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Hayabusa! The Flying Falcon Is Now Available!!!!!

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I just got around getting this one. Brilliant stuff. Love. Especially that I'm watching J-Cup shows now :)

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Just wanted to thank you again for the upload! Just downloaded him and he's perfect!


No problem! I have an updated version that I've worked on here and there that I believe improves my Hayabusa tremendously but I'm trying to decided weather or not to upload it or just wait until next year to see if THQ will let you import the previous year's custom logo file! But we'll see! The update includes:

Better Facepaint that is not part of the mask

Corrected skintone with no painted skin on the Facepaint

Better version of the Phoenix Splash

Better shaping around the mask

And I am currently trying to add more detail to the mask!


I hope you do upload your update, I would love to see it. Your Hayabusa gets heavy use in all my saves.

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