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Nick Gemini

WWE Shut Your Mouth CAWs Request's

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Hey.Could somebody create the following CAWs for me please on WWE SYM



Gene Starwind (Outlaw Star)


Eddy Gordo (Tekken)


Stryker (Mortal Kombat 3 Styled)


Sedusa (Powerpuff Girls)


Mokap (Mortal Kombat)


Mileena (Mortal Kombat 9 Styled)


Woody (Toy Story)

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tried mileena.. sorry for the crap pic, I only have bb and an old tv



she is m fav in mk too. for the moves I suggest


ground grapple: it bites a forehead,

ground attack: rolling senton,

aerial: rvd diving kick,

finisher:bearhug 2


start from the hair layer....

hair 69: -/-/-81,-100/-4

bottom underwear other 18: -/-/64,100/100

top underwear other 2: -/-/69,100/65

shoes blank 1: -/-/-100,-3/0 -pres circle to make heels

sock blank 22: 100/100/-95,-3/0

sock pattern 39: 83/29/-1,100/-100

sock blank 1: 56/100/-80,35/43

sock blank 1:52/100/70,-14/43

kneepad blank 5: -/100/-86,79/86

shirt blank 3: -100/100/-96,48/29

shirt blank 18: -100/100/79,59/100

t-shirt blank shortest: 100/100/-86,100/-2

vest blank 9 -/100/-91,100/-1

underwear top other 2: -/100/70,100/99

body accessori 9: -/100/-92,-100/0

wrist blank 6 : 100/100/30,-98/0

wrist blank 1 : 79/100/-90,100/-37

wrist blank 6 48/100/30,-98/0

wrist blank 1:32/100/70,-1/33

face accessori 1 :-/-/100,88/

design-pattern 159 (biggest size) put at face -/100/70,8/0 x2 for left face and right face

design-alphabet "I" put on face make it horizontal -/100/23,-100/0 x3 for mileena veil border

glove 25:-/-/74,-3/100

skin color : -92,98/0

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so, here is my mokap


shirt blank 3: 100/100/16,-3/100

pattern picture 47 put on chest -make it black

no sleeves blank 3 press circle to make it looks like a tube top -make it black

tights blank 1-black

glove 14:- black

alphabet "I" put on chest 5x to make zip :-/100/41,7/-100

socks blank 6 :make it black

face accessories 87: black

design letter sign . --> ( "dot" on the upper right box) make it white like

white dots , and put them according my pics or wherever you want :P

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Cool. Thanks! Can U Post Formula for Mokap Please?


Also Create Christie Monteiro (Tekken 4) & Li Mei (Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Attire) & Woody (Toy Story) Then im set!

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Nina Tekken 1


Hair 27 : -/-/-87,3/51

underwear top: blank 2

tights blank 1: 14/100/56,20

tight one point 27: 14/100/26,8/100

no sleeve blank 1: -/100/-74,100/66

tshirt blank 14: -100/100/36,-35/100

wristband blank 6: -69/100/30,-69/-54

pattern simple left leg 166: -/100/18,-91/0 3x for ankle band

face accessories 88: -/100/49,-100/0




skin: -91,-35/22

underwear top pattern 7: -/-/36,74/25

hair 3: -/-/-89,-100/77

glove 12:-/-/-45,9/96

pants blank 6: -/-/43,100/-83

belt 37:-/-/89,98/100

alphabet I -/1--/23,-100/0 x4 to make upper armband

alphabet v reverse it upside down : -/-/85,77/81 put it on outside of the armband for christie's armband feather

do the alpahabet I and V stuff for both arms




shirt check 8 100/100/-74,82/74 close

tights other 3: 100/100/-100,-3/22

vest pattern 2: -/100/100,32/100

face accessories 88: -/100/100,32/100 for red scarf

pattern simple 158 reverse upside down 158:-/100/100,-3/89 put it under neck to make it like red scarf

belt 20: -/100/-84,-56/3

hat 34

sock blank 1 : 5/100/18,-54/13

sock blank 6 : -41/100/-85,3/73

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Could somebody create Sedusa (Powerpuff Girls) Law (Tekken 1 Styled) Ariel (The Little Mermaid) & Stryker (MK3 Styled) & Li Mei (Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Styled) CAWs on WWE SYM Please?

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Top underwear blank 13:-/-/37,-3/29

sock blank 1:-/-/-34,-3/100

long skirt blank 1: -/-/-25,20/100

hair 5:-/-/100,75/100

reduce abdomen width

add waist width

reduce thigh width

add leg width (actually the leg would be better in HCTP since it has a mermaid style long skirt)




top underwear blank 13:-/-/75,75/100

tights blank 5:100/100/-100,3/100

tights blank 1:100/6/100,-50/0

no sleeves other 5:-/100/100,-22/100

botto underwear 5:-/100/100,53/100

shoes blank 1 prees circle to make heel

socks blank 1: 62/100/100,14/51


wrist blank 1: 75/100/100,27/100

face acce 2

face acce 72: red

hair 1: black

skin color 1




t shirt blank 8: black length 29

shirt blank 3:-40/100/16,100/100

upperbody accessories 10: black

a---pattern simple 157 : white put it on the middle of body

tights blank 1 100/100/25,-67/0

glove 16: black

b---6x flag japan (second big size) around body: white

belt 20:-/100/189,100/-100

c---flag japan second big: white for both arms white lining

shoes blank 14:-/-/-100,-22/-89

upper body access 24:black

d---2x alphabet I for side leg blue lining : -/-/16,75/100 put them on left and right leg outer sides

e---1x alphabet I for side body blue lining: -/-/16,75/100 put it on left and right outer body sides.

caps hat 25: black

upperbody accessories 46: black

f---2x alphabet I on left chest (near arms-see picture)

g---1x alphabet I on left back (near arms-see picture)


Li Mei

the closest I can do for the pants pattern-- runout layers @_@


hair 4 black

underwear top blank 1

shirts blank 1: white

vest blank 1 press circle to make it closed vest: -/-/73,100/29

shoes others 2: red

pants blank 1:-/-/62,-3/100

... geez I forgot to write the belt :(

pants pattern for r leg

a--1x pattern simple 159 : white (for white lining)

b--2 x pattern simple 159: 62,75/100 (pink wrap around leg)

c--2x pattern simple 159: white wrap around leg

d--2x pattern simple 159: black wrap around leg

e--1x flag 18 make it vertical, white: on outer side of leg

f--1x flag 18 make it vertical, on outer side of leg same position as above (e) then move it down once, and right once -/-/54,-3/17

g--simple 51 white

h--3x flag 26 white: for lowest white lining

then do the hole process again for left leg.. whew... :D

dont forget to add thickness to the leg to make the pants more bellbottom

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