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The Murda-Lair '13

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Another fun filled year in the Murda-verse. Going to try some new things this year. Some characters may stay the same. Some may change. We'll see. :P


I'll kick things off with the psycho clown known as Smiley...



















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Thanks. Was sort of going for a mis-matchy type of an attire for him this time around. This would be the first time Smiley has worn something resembling a 'traditional' wrestling. Usually it's just street clothes or something gimmicky like his clown-themed pirate attire as Captain Smiley, but this is the first time I've put him in tights and I wanted to try to come up with something that looks like he just found a bunch of random wrestling gear and this is what he found. lol Sort of goes along with his craziness.

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Thanks. :D


Here's a little WiP of my flagship CAW, formerly known as Tha Infamous 187, it's Adrian Taylor.


From an extreme hardcore gangsta to fallen angel, here's what Adrian is looking like these days. Not quite satisfied with what I have here just yet, but Adrian has become a mercenary-for-hire. Kind of along the lines of a one man APA. His shirt is a play on an older screen name I used 'DialM4Murda'. Character-wise, he's something along the lines of New Jack crossed with Steve Austin. A no nonsense, kick ass now, take names later kind of guy. Been making him since HTCP, so he's probably my longest running CAW in my lot.














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What's that on Taylor's head? A bandana or something? You can actually stretch logos that far on things like that!?

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Oh alright. That just looked way too symmetrical to have bee a camo pattern so I got excited, XD


LMAO I just noticed that was a rotary-dial phone on his shirt. Noice

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Here's an alternate attire and alternate gimmick of Adrian Taylor (and personally one of my favorite attires for him).


This is Adrian under his 'fallen angel' / 'angel of death' gimmick when he stepped away from being the hardcore gangsta to a darker character. Still playing on the theme of death that I usually use in his character, but portraying something different from his usual foul mouthed stuff most people know him for. He still keeps the red bandana wrapped another his wrist as a throwback to his gangsta character. The Punisher skull is a logo I frequently use for his character, both his gangsta and his angel gimmicks. And the blood wings are inspired by promotional art from one of my favorite shows, Dexter, for their 6th season. And I personally love the skull and blood wings combo on his pants. The face paint is also, obviously, going for the Punisher skull look.
















A better look of what's on the pants on the cutscene attire for this version.






Here's another familiar face from my usual suspects.


Orazio Marcello. He's still leading The Dynasty, a playing card themed stable. Orazio is "The King of Hearts". He's always been sort of a cross between HBK era Shawn Michaels and John Morrison. He's supposed to be a heartthrob type of character. He started out as a comedic character, being a parody of the Butabi Brothers from the SNL movie and skit, Night at the Roxbury. Then I started to make him a more serious version of his character, becoming a ladykiller. Then he's made the jump from mid-carder to main eventer by forming an Evolution style stable (although roles have switched compared to Evolution's layout lol) called The Dynasty with "The Queen of Diamonds" Desiree Diamond, "The Jack of Clubs" Jack Douglas, and "The Ace of Spades" Mickey Knox (an alter ego of Adrian's). I'll be making Desiree and Jack again this year, but I may replace Mickey with a new Ace of Spades.






















The King on his throne.


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Not at the moment. None of them are finished at the moment and I don't like uploading incomplete CAWs. Smiley just needs a 4th attire. Adrian still needs 2 attires, an entrance, and a moveset. And Orazio needs 3 attires an entrance, and a moveset.


I do have a few other familiar faces in the works that are almost done, but the ones I have here right now still need some work done.

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Yo what ya got planned for Remmy this year loved last years with that R Truth entrance and that go Hard tune haha loved it matched to a T

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Remmy is in the lab. So far, he's got 2 attires done. His Macho Man Tribute attire and a 'Classic' street attire throwback to a '06/'07 version of him. Still working on his 'Original' attire slot and a 4th attire for him. Have been planning on him reuniting his own personal stable this year whenever I can come up with something tag teamy/stable-ish.

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Update. Smiley is on the CC for those who might not have noticed. Thought I mentioned it here. Guess not. lol


Anyways... I decided to nix the idea of Remmy putting his stable back together because I couldn't come up with an image for their look that I liked and couldn't make a logo for the stable either.


So... I went with plan B.


Here is Elijahwan Remmy.


Yes, his first name has changed. One of the few things I've changed with my CAWs this year. I'm looking to take a serious shot at writing and a lot of my characters I've developed in games and e-feds will be making appearances in my work. Remmy being one of them. They won't have the 'being a wrestler' aspect be a part of their characters, just their character and personality. And since Remmy was originally known as Jin Remmy, a re-working of the name Gin Rummy, who is a character on The Boondocks, I decided to go with a name change. I kept Remmy because I really like it for his. The first name may be subject to change again because I don't know if I've settled on Elijahwan since he doesn't look like an Elijahwan to me. lol


And since he won't be reuniting with his own personal stablemates, I decided to stick him with one of his old stablemates from before. He's formed The Dawg Pound (another tentative name that may or may not change lol) with K-Nyne.


About Remmy as a character... He's sort of what I always considered a Wild Card. He likes to party hard. He gets himself into funny and awkward scenarios. He can play the comedic role. He believed in conspiracies before R-Truth made that change in his characters. Not like Remmy thinks people are conspiring against him, but more like the government is controlling us and monitoring us. Sort of like the film "They Live", but it's the government instead of aliens. lol He originally was part of a stable called America's Most Wanted with Adrian Taylor (during his Gangsta years), Jayceon Williams, and K-Nyne (known as Felony then). When that stable dissolved, Remmy went on to form his own stable called The Rowdy Ruff Krew (yes, a Powerpuff Girls reference lol) with Sho Kimura and a third character who I forget the name of.


Here we have Remmy embracing a dog-themed attire to go along with his tag team partner, K-Nyne.





















Here he is rocking a shirt with my home fed logo on it. Can't quite read it, but it says Eerie Pro Wrestling.




And here's a couple of alternate attires. His Macho Man tribute and a Street Fight attire.



















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Adrian is up on the CC, if you want him. Both versions are the same CAW, just different attires. lol Gamertag is Gamerftw. Should be able to find him just by looking up his name.


Just a reminder, Remmy is on the bottom of page one, if people didn't check the first page.

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Thanks. I don't have many up on the CC yet. Just Adrian and Smiley so far. Remmy will probably be the next one up since I'm finishing up his moveset and the rest of him is pretty much done. Still messing around with Orazio before I put him up on the CC.


I suppose I stick Remmy's partner up here now. lol Here's K-Nyne


He's big. He's quiet. He's mean. He's not someone that you want to pick a fight with because K-Nyne will mess you up something bad. lol The former enforcer of AMW, this big guy is a cross between Diesel and Bad Ass/Big Evil Taker (as you'll probably be able to tell from what his attire looks like lol). Now, like I said before, he's joined up with his former stablemate Remmy to take on the tag team division. The two are complete opposite. While Remmy might be a more loudmouthed and comedic type of character, K-Nyne is all business all the time. He tolerates his partner's antics and pretty much refuses to take part in anything Remmy tries to get him involved in. Despite being opposites, the two manage to work well together. Kicking ass and taking names. lol















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Orazio and K-Nyne have made their way onto the CC for people who want them.


Next up on the list... Dorian Loveless and Frankenstein.



One of the most evil guys on my roster is Dorian Loveless.He considers himself to be the pinnacle of perfection and above everyone in the business. His character is heavily inspired by the literary character Dorian Gray and evil business doings such as the Umbrella Corporation and whatnot. He believe he's the best in every aspect of his life. Best looking. Best in the ring. Best on the mic. Always striving for perfection. Always plotting to reach the top. Always has something sinister up his sleeve. This year his attire is pretty much simple and to the point. Nothing too elaborate or flashy. In the ring, his aim is to hurt his opponents. Not just defeat them, hurt them. Storyline wise in my home fed this year, Dorian has used his dirty business tactics to usurp the ownership of the company, becoming the new CEO.

















Alternate attires including Navy Blue and Burgandy color swaps. Plus his CEO business look.








And next we have, the monster Frankenstein....


Not the scientist nor his monster from the Mary Shelly novel, but a character whose gimmick is sort of ripped off from the Death Race films character. Instead of racing cars with guns on them, this guy is a never dying legend in the ring. As the story goes, Frankenstein has been competing in the ring since the 70's and hasn't lost a step in the past 40 some odd years. The reason for his full body suit and mask is because he's engaged in such brutal matches over the years that he's become unrecognizable. However, he still manages to climb into the ring and throw down with the best of them despite his age. The real story is the man behind the mask changes every so often so that there's fresh blood behind the character.This is how the character has managed to 'survive' over the years. With the new person behind the mask, they also add their own flair to the character and it appears that Frankenstein is adapting to what's new and trendy in terms of his wrestling style. While in the 70's and 80's, he may have been all about power and slams, in the 90's and today he may incorporate more intricate moves involving acrobatics and whatnot. He may be a ripoff character, but I personally enjoy the character. lol













Some of his alternate attires. The Slasher look. A Bandaged in recover look. And a Biohazard attire.


















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Hmm... No love for K-Nyne, Dorian, or Frankenstein?


Frankenstein and Dorian are up on the CC now. Along with this little lady...


She goes by the name Nikki Knucklez and this is her third year returning to my roster. As you can probably already tell by looking at her, she's a boxer. A bare knuckle boxer to be more precise (which ironically was her gimmick when I first made her and now Wade Barrett is doing the bare knuckle brawler thing lol). She started out competing in those underground 'clubs' that we're not supposed to talk about. She had been spotted by Adrian, who also dabbles in those 'clubs' as well when he needs to blow off steam, and decided to take her under his wing. She's as tough as they come. Not one to fit the typical diva model most would expect from female wrestlers, Knucklez is all about brutalizing her opponents with her fists of fury. This year, I've also had her get into some MMA type of style to even out her moveset so that she's not a headhunter with all her punching moves. She's one of my favorite females on my roster.















Here's a Purple Color Swap. A Boxing Shorts variant. And a Street Fight attire for Knucklez.
















And here's another one of my females who is close to completion...


Beatrix Frost (originally went by the name Caitlin Frost when I first made her back in like 2008, I believe). Another one who doesn't fit the typical diva model in wrestling. Her character is full of misery and despair. She's an emo goth type of character who has a complete hatred for the dolled up barbies in wrestling, often quoting people like Edgar Allen Poe in her promos when talking about what she'd like to do to her opponents. She's earned the nickname of "Ice Princess" with her cold demeanor. She's something of a cross between old school Undertaker and Raven. I tried to go for a Victorian type of look rather than the punk-ish type of emo goth look for her. Don't know if I've achieve my desired look or if there is anything more I can do to get that type of look, but this is what I've got for her so far.

















A couple of color swaps in Purple and Gray. And a third color swap I call her polar Opposite version. More of a less emo goth version. lol


















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