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AlphaBeta Showcase

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So the first two caws I've got for you were originally created by Sylas Styles/Myke/his caws.ws username. He made 'em for me for his ViralPro efed.


This year I decided to get the game for PS3 and make 'em myself, with my own touches on the attires and such. I'm still awaiting morphings in a formula from him, so don't worry about blank faces yet. I'm in no rush for them at all, since the game dropped only a few days ago.


Also please excuse the pictures. I have a capture card somewhere, but I find it much easier to just use my phone.


First up is Benson Dane.














Benson's my new main character. He's a big time baby face, doing almost everything he can for the fans. In roleplays, I have the vision of eventually making him kind of like John Cena, the guy that's cheered by the younger fans, while the "smarks" all rip on him for being a superman type of guy, or a one trick pony (although he's pretty damn technical with his moveset, so that argument is kinda invalid)






Sid Reemer


Sid is just a vile man in general. He can't spell, he can't talk, and he's become well known for being a walking violation of the health and wellness problem. It's tough to say if he's the brains or not for his tag team of Arthur York and Sid Reemer, since they're both dumb as a stump, stoned all the time, and too drunk to comprehend stuff on a daily basis.


What Sid lacks in knowledge of books, manners, and culture, he makes up for with pure, 100% violence. Sid has no problem looking around a room, finding the most random object, and turning it into a weapon.









Only a few of Sid. Things to note are:


His flattened mohawk, much like the vocalist, Jesse Leech of Killswitch Engage, or Liam Cormier of Cancer Bats

His beard, which has really grown since '12. He's also now rocking a real thick muzzy, typically drenched in either blood, slobber, or booze.

His classic t-shirt, no bloodified ;D

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I'll try to remember to get the facial/body figures today when I get a chance, and send them off to ya.

LOVE the PT work you did on Dane, and Sid's shirt is amazing!

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Simple, clean attires. Nothing overly cluttered, but definitely detailed enough to stand out. Top notch stuff all around my good man.

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My next caw has a bit of a following from past years. I don't know why really tbh, but a lot of people look at him as a fav. If you go on the sites mainpage, go to originals from SvR 2006, you'll be able to see this guys mug (which looks a lot meaner now) staring at you. He's come a long way I'd say.


Although I'm not 100% sure I'm done with the attire, it's not a big deal. I'd like to present to you.


"Dangerous" Devin Tambro!












I'm sure now you can see why I'm not 100% about the attire. Despite the fact he has all four attires done (default which is green, the purple seen here, black, and an attire with jeans) I'm just not too sure I'm huge on it. He has a simple paint tool on the back, and the front is just the bio hazard sign with barbed wire linking it to the back.








Next up is a noob to my roster. I'm pretty fond of him, although he only has one attire so far. He's the first legit "X-Division / Highflyer " I've made for my roster thus far. So far, all I've got done is his look / first attire, and his finishers, which I haven't put into a moveset yet.


To be completely honest, he's hot off the presses. I made him about an hour ago (although it took more than an hour, I simply finishes about an hour ago :P)


I present to you, my newest character...


Zack Player!










Not the best pics, my apologies.


As you can tell, he's a pretty big geek. I'm sure in a lot of his interviews and promos, he'd have mentions of video games, movies, comics, ect.


Last but not least, an action shot. Zack Player launching himself over the top rope onto DDT



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Not only a former PWL World Champion, he's Mr. PWL! lol


Mr. Evan Massacre will be around. Who else would feud with Sid on my home fed? :P

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Thanks to Spyder for the pics :)





Tyler Drastic, my top heel highflyer on my game. I put some decent work into his attires with PT

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Two members of my "Jackpot!" stable...


Dylan Vegas











Seth Sadleir

"The Slot Machine"

Second In Command












Admittedly, with Seth, I got lazy with the tattoos. They're all ingame designs that I mixed together to make a colorful sleeve.


And of course, team shot



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I had Drastic and DDT on CC, but I heard word that stuff got deleted? I might need to re-add them. Doesn't hurt since I've updated both a little bit.


I can't remember the tags, but my PSN name is HART2721

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Really liking Sid, how did you do his hair? I've tried in PT but never works out.


If only these were 360, id definitely pick up Jackpot and Zack Player along with Sid too.


Really nice work all round.

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Moving on with 3 more guys. Two new, one old, and one of the new guys has quite the interesting name....


Starting with old, coming to the table is Jeff Hart. A guy formerly known as Jeff Kain, Jeff Kaintemen, and the name that got him fame, FIREK!D








Next is my new guy, "The Super Solider" Brandon Soen. Soen is the type of guy that hangs around the mid cards, never really moving up due to lack of confidence. He's got the tools to hang with the big boys, but not the mind set yet. He's the type of guy that could benefit greatly from a manager, a stable, or a mentor.












Last but definitely not least, is a man that, like I said, has an interesting name.


Christian Blaze.


The younger cousin of the bat-shit-crazy Ryan Blaze. Christian seems to possess some of the same qualities as Ryan, which leads many to believe that the Blaze family is insane. Christian believes that he's not only God sent, but also the cancer that will kill wrestlers off slowly. He believes that when his UMW (Underground's Most Wanted) stable takes over, and they're te only wrestlers left in the world, that it's the best thing that could happen to wrestling.









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All your guys are looking awesome this year. You going to make Ryan soon? Always liked his crazy gimmicks especially the face paint one.


Also you need any cap card pics?

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I've got a cap card kicking around, I just don't know if it's set up to work with my laptop, seeing as my desktop is now no longer near my PS3. Appreciate the offer, but cell pics are so much easier :P


RB will be made for nostalgia sake at some point, seeing as most people enjoy him the most

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