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Before there were "Superstars", there was only one...(UPLOADED TO XBOX LIVE!!!-----SEPT. 5, 2012)

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((SEPTEMBER 3, 2012))


The thing about trying to capture 2 different phases of Graham's career is that you have to take into account the fact that he was older and slightly bigger, with a thick jawline in his 2nd tie-dye run with the WWF. I had to take an approach I haven't taken in years, where I knew I couldn't nail a CAW like I want to from as up close as you can possibly view it, so I focused more on just getting it to look as brilliant and spot-on as it could look from regular gameplay distance to make you still feel as though you may as well be playing with an in-game model of the guy, and I think I succeeded in the aspect. So I guess I'm happy with it, even if what you're seeing is attire 1 showing a jawline that's particularly spot-on for Graham in his prime, and then attire 2 having no choice but for me to have work around a jawline and body more suited for the era captured in attire 1. But I still do love it :)


Just needs a moveset if Tyrant doesn't feel like contributing an attire, and this'll be up in 2 days tops. :nod:


ATTIRE 2: '87










and I guess another shot of attire/look 1:










Last guy for '12, just because I broke my left wrist in a moshpit at a Straight Line Stitch show, so I'm kinda one-armed (lol) and I don't have the money for another few days to just say "Oh hey, how about I go out awhile?"..lol...perhaps a preview of where I wanna go for '13, but anyone who follows my shit knows better.... I may unintentionally be the most unpredictable CAW maker on here, in terms of both who I make and when or whether or not a CAW's even getting finished...lol...


This, however, I'm only really doing 2 attires for then rapidly uploading him once I watch some matches and get to know his moveset a little better. I've never really followed much of his work until recently.


I give you...



"Superstar" Billy Graham







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Face 2 is done. Only have like 3 layers left tops to work out the attires, so I won't go for an entrance shirt. His pants are gonna need all the detail they can get. I'll try to post some pics of his bearded face in a little bit. Tyrant MIGHT be helping me out on the tie-dye bleached looking pants. I kinda need the help, being temporarily without the use of an arm...but if he's not up to it after all, it's no biggie. I'll find a way to get this out there for any oldschool heads who want it. :cool:

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Thats pretty good! I see him in there. Sorry to hear about your wrist heal quickly!


Thanks dude; I really appreciate it. :)


Updated pics. Presumably, all I have left to do is finish up a decent moveset for him. :cool:

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This has been UPLOADED TO XBOX LIVE!!! Search tag: B7


Download and give it a rating, why dont'cha? ;)


Hopefully I'll be seein' ya for '13. :cool:



Pics coming shortly.

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This looks great, probably gonna give it a download. Hope to see one for the new game, also. Would love some more 70-80's guys. Great job.

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