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Simon Poole

SWW Female Wrestling Showcase (Sheryl Gates & Tanzy Devin added!)

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A few more CAWS


Sheryl Gates

Fictional Background: Sheryl Gates is a experance boardcaster and not a trainned Wrestler, she started off with news shows and then moved on to a interviewer to some sports program but her big break came when she was hired by SWW to comminate on the matches, her commintating partner Noa Riley who used to be a ex-wrestler sit at the announce table, Sheryl is more face with Noa more heel of the announcing






Tanzy Devin

Fictional Background: Tanzy Devin came from a rich family, she wanted to be the wrestler and their parents funded her with the best trainers that the wrestling busienss had to offer, she started working in small wrestling promotions but soon started making a name for herself and moved on to the bigger promotion, Tanzy even wrestled in the United States and Japan





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