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Poe Øhlin

"The First Lady of Hardcore" LuFisto by Poe Ohlin 4 Attires With Pictures

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I literally can't think of a quote to start this out. So yeah.....




Here is my half of a LuFisto collaboration project between myself, and Storm of Sand. He handled the current do Super Hardcore Anime. But I went back to the past, and bring some oldies to her. I'll leave a link to his LuFi topic somewhere in here.


The CAW was created using a heavily modified version of SOS's WWE '12 formula (before I recreated it, the CAW looked beyond ghastly).


The entrance is as always created by myself, and is available in my indy entrance topic.


The moveset was created by Storm of Sand. I'm fairly sure he'll give it to you if you ask politely.


As always, I apologize for the picture quality.


And you all know the deal about me and Xbox Live, so don't be afraid to ask for the formula.


Storm of Sand's Half



Original - Mexico Attire

Attire 1 - Sailor Moon outfit

Attire 2 - CZW and various indies

Attire 3 - Alice in Wonderland VS Mickie Knuckles













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Looks good bro not a big fan of hers but I feel you guys captured her well I would just make the eyes a tad larger.

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Nice job man, I'll try to PM you the list of moves for her, I had to change the moveset up a little bit, hopefully it'll be okay.


Oh and I'd suggest changing the boots for the ones with the kickpads already on, just add the designs for the knee pads and it would look even better.

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No. I no longer have an 360, or a PS3. Even if I did, I wasn't planning on playing the game this year. However, I'm sure Storm of Sand will once again be doing LuFisto. Maybe if you ask nicely, he'll do one of these attires.

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