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Poe Øhlin

You Can't Stop Me!: Alice's Path in WWE

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***I couldn't really pick out one model. So think of Alice as Utada Hikaru and Haylee Williams. I would've posted a picture of my girlfriend (of which whom Alice is based on. And her name in real life is Alice.), but she's camera shy.***


Name: Alice

Nickname: The New Queen of Hardcore

Age: 21

Height: 5'9

Weight: 131 lbs

Born: Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan

Resides: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Billed From: Yokohama, Pennsylvania

Trained By: LuFisto, Kana, Poe Ohlin



1X SHIMMER Tag Team Champions (With LuFisto)

2X IWA Mid West Tag Team Champions (Once with Poe Ohlin, once with McKayla)

4X IWA Mid West Women's Champion

3X IWA Mid West HardCORE Champion

1X Big Japan Deathmatch Champion

IWA Queen of the Deathmatches Tournament Winner





Ayumi Kurihara

Poe Ohlin




Finishing Moves

Alice Driver (Forward Electric Chair Drop/Assault Driver) 2009 - Current

Five Star Frog Splash 2009 - Current


Other Moves

Shooting Star Press 2010 - Current

Spinning Sit Out Powerbomb 2009 - Current

Twist of Fate (Spinning Cutter/Stunner) 2011 - Current

Nevermore (Tiger Driver) 2010 - Current

Swanton Bomb 2009 - Current

Osaka Street Cutter 2010 - Current

Shining Wizard 2009 - Current



Going Under by Evanescene (SHIMEMR, SMASH, Ice Ribbon, AJPW)

She's Lost Control by Joy Division (ROH, JAPW, PWG)

CrushCurshCrush by Paramore (IWA MW, CZW, Chikara, BJW)

Monster by Paramore (WWE)


Mini Bio

Alice grew up watching wrestling since was a little girl in Japan and America. She considers some her idols of wrestling to be Lita, Megumi Kudo, Chris Hero, The Great Sasuke, LuFisto, Jushin Liger, and CM Punk. She trained on the indie circuit, being taught by some of the most known and best female wrestling talent in the world. She was also trained by her real life partner Poe Ohlin, upon her entering into IWA Mid West.


After completing her training, she began touring around the USA, Canada, and Japan. While doing so, she picked up, and showed off the best of her technical and shooting abilities. After a small stint with Big Japan Pro Wrestling, she returned to the states, where she'd meet some of the talent in IWA Mid West, who had done a show in her hometown of Philadelphia.


After joining the IWA roster, she quickly gained the nickname of "The New Queen of Hardcore." Including brutal death matches with two of her trainers, as well as many other male and female wrestling talents, in a variety of matches. It was here, where she would hit her peak, while touring again with SHIMMER, Big Japan, and SMASH.


In early 2012, WWE began taking more talent from the indie circuit. A promotion in which they took quite some from, was IWA Mid West. Along with Poe Ohlin, WWE picked up The New Hardy Boyz, former MMA fighter and Japanese Hardcore Wrestling legend in the making Himura, and Alice herself. She has been working for WWE in NXT.


At any point, a wrestler in the WWE can be given a push, and solidfy their place in the promotion. It would appear as if Alice is one of the next Divas to be given a push. With a slowly dying main Divas roster, will Alice be able to bring prestiege back to it, while carving out a path and reputation as one of the best female wrestlers?

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Two. Most of my focus will stay with WDF however. I just wanted to try a Divas one for fun. So expect updates to this one to be a little slower then the other one.

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WWE NXT - September 19th, 2012


Before our main event of the evening, the music of WWE Diva Eve plays on the sound system. Fans then begin to cheer and boo as the woman who works on Smackdown comes out, dressed in her business suit. She smiles as she walks down the ramp, and to the steel steps. She works her way up them before going into the ring. She calls for a microphone, and is given one almost promptly.


Eve: "Hello everybodyyy! I hope you've all enjoyed the show here tonight. NXT is where we who are in the WWE can discover the stars of the future.


Some of our current superstars and Divas have come from here, and you should all feel proud. Why? Because you all inspired them to work for something better. This is no place to work if your a wrestler. Nobody can see what goes on here except you fans.


And while there's a lot of talent here, there's nobody that good looking here in NXT. I mean don't get me wrong. Some guys and girls here and pretty good looking. But everybody else looks like they belong in some Wes Craven film.


And as far as the divas here go, none of them have a lick of talent. And they couldn't measure up to any of the ones in WWE. Especially somebody like me. No diva here in the N X T can measure up to somebody as attractive and skilled as me!"


The fans boo her immensely, she smiling as the camera settles on her face. She goes to speak again, but before she even mutter a word, the music of the newest diva, Alice starts up. She walks out onto the stage, waving to the crowd some, she holding a mic in her right hand. She seems to chuckle some as she looks down at Eve, she bringing her mic to her lips to speak.


Alice: "Really Eve? Really? None of us Divas here in NXT have any talent. Because the last I checked, the only talent you have is lying and manipulating men. You see, while you were shaking that butt of yours for your boss, I and a good portion of these women were working the indies, paying our dues, and showing off true wrestling skills.


And as for your looks, your more fake then Vince's hair."


Her words garner an oooooing from the crowd. Eve looks at the young woman in a little bit of shock and anger.


Eve: "Exscuse me missy? Those are some pretty big words for a pretty small girl who can only get affection from a goth sociopath! And I could beat you any day of the week!"


Alice: "Oh really?"


Eve: "Yeah really. In fact, why don't you bring your sorry butt to Smackdown next week, and I'll prove it. Got it girlie?"


Alice: "It's a date then."


Alice then smiles playfully, and blows a kiss to Eve before leaving the stage. After a while, Eve goes backstage as well, as we prepare for our main event.

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