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Help me with my "Test" Update

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Hey everyone. I was really gutted when I realised that Test was not in the new game and so I have been looking for a decent Test to download, and there are some good ones, but to be honest, I have never seen a Test that I really thought was outstanding and so I wanted to give it a go myself.


This is my first time trying to make a caw and posting it, but would love to get some suggestions on it. The nose is really bugging me.


It is based off of Nickbreaker's wwe 12 caw but I made alot of adjustments to it. Also I did download from someone off line for the base who did make the Test Logo on the arm and legs and I'm not quite sure who that was right now but I will find out and give credit where credit is due!


here are some images:








oh and this is the photo I have been trying to use as reference: http://www.google.co...,r:16,s:0,i:131






I've changed quite a few features on the face such as the eyes and nose. Ive also changed his body skin because he really was not as toned in the attitude era as I had had him in my first post. So the pac has gone and he's, well, flabbier now.


Any suggestions, let me know :)





silver attire



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hey thanks for the kind words! Yea I'm up for a collab! anything to improve the caw! are you any good at making logos? I'm absolutely terrible at them but would love to get his T logo for his shirt that I want to put on the hardcore champ attire which is in this vid:



and here are the hardcore attire photos (so far.......)




also I was thinking about maybe doing a Wedding Attire just to change things up a bit. Could be fun to use in Universe and Story mode. Any thoughts?

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Oh yeah I can make that. I will do it tonight if you can try and get some closer pics of the back of shirt, or if anyone can for that matter

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