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The Miz awesome

Miz Awesome's WWE'13 Entrance Topic More Entrance's Added 11/10/12

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Hello and welcome to my entrance topic for the 3rd year in a row. Here are my rules:

1: Post a video reference for the entrance

2: WWE superstars ONLY no TNA.

3: Add feedback if I'm doing good, bad etc.

4: The most important is Enjoy my entrances!


Now I got the rules out of the way, request away! :D


Daniel Bryan:


Intro: Daniel Bryan

Stage: Ken Shamrock

Ramp: Ken Shamrock

Ring-In: Superstar 49

Ring: Dolph Ziggler

Lighting: Lighting 26

Champion Entrance: Daniel Bryan (Champion)

Multi-Title Entrance: Superstar 71

Nameplate after 3 seconds at the Ramp motion.

Movie: Daniel Bryan

Music: Download his theme with the "No" chants or Daniel Bryan



^ Credit to "Codes" for letting me use a part of his Daniel Bryan entrance



Intro: Kane

Pyro: Kane at the end

(Use lighting 03 if your going for the SS98 entrance)

Stage: Superstar 49

Ramp: Superstar 49

Ring-in: Kane

Ring: Kane

Pyro: Coner Kane after 7/8 seconds after he rasies his arms down.

Lighting: Lighting 02

Nameplate after 3/4 and a half seconds at the Stage motion.

Multi-Title Entrance: Superstar 70

Movie: Kane 2

Music: Kane 2



CM Punk:



Intro: CM Punk

Stage: CM Punk

Ramp: CM Punk

Ring-In: Superstar 14

Ring: CM Punk

Lighting: Lighting 07

Nameplate after he turns around in the Ramp motion.

Champion Entrance: CM Punk (Champion)

Multi-Title Entrance: Superstar 70

Movie: CM Punk

Music: CM Punk



Big Show Current:



Intro: Big Show

Stage Superstar 07

Ramp: Superstar 07

Ring-In: Superstar 07

Ring: Superstar 33

Lighting: Lighting 06

Nameplate after 7 seconds in the Ramp motion.

Champion Entrance: Big Show (Champion)

Multi-Title Entrance: Big Show (Champion)

Movie: Big Show

Music: Big Show



Hunico and Camacho



Motion: Tag 19

Movie: Hunico

Music: Hunico



Team Rhodes Scholars:



Motion: Tag 08 or Tag 09

Movie: Cody Rhodes

Music: Cody Rhodes



Ryback (Non DLC):



Intro: Zack Ryder

Stage: Superstar 34:

Ramp: Superstar 34

Ring-In: Superstar 34 or Superstar 25 (minus the taunt)

Ring: Kevin Nash or Sheamus

Lighting: Lighting 42

Nameplate near the end of the Ramp motion.

Champion Entrance: Superstar 34

Multi-Title: Superstar 72

Movie: Make Ryback or DLC Ryback

Music: DLC Ryback, Download his theme or Psycho



Heel Lita:


Intro: Mark Henry

Stage: Diva 9

Ramp: Diva 15

Ring-in: Diva 09

Ring: Diva 11

Lighting: Lighting 10

Nameplate at the beginning of the Ramp motion.

Champion Entrance: Diva 09

Multi-title: Diva 15

Movie: Lita or Lita 2

Music: Lita 2



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Thank you so much! I think it's very good and I'll check it out this evening.

Thanks! Like i said, i might add more alt's for Bryan's entrance because, i'm sure some guys have good motions that i havn't unlocked yet.


Any more request's guys/gals?


I'll be doing these entrance's so far:

  • Big Show (Current)
  • Kane (Current)
  • CM Punk (2012 Heel)
  • Wade Barrett (Return 2012)

If you guys can give me some entrance refrence video's it would be great :D


Request away and i'll add them to me "to do" list.





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Added Big Show and CM Punk. Here are the videos I used:

Big Show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3RzmMJsTPA&feature=youtube_gdata_player

CM Punk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQFVQjZilmU&feature=youtube_gdata_player


Also, do any of you have a good Wade Barrett ref video?

Because the one I found it's the same as the in-game entrance. Here's the link: http://youtu.be/IAJL8P0yUOA


Anyway, enjoy the entrance's as always :D

P.S Added some Tag-Team Entrance's as well!

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Added Ryback and Lita

I tried HBK but it really isn't possible here's what i came up with:

Intro; Shawn Michaels

Stage: Shawn Michaels

Ramp: Superstar 27

Change to camera angle 7 after 7 seconds then trigger pyro 05

Ring-In: Shawn Michaels

Ring: ???

Champion Entrance: ???

Muti-Title: Superstar 71

Movie: Shawn Michaels

Music: Shawn Michaels

Anyone got any idea's for the ring motion?

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