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Online Statistics & Infinite Finshers?!

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So....I've been playing online matches (Not much to brag about but my Streak was 10-0) :lol: Recently my Network connection has been disconnecting me or screwing up during matches making me reverse to soon or to late, when I reversed the same move in the same timing before hand. Not trying to complain but another thing that's bothered me is how do people use the "Infinite Finisher" Option online? Cause I went into a match and it was back and forth reversals than Boom I get hit with, 1, 2, -Reversed- 3, 4 Finishers, then got thrown through the barricade and I was out.


So is it my connection that's F'ing up? and is there any way to reset the statistics? Not saying my Win-Loss is bad now (15-11 :() But my Disconnection is terrible! (65.5%)

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