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Spot Callerz Wrestling


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(this was meant to be a message but your inbox is full)


hey bro, just wanted to say thanks so much for your ruthless aggression project. I love your work and can't wait for the next update..especially Rey Mysterio! Between you and Titan, the community are gonna have an insanely amazing HCTP/Ruthless Aggression Era save.


Having said that, I downloaded your Lesnar and saw that the body morph didn't capture some of Lesnar's features and that he was a bit too thick in some areas. Any after tweaking it for the last couple of days I think I've come up with a very hard to top Lesnar Morph. It's very realistic and also works well in the game (I tested it against plenty of other caws like wolfgang's angle, tnaimpact12's taker, '04 John Cena etc)


I'm not sure if you're the type of guy who likes tips or just likes to do your own thing. Use it, dont use it, its totally up to you, either way I figured I'd swing it your way. So here it is:


Head -15 24 8

Cranium 0 0 -49 -18


Neck -100 76 100

Chest 15 35 33 0

Traps 100 100 0

Shoulders 1 31 0 (his shoulders weren't all that broad. If it wasn't for his lats and traps he would've been a narrow guy)

Abdomen -49 41 16

Waist 21 22

Arms 7 -2 3 2 6 (Lesnar had freakishly long arms, almost spider like)

Hands 0 0 10 (Biggest in the UFC at one point, nuf said)

Legs 19 11 12 -21 -18 (His legs were also verrry long and calves were stick like, similar to orton's)

Feet 0 0 0


Also I changed his eyes to the first option so that he didn't look so googley eyed...and made them a darker blue.


If you end up having a look, let me know what you think

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I made mysterio. He's in video. I'm using Eddie from game for first save. Consodering doing same for Edge

Does that mean Edge will be uploaded to live or no?

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Any update on this. I think of everyone else doing this era your CAWs are the best when it come to your face morphing. My only suggestion is to go about doing the hair differently. Don't over-think it, brock's new hair doesn't look right, neither does Orton's. Just keep it simple. Other than that I definitely can't wait for that Batista update. He is by far the best Evolution Batista out there!

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I really like those arenas and that Christian. Started to to use your PPV arenas like randomly. I think you did a really good job with them. I was wondering if you are planning to finish Shawn? Since it seems you are going for exactly what I'm looking for :)

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