. Both men are down. The ref beghins the count. At 5 Rhino is almost to his feet.At 7,Cole pulls himself up. A groggy Cole turns around...GORE! GORE! GORE! Rhino goes for the pin. 1...2..3.Rhino picks up a huge win over the World TV champion

Time: 4:33




The show comes back on,showing a pre-taped video of Jim Cornette. Cornette announces the signing of the former and only Two time ROH World champion and former TNA World Champion Austin Aries.


The show comes back on with Jay Lethal and Kevin Steen in the ring,along with Kevin Kelly.

Kevin Kelly: The following contest is you ROH Wrestling Main Event of the evening. This match is set for one fall and is for the ROH World Heavyweight Title. Introducing first. The challenger. He comes to us this evening from Elizabeth, New Jersey. He weighed in at 225 lbs.. He is Jayyyyyy Lethaaaaall.

Lethal climbs the turn buckle and gets a huge reaction from the crowd

Kevin Kelly: And his opponent. He comes tonight from Marieville, Quebec, Canada. He weighed in this evening at 240 lbs.. The ROH World Heavyweight Champion. "Wrestling's Worst Nightmare" Kevinnnnnnn Steeeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!

Steen recieves the opposite as he gets booed by the Philly crowd.Kevin Kelly rejoins Nigel McGuinness at the announce table as the referee hands off the title and the match is underway.

The two men lock up and Steen back Lethal into the corner. Steen backs up and spits at Lethal. Lethal rushes out of the corner towards him with a Lou Thesz press followed by a series of punches.Both men get to their feet and Steen hits Lethal with a sick clothesline and Lethal does a backflip,landing face/chest first on the mat. Steen goes for the pin but can only get a 2.Steen whips Lethal into the rope.Lethal ducks another clothesline and hits a dropkick.Steen rolls out of the ring before Lethal can pin. He calls for a timeout but won't get one. He turns his back to the ring to yell at a fan. When he turns around he gets hit with a Suicide Dive by Lethal. The referee restarts his count.Steen gets to his feet and leans against the rail.Lethal runs at him and jumps but he ducks.Lethal is able to land on the rail and gain his balance.Steen thinks he has outsmarted Lethal and turns to the rail but gets hit with a moonsault from Lethal.The referee reaches the count of 13 before Lethal rolls Steen into the ring. Lethal goes for a pin but only gets 2 before Steen kicks out.Lethal climbs to the rop rope. He leaps off for the Hail to the King,his version of the Diving Elbow Drop,but catches nothing but the mat.Steen goes for the quick pin but Lethal kicks out.Steen picks Lethal up.He tries to set up for the Package Piledriver but gets a back body drop instead.Steen quickly gets to his feet.He turns around.Lethal Combination! Lethal goes for a pin.1..2..3..!!!! Lethal has won the ROH World Heavyweight Title.Streamers fall from the ceiling as Lethal celebrates and ROH Wrestling goes off the air.


Time: 11:48

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I like what I've seen so far. Steen losing the title to Lethal in the first show is the one thing I don't like. I see TNA is sweeping up talent left and right and that you've signed Aries. Goodluck and have fun.

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I didn't feel right about it either to tell you the truth. I just have some plans for Aries and I want to keep Steen away from the title picture for a couple months.I have about 10 Main Event/Upper Midcarders on my roster. Lethal was one of them. I gave him the title.

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ROH Wrestling Wk 2 Results will be posted today

ROH SoCal Showdown results will be posted within the next couple of days. For it, I didn't know it was 3 hours and have already booked it. So, I will only wriee up the World Tag,World TV,and World Heavyweight Title Match and the Main Event Hardcore Match featuring Kevin Steen

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Television Results

Live at the Revel Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey in front of 4,273 People showing on Syndication: United States

Dark Segments


Andy Ridge vs Mike Mondo

The dark matches start with Prelim wrestler Andy Ridge already in the ring. Mike Mondo's music plays and he walks down to the ring. The referee checks both wrestler's tights and calls for the bell.Ridge starts off trying to dodge Mondo but after about 30 seconds Mondo gets tired of it and grabs him from behind by the tights. He picks Ridge up and hits a big back suplex. He goes for a pin but Ridge grabs the rope. Mondo picks Ridge up and places him in a powerbomb position. Powerbomb! He pulls him back up.Powerbomb again! And once more. He picks him up once more. Turnbuckle Powerbomb! A groggy Ridge walks out of the corner into a clothesline that turns him inside out. The referee checks on Ridge. The ref calls for the bell as Ridge can not continue the match. Mondo goes backstage as EMT's run down to the ring and carry Ridge backstage.


Time: 4:43


Roderick Strong vs El Generico

Strong has made his way to the ring during the short moment on which Ridge is carried backstage. Generico's music plays and he makes his way to the ring,shaking hands with the fans. The referee checks both men. The two men lock up as the referee calls for the bell. Strong locks on a headlock. Generico tries to throw him off but Strong won't budge. He elbows Strong in the midsection. Once.Twice.Three times and Strong finally lets go. Generico hits the rope and comes back but gets a boot to the midsection. Strong hits a double axehandle to the back of Generico and then knees him in the face. He whips Generico off the rope. He catches Generico on the rebound and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Pin 1...2..kick out at 2 from Generico. Strong picks Generico up but Generico gives him a couple punches before hitting an exploder suplex. He turns away from Strong and then hits a standing moonsault. 1..2... Strong kicks out.Generico turns towards the crowd and Strong rolls outto ringside. Generico turns around and runs towards the ropes. Suicide Dive/Tornado DDT! The ref begins the 20 count. Both men are down at ringside. 1..2..3..4..5..Generico gets to his feet..7..8..9..Generico picks Strong up..11..Generico rolls Strong into the ring. He hesitates,though,and when he slides in,he gets hit with a "Sick Kick." Strong picks Generico up. He attempts to irish whip Generico into the corner but Generico reverses and Strong goes into it instead. Generico runs towards him and hits the "Ole Kick." Generico gets on the middle turnbuckle. He turns towards Strong and pulls him up onto the middle turnbuckle also. Generico tries to lift Strong up for the Brainbustaaaaahhhhh!!!!! but Strong hits him in the gut once,twice and thrice. Roderick picks Generico up on his shoulders and balances him and jumps off. Death by Roderick! Death by Roderick off the middle turnbuckle! Both men are down and the ref begins the 10 count.1..2..3..4..5..6..Roderick rolls over on top of Generico for a pin.1..2..NO!

Kevin Kelly: Unbeliavable! El Generico just kicked out of a middle rope Death by Roderick!

Nigel McGuinness: Kevin,that man right there,El Generico,has a huge heart. That is th eonly way he just kicked out right there.

Strong pulls himself up by the rope. Generico gets to his feet also. Roderick kicks Generico in the midsection and turns him around. He locks in a half nelson and lifts Generico,hitting a Half-nelson backbreaker. Strong grabs Generico legs and locks in the Strong Hold. Generico's back is in pain after the backbreaker and he can't stand it. He taps out,giving the win to Strong. Strong celebrates in the ring.


Time: 8:47


*Intermission before the actual show*

ROH Wrestling on Syndication: United States




C & C Wrestle Factory vs The Bravado Brothers

The show starts with both teams already in the ring. The ref checks all 4 men's tights and calls for the bell. Cedric Alexander and Harlem Bravado will start out. Lock up and Bravado locks on headlock. Cedric throws him off. Harlem rebounds and gets hit with a shoulder block. Cedric comes off the rope and steps over him. He comes again and Harlem leapfrogs over his opponent,thinking he has outsmarted him. He turns around and gets a dropkick from Cedric. Cedric goes for a quick pin but can only get 1. Cedric picks Harlem but but gets caught by an eye rake. Harlem pulls Cedric to the Bravado's corner and tags his brother in. He grabs Cedric in an abdominal stretch and Lancelot kicks Cedric in the ribs. Harlem leaves the ring and Lancelot locks in a wrist lock. He tags his brother back in. His brother goes up top and jumps off with a double axe handle to Cedric's arm. The Bravado's tag in and out back and forth for a few more minutes,double teaming Cedric every chance they get. Lancelot and Cedric are in. Lancelot whips Cedric into the rope. He goes for a clothesline but Cedric ducks. Both men rebounds off opposite ropes. Double clothesline! Both men are out and the referee begins to count......3..4..5..6..Cedric makes a tag and Lancelot right after. Caprice and Harlem comes in. Caprice clotheslines Harlem. Punch to Lancelot. Cedric gets to his feet and fights with Harlem as Caprice and Harlem fight. Simultaneous irish whips send The Bravados into each other. Lancelot gets evicted from the ring by Cedric,who follows him out. Caprice and Harlem are left in the ring. Caprice grabs Harlem and hits the Comatoser. Pin 1..2..3 and the winners are C & C Wrestle Factory


Time 4:47


Grizzly Redwood vs Michael Elgin

Grizzly Redwood's music plays and he walks to the ring. Elgin's music plays and he walks down to the ring. The two are checked for foreign objects and the ref calls for the bell. They lock up and Elgin shoves Redwood back into the turnbuckle. Redwood runs towards him but gets caught. Elgin picks him up and hits a big bodyslam. Elgin picks him up and gets him in the powerbomb clutch. He hits a powerbomb on Redwood. He pulls him up again but this time Redwood hits a hurricanrana. Redwood quickly stands up and gets on the top turnbuckle. He dives off for a diving crossbody but Elgin catches. Elgin then throws Redwood over his head and onto his shoulders. Elgin hits a Death Valley Driver! He goes for the pin 1..2..3. Elgin has defeated Grizzy Redwood

Time 4:55




Kyle O'Reilly vs Tommaso Ciampa

After commercial,Kyle O'Reilly is already in the ring. The Embassy, LCD's music plays and Tommaso Ciampa comes to the ring accompanied by Prince Nana and Princess Mia. The referee checks the tights of both competitors .They circle the ring. O'Reilly climbs the turnbuckle and tries to get the crowd on his side before Ciampa attacks him from behind and the referee calls for the bell. Ciampa place

s O'Reilly in the powerbomb position so that he can go for Project Ciampa and the quick finish but O'Reilly nails a hurricanrana. Ciampa quickly gets to his feet and runs at O'Reilly who catches him with a drop toe hold that he transitions to an ankle lock. Ciampa rolls out of it,flipping O'Reilly onto his back. Ciampa gets up and grabs O'Reilly's legs. He locks in Project Ciampa II,his version of the cloverleaf. This one has to be over. But no. O'Reilly grabs the rope. The referee gets distracted by Princess Mia and Nana bites the hand of O'Reilly to make him let go of the rope. The referee turns around and Ciampa pulls O'Reilly away from the ropes. O'Reilly finally gets away by tripping Ciampa. While still on the mat, he grabs Ciampa's legs and locks in a boston crab. Ciampa is able to get one leg away but O'Reilly still has a half crab locked in. Ciampa grabs the rope and Reilly lets go. O'Reilly takes his sweet time making his way to the top rope but he took 1 too many seconds and Ciampa crotches him on the turnbuckle post. O'Reilly does a flip and falls into the ring. Ciampa picks him up and then gets him in the powerbomb position. Project Ciampa! 1..2..3! And the winner is Tommaso Ciampa.


Time 4:51


The Young Bucks vs The Briscoes

The Young Buck's music plays and they come down to the ring,ready for their Tag Team match. Next, The Briscoe's music plays. They walk out from behind the curtain and start shaking hands with the fans. The ref checks all 4 men and calls for the bell. Mark and Matt start off with a lock up. Mark locks on a headlock. Matt throws him off but gets a shoulder block. Mark bounces off the rope and setps over him. He rebounds and Matt leapfrogs over him. Mark rebounds once more and Matt drops to the mat. Mark steps over him. this time when Mark rebounds, he gets met with a dropkick. Matt goes for the pin but only gets 1. Matt locks on a wrist lock and tags in Nick. Nick goes up top and dives off,double foot stomping the arm of Mark. Nick quickly locks on a wrist lock of his own. He tags his brother back in. Double irish whip to Mark into the rope is followed up by a double hip toss. Mark raises up.The Bucks bounce off of opposite ropes. Nick dropkicks Mark in the back and at the same time Matt dropkicks him in the chest. Nick then leaves the ring as Matt goes for a pin but Matt can only get a 2. Matt picks Mark up and suplexes him back to the mat. Matt tags in his brother who goes up top.Matt picks Mark up and Nick jumps off with a missile dropkick to Mark. Both men get to their feet. Nick nails a superkick to the jaw of Mark. He bounces off the rope and hits a standing shooting star press. He goes for the pin but only gets a 2. He picks Mark up and whips him into the corner. He begins to chop and punch Mark




The show comes back on and shows what happened during the break, with Nick hitting a frankensteiner on Mark. Nick kicks Mark in the midsection and tags in Matt. Matt comes in and they hit a double suplex. Nick leaves as Matt stomps on Mark. Matt picks Mark ups and whips him into the corner. Matt bounces off the rope and runs at Mark. He jumps into the air and hits a nice dropkick,standing back up as quick as he went down. As Mark stumbles out of the corner Matt hits a quick enzuiguri sending Mark to the mat. He tags in Nick,who climbs up top. Matt lifts Mark on his shouldera and hits a rolling fireman's carry slam followed by Nick going for a 450 Splash but Mark gets his knees up. Matt doesn't see this and jumps up top. He jumps off for the moonsault but Mark moves out of the way. The Young Bucks are down. The ref begins the 10 count.....4....5...6...Mark has made it to his corner. Nick Jackson dives for his foot but Jay gets tagged in. Jay comes in with a boot to Nick followed by a clothesline to Matt. He turns around and gets kicked in the midsection by Nick but Mark forearms Nick in the back. Jay starts throwing rights at Nick while Mark and Matt start fighting on the outside. Nick whips Jay into the rope and Jay ducks a clothesline. When he rebounds he kicks Nick in the midsection and butterfly hooks his arms. Jay Driller! Jay goes for the pin as Mark holds off Matt. 1...2...3! The Briscoe Brothers have defeated The Young Bucks in a near 10-Minute match.


Time 9: 53


*Switch to Commentators*

Kevin Kelly: And what show this has been so far,Nigel. Every match has been great so far but I have to say. That last one was probably the best and most interesting of them all.

Nigel McGuinness: You're right Kevin. A near 10 minute match between two of the best teams in ROH,IMO,right behind Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team.

Kevin Kelly: Speaking of WGTT,next up we have ROH World Heavyweight Champion Jay Lethal facing Shelton Benjamin in a proving ground match. If Shelton can beat or last the time limit against Jay Lethal,he will be guaranteed a World Heavyweight title match. The match will have a fifteen minute time limit so let's get started.

Jay Lethal vs Shelton Benjamin

Jay Lethal's music plays as he comes out to the ring with the title around his waist.Next, WGTT's music plays as they both come to the ring. Benjamin slides in the ring and Haas stands in his corner. The referee checks Benjamin and Lethal. Then, he tells Haas to let him check him,but Haas doesn't want to. Haas says no and the referee threatens to send him backstage,so Haas obliges and lets the referee check him also. The ref then calls for the bell and teh match is under way with a lock up. Lethal grabs Benjamin's arm and twists it into a wrist lock. He twists it again and pulls Benjamin in for a side headlock. Benjamin throws Lethal off. Lethal bounces off the rope and dropkicks Benjamin. He goes for the pin but gets a 1. He pulls Benjamin up and hits a big bodyslam. Benjamin comes up and gits hit with a hip toss. He comes up again and gets an arm drag that Lethal turns into an armbar. After a few seconds Benjamin gets to his feet and pushes Lethal against the rope before throwing him off. He bends over for a back body drop but insteads gets kicked in the face. Lethal bounces off the rope again and treis for a clothesline but it is ducked by Benjamin. Benjamin comes back and superkicks Lethal. Benjamin picks Lethal up and throws him into the corner. He runs at Lethal and hits a forearm. Lethal walks out of the corner and gets kicked in the midsection. Benjamin picks him up and hits a Bucklebomb. Lethal bounces out of the corner and is hit witha Belly to Belly Suplex. Pin but Lethal kicks out at 2. Benjamin argues with the ref. When he turns around, he gets a European uppercut. But Lethal's not done. He grabs Benjamin and hits the Lethal Combination. Both men are out. By the ref's count of five Lethal is up. benjamin is getting to his feet. Lethal Handsprings off the rope. Lethal Injection! He goes for the pin. Haas tries to grabs Lethals leg but he can;t reach it and Lethal gets a 3!


Time 5:50




We come back from commercial with Kevin Steen in the ring. Jim Cornette is at ringside with a mike.


Cornette: Steen, before the show you asked me who your opponent was and I told you it was a surprise. It is a BIG Surprise. Now,I'm ready to see the look on your face when you see who it is so play his music!


The Lights go dark and the arena quiet. Then, "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" by Weezer plays and the crowd erupts into cheers. A spotlights points at the Entrance where a man is standing with his back to the ring. The lights come on and he turns around. It's Austin Aries! Steen is VERY surprised as Jim Cornette laughs. Aries walks around the ring and shakes hands with the fans before entering the ring. Kevin Kelly is now in the ring.

Kevin Kelly: The following contest is secduled for 1 fall and is your ROH Wrestling Main Event of the evening. Introducing first. From Marieville, Quebec, Canada. He weighed in this evening at 240 Pounds. "Wrestling's Worst Nightmare" Kevvvviiiiinnnnn Steeeeeeeen!

*The crowd boos as his name is called out*

Kevin Kelly: And his opponent. Making his ROH Return. He comes tonight from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He weighed this evening at 210 Pounds. "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" Austiiiiiiiiiin Arrrrrrries!

Aries stands on the rope as the fans erupt with a loud round of applause and cheers. Before Kevin Kelly can even leave the ring, Steen attacks Aries. The referee calls for the bell and the match is underway. Steen is hitting Aries with shots to the back. He whips Aries into the ropes. Aries ducks a clothesline. He ducks another and comes bakc at Steen with a crossbody. Pin but he can only get 1. Steen is up. Aries runs at the ropes and springboards but misses a Springboard Forearm. Steen starts stomping him. Steen has control over Aries for a couple minutes, punching,kicking,and stomping Aries. He picks Aries up and hits him with a Steen Breaker. Pin but only a two count. Steen argues about it with the ref and turns around into a closed fist punch from Aries. Aries throws another one. A third. And now a 4th closed fist punch that sends Steen to the mat. Steen gets back up and gets whipped into the ropes. rebounds and gets hit with a big standing hurricanrana. Pin but only a 2 by Aries. Steen is down and Aries gpes up top. Steen rolls out of the ring,thinking he outsmarted Aries but Aries see's Steen from the top rope. He jumps down and bounces off the rope. He runs towards where Steen is and dives out. Heat Seeking Missile! The ref begins the twenty count. By 6 Steen and Aries are on their feet. Steen is leaning against the guard rail. Aries runs at him. Steen hits him with a back body drop,sending him over the guardrail and into the crowd. The fans start chanting "Aries." Steen grabs Aries from over the rail and hooks him for a suplex. He picks him up.....and drops him gut first on the railing. Aries falls forward back to ringside. Steen slides in at 15. The referee continues. 16...17...18..19... Aries barely make it back into the ring in time. He rolls in and gets a fury of stomps from Steen.


Kevin Kelly: 10 Minutes Past! 5 minutes to Wrestle!


Steen picks Aries up and whips him into the rope. Aries comes off and ducks a clothesline. He ducks another! He comes off and kicks Steen in the midsection. Package Piledriver! He just used Steen's Package Piledriver. Steen got a taste of his own medicine! The ref starts the 10 count. By 7 Aries on his feet. He climbs the top rope. Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino run out to the ring! Corino pushes Aries off the rop rope as Jacobs slides into the ring. Jacobs grabs Aries and locks in the End Time! The referee calls for the bell! Aries wins the match by DQ through interference. Steen is on his feet. Jacobs lets go of Aries. Jacobs pushes Aries towards Corino. Corino hits the Old School Kick! Aries walks backwards. And gets a Berzerker Drop from "Zombie Princess" Jimmy Jacobs! Jacobs and Corino picks Aries up and hold him. Steen spits in his face and kicks him in the midsection. Steen picks him up for a Package Piledriver. But no! Jay Lethal and Homicide run to the ring just in time to save Aries. Jay Lethal and Homicide help Aries up as the show goes off the air.


Time: 12:20

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OH MY GOD. I came home today and got on my computer guys,and the game won't open. My data is sorrupted or something. It's saying invalid data. AND,as I plan ahead,the file where I keep all my future write ups were missing,so I lost all my future write ups. Guys,I'm really sorry. I may try again later on but...SORRY

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