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Kid Glory

"Best CAW's In The World" Kid Glory's CAWctionary Topic, The Ultimate WWE '12 Resource Guide. (1)

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  • Tyrant185 Thanks for letting me know :cool: , I'm trying to add your Undertaker (Ministry) to the list now but it appears the topic may have broken again (Won't allow me to edit) so if you don't see it here shortly you'll see it in the next topic if I have to put another one up :facepalm:...

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Update 19.09.12

  • New content added.
  • I've removed some of the needless spaces and poll results to free up some room so that hopefully the topic will become more manageable & responsive, so far so good.
  • Wfmashupz I'm still working on getting some pics of Ravenos' Helms, it will definitely be in the next set of polls. :cool:
  • xJakexRyanx Thanks for the feedback, all of the suggestions have been added in the latest update.
  • Both topics are now responsive, I'll leave them both open for the time being so I can have one to fall back on if the threads decide to lock up again.

Seeing as I've had such a positive response from the community, I've decided to continue this topic annually and for 13 I'm going to have a little help from John Kramer & KomicJ, so look out for vast improvements and added new features for WWE '13's Next Cawctionary topic.


:nod: :nod: :nod:

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