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^2 Year Anniversary Show ^


Owner: Shaun (iSmex.)

Co-Owner(s): Olav (Beautiful Disaster) & Tom (RVD 4:20)

Creative Team: Shaun, Olav, Tom, Mike & Rich

Writing Staff: Shaun, Olav, Tom, Mike, Kyle & J




Character Limit

The Character limit is at four for the time being; not too many, and not too small. Sometimes I think it may be a little big managing four characters, but the option is there. If you have a desire to use more then let me know through a PM. At least then we can discuss it, as I am not totally for people going over four. I will say managers and non-wrestling characters do not go towards this limit so, have as many of them as you like.



As you would expect, the rules of the CAWs.ws forum do apply, and those of the RPG Section as well. As a moderator I keep a keen eye on this going on, so don’t even attempt to get away with breaking one in my own RPG. I will act accordingly to what you have done, and if necessary; banish you from the RPG.


Be Almost Anyone

The only rule there is about who you can and can’t be is that I won’t accept Legends (Though Edge is fine), Deceased Wrestlers, Comic Book characters or Video Game characters. Or wrestlers who would just never jump ship (Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Undertaker, John Cena etc.). Wrestlers can be from WWE, TNA, an Indy Promotion or over in Japan etc. They are fine, chances are I know them. CAWs (Created Wrestlers) are also encouraged.



The outcome of a match shall be decided upon by what’s best for the current feud involving the combatants. Of course if you have any ideas for how a match should end, or what should happen during whether it involve your own character or someone you are feuding with; let me know. Just give me a PM and we can work on something. For matches that just seem out the blue, and random. That’ll be based upon effort more than anything. Post as much, or as little and as often or as rare as you want. There is no standard I am setting for this.


Fun! Fun! Fun!

At it’s very core this is a Roleplaying Game; a game that is indeed supposed to be fun. If it isn’t, I suggest you speak to myself or another senior member of the section just to talk. Often the case is just a character change, or sometimes a short break. Whatever it is, we are all her to help.


Promos etc.

I’ve kind of already said this. But any ideas and any concerns should be PM’d to me directly. With that, promos/angles for shows need to be PM’d to the one posting them. For Motorstorm and PPVs; that is me, for Adrenaline; that is Tom (RVD 4:20).


iSmex. Law

My word in the RPG, and the board in general; should be considered law. The very final decision for whatever it happens to be. If I say one thing, and (E.G. Tom) says another; you go with what I say, not him. And if you have a problem with this, give me a PM and we’ll talk. Do not bring unnecessary spam into the topic itself.



At the bottom of this first post is an application. This is purely for wrestlers in general (E.G. Cody Rhodes). For created wrestlers, feel free to use your own as I know different people like to go into different amounts of detail.



Oh yes! I am banning tweeners. For the most part people should strictly be heel or face. Just because your guy doesn’t care for anyone, doesn’t make him a tweener. It’s heel or face. If you feel so strongly about wishing to be a tweener, again; send me a PM and we’ll talk, but ordinarily it shall be just faces and heels.




General Manager: Avram Shalom

Ring Announcer: Bobby Cruise

Commentators: Dave Prazak & Dusty Rhodes

Backstage Interviewers: Crystal & Kyle Durden

Senior Referee: Todd Sinclair

Referee(s): Bryce Remsburg, Slick Johnson & Andrew Thomas

Head Trainer: Eddie Sharkey

Trainer(s): Kevin Quinn, Felipe Castallanos & Sue Sexton

Head Medic: Danny Young

Medic(s): Becky Givens, Stephen Gelovich & Hae-Dong Jho

Road Agent(s): Don Brody, Jon Price & Tim Hornder

Janitor: Glen Matthews (Maffu)

Psychologist: Dr. Thompson




MCW World Heavyweight Champion: Dynamite

MCW Atlantic Champion: Ian Roberts

MCW Tag Team Champions: Soulless Supremacy

MCW Television Champion: Austin Aries

MCW Women’s Champion: Sora




Monday: Adrenaline [Card] [Show]

Thursday: Motorstorm [Card] [Show]

Sunday: Pay Per Views [Card] [Show]




January: Afterlife

February: Neverlost

April: MCWMania

May: Endgame

June: Meltdown

July: Revolution

August: Global Warning

September: Testament

October: Trick of Tap

November: Fall Fury

December: Wreck the Halls









Signature Moves:

Portrayed By:

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Mike Stokes

18/07/10 - 24/10/10 | 98 Days | Revolution

CM Punk

21/11/10 - 04/02/10 | 74 Days | Fall Fury

Cody Rhodes

21/02/11 - 14/08/11 | 173 Days | Neverlost

Mike Stokes (2)

14/08/11 - 17/09/11 | 34 Days | Global Warning

Jayson Addair

17/09/11 - 19/11/11 | 64 Days | Testament

Gabriel Gospel

19/11/11 - 05/04/12 | 138 Days | Fall Fury

Cody Rhodes (2)

05/04/12 - 20/05/12 | 44 Days | Motorstorm

Gabriel Gospel (2)

- 17/06/12 | 28 Days | Endgame

Mike Stokes (3)

17/06/12 - 19/08/12 | 63 Days | Meltdown

Daniel Bryan

19/08/12 - 16/09/12 | 28 Days | Global Warning

Gabriel Gospel (3)

16/09/12 - 16/09/12 | 0 Days | Testament


16/09/12 - Current | Testament *




Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin)

24/06/10 - 18/07/10 | 24 Days | Motorstorm

Dynamite & Marcus

18/07/10 - 29/11/10 | 134 Days | Revolution

End of Remorse (Keenan Brook & Matt Saint)

29/11/10 - 09/12/10 | 10 Days | Adrenaline

Dynamite (2) & Marcus (2)

29/11/10 - 03/04/11 | 125 Days | Motorstorm

The Spectres (Michael Irvine & Riku Showron)

03/04/11 - 22/05/11 | 49 Days | MCW Mania

Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley (2) & Chris Sabin (2))

22/05/11 - 27/06/11 | 39 Days | Endgame *

The Empire (Ian Roberts & Tyson Andrews)

30/06/11 - 14/08/11 | 45 Days | Motorstorm

DynaMo (Dynamite (3) & John Morrison)

14/08/11 - 22/10/11 | 69 Days | Global Warning

The Empire (Johnny Perez & Tyson Andrews (2))

22/10/11 - 18/12/11 | 57 Days | Trick or Tap

Wade Barrett & Randy Kingsley

18/12/11 - 29/01/12 | 42 Days | Wreck the Halls

Limitless (Shiima Xion & T.J. Perkins)

29/01/12 - 01/04/12 | 63 Days | Afterlife

Prestigious (Aaron Starr & Mr. Smiley)

01/04/12 - 21/05/12 | 48 Days | MCWMania

The Empire (Johnny Perez (2) & Tyson Andrews (3))

20/05/12 - 17/06/12 | 28 Days | Endgame

Prestigious (Aaron Starr (2) & Mr. Smiley (2))

17/06/12 - 15/07/12 | 28 Days | Meltdown

Marcus (3) & Tyler Morgan

15/07/12 - 19/08/12 | 35 Days | Revolution

Rockin' Rollers (Storm Parker & Jonny King)

19/08/12 - 16/09/12 | 28 Days | Global Warning

Soulless Society (Jamal James & Jeff Hardy)

16/09/12 - Current | Testament



Alex Riley

05/07/10 - 25/07/10 | 20 Days | Adrenaline

Dolph Ziggler

25/07/10 - 24/08/10 | 30 Days | Adrenaline

CM Punk

30/08/10 - 04/11/10 | 66 Days | Adrenaline

Jake Klark

04/11/10 - 21/11/10 | 17 Days | Motorstorm

Wade Barrett

21/11/10 - 30/01/11 | 70 Days | Fall Fury

Daniel Rain

30/01/11 - 15/03/11 | 44 Days | Afterlife

Justin Gabriel

03/04/11 - 12/05/11 | 39 Days | MCW Mania

Shawn Hunter

12/05/11 - 14/08/11 | 94 Days | Motorstorm

Calvin Rodgers

14/08/11 - 31/10/11| 77 Days |Global Warning

James Hanson

31/10/11 - 18/12/11 | 48 Days | Adrenaline

Edgar Von Durer

18/12/11 - 19/02/12 | 63 Days | Wreck the Halls

Shawn Hunter (2)

19/02/12 - 01/04/12 | 42 Days | Neverlost

Jayson Addair

01/04/12 - 19/04/12 | 18 Days | MCWMania *

Chris Jericho

20/05/12 - 11/06/12 | 22 Days | Endgame

Cody Rhodes

11/06/12 - 17/06/12 | 6 Days | Adrenaline

Jimmy Dice

17/06/12 - 19/08/12 | 63 Days | Meltdown

Ian Roberts

19/08/12 - Current | Global Warning




Hector Falcon

12/07/10 - 28/07/10 | 16 Days | Adrenaline

Buck Hendricks

23/06/10 - 03/07/10 | 11 Days | Adrenaline

AJ Styles

10/09/10 - 01/10/10 | 20 Days| Motorstorm

John Bryan

24/10/10 - 09/12/10 | 46 Days | Trick or Tap

Brian Kendrick

09/12/10 - 21/02/11 | 74 Days | Motorstorm

James Hanson/Tremain Matthews

21/02/11 - 23/06/11 | 122 Days | Neverlost *


23/06/11 - 27/06/11 | 4 Days | Motorstorm

Tremain Matthews (2)

27/06/11 - 07/07/11 | 10 Days | Adrenaline


17/07/11 - 14/08/11 | 28 Days | Revolution

Mr. Anderson

14/08/11 - 01/09/11 | 18 Days | Global Warning

Chris Sabin

01/09/11 - 17/09/11 | 17 Days | Motorstorm

Gabriel Gospel

17/09/11 - 31/10/11 | 43 Days | Testament

Marcus (2)

31/10/11 - 29/01/12 | 90 Days | Adrenaline

Tyler Morgan

29/01/12 - 20/05/12 | 112 Days | Afterlife


20/05/12 - 17/06/12 | 28 Days | Endgame

The Miz

17/06/12 - 15/07/12 | 28 Days | Meltdown

Zakk Night

15/07/12 - 16/09/12 | 63 Days | Revolution

Austin Aries

16/09/12 - Current | Testament





24/06/10 - 18/07/10 | 24 Days | Motorstorm

Lise Starr

18/07/10 - 15/08/10 | 28 Days | Revolution


15/08/10 - 11/09/10 | 27 Days | Global Warning


24/10/10 - 28/10/10 | 4 Days | Trick or Tap

Sora Addair

28/10/10 - 03/02/11 | 98 Days | Motorstorm

Lise Starr (2)

03/02/11 - 03/04/11 | 59 Days | Motorstorm

Sora Addair (2)

03/04/11 - 18/09/11 | 168 Days | MCW Mania

Lise Starr (3)

22/10/11 - 29/01/12 | 99 Days | Trick or Tap

Chloe Adams

29/01/12 - 20/05/12 | 112 Days | Afterlife

Lara Parks

20/05/12 - 17/06/12 | 28 Days | Endgame

Lise Starr (4)

17/06/12 - 21/06/12 | 4 Days | Meltdown

Sora Addair (3)

21/06/12 - Current | Motorstorm






Brodie Duke

18/07/10 - 21/08/10 | 34 Days | Revolution *

Malcom Brice

03/04/11 - 22/05/11 | 49 Days | MCW Mania

CM Punk

22/05/11 - 19/06/11 | 28 Days | Endgame

Cody Rhodes

19/06/11 | 0 Days | Meltdown *




Drew McIntyre

24/06/10 - 18/07/10 | 24 Days | Motorstorm

Johnny Perez

18/07/10 - 19/09/10 | 63 Days | Revolution

Alex Blair

19/09/10 - 21/11/10 | 63 Days | Testament


21/11/10 - 30/12/10 | 49 Days | Fall Fury

Jake Klark

30/12/10 - 21/02/11 | 53 Days | Motorstorm

Johnny Perez (2)

21/02/11 - 19/06/11 | 118 Days | Neverlost

Shawn Hunter

19/06/11 | 0 Days | Meltdown *




Madison Rayne

19/06/11 - 17/07/11 | 28 Days | Meltdown


17/07/11 - 25/07/11 | 8 Days | Revolution

Madison Rayne (2)

25/07/11 - 14/08/11 | 20 Days | Adrenaline

Kira (2)

14/08/11 - 19/11/11 | 98 Days | Global Warning

Lise Starr

19/11/11 | Fall Fury *


- This title was discontinued and unified with the MCW World Heavyweight Championship

- This title was unified with the MCW World Heavyweight Championship

- This title was unified with the MCW Atlantic Championship

- This title was renamed the MCW Television Championship

- Jayson Addair defended the championship in place of Chris Sabin

- The title was unified with the MCW Women's Championship

- Jayson Addair vacated the title

8 -
Dynamite cashed in his Fight for the Right match after Gabriel won the title.

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Aaron Starr/David

Alex Shelley/Olav

Alice Heart/David

Austin Aries/Jake

Cody Rhodes/Olav


Elijah Burke/Dwayne

Ian Roberts/Angel

Johnny Perez/Angel

Lise Starr/Lise


Mike Stokes/Mike

Mr. Smiley/David

Sandra Rosales/KRS

Tyson Andrews/Angel

Zakk Night/Jones




Beth Phoenix/Matt

Calvin Rodgers/Kyle

Daniel Bryan/Sn’T

Eve Torres/Jake

Gabriel Gospel/David

Jamal/Tony *Scarface* Montanna

Jayson Addair/Shaun

Jeff Hardy/Broski

Josh Childs/Voodoo

Kenji Suzuki/KRS

Lara Parks/Kyle

Lex Ludlow/555

Ryo Suzuki/KRS


Tyler Morgan/Cell



The Empire/Angel

Jeff Hardy & Jamal/Broski&Scarface




Soulless Supremacy/ToH, Scarface,Matt, 555

Suzuki Syndicate/KRS


The MCWrestling Arena



The Arena Entrance

The entrance to the arena, to the paying audiences every Monday and Thursday and to the talent of Motor City Wrestling, usually on guard are the security team, which check tickets or sign talent into the building. A reception desk on the far right as you’d enter the building, the fans concession stands to the left and many doorways leading into the seating areas and to watch their favourite action every Monday and Thursday night.



The Wrestling Arena

The place where Wrestlers get to do what they do best; wrestle. Also used for promos and the like as well, for the times when the halls backstage are just to dreary. The place can fit between 18,000 to 20,000 people, and features a rather luxurious ring, that's 25 x 25 feet. The ring ropes change dependent on the show (Adrenaline: Dark Red. Motorstorm: Light Blue).



The Locker Rooms

The Locker Rooms, the area for all of MCW’s talent to prepare themselves for their matches, and also a place to chill out before and after the show and during the daytime, despite some using their lockeroom as their own personal hotel. And also the place where talents personal items can be kept safe whilst they are trading fists out in the ring.



The Hallways

The place where running into others is inevitable, the only question is the reaction between them. The hallways are rather large and tediously made like a maze to navigate through. The hallways activity all comes to the days, show days usually see everyone stampeding around the place. Other days they resemble barren wastelands. But whenever there’s a talent in need of something to do, you’ll find them here.



Shalom's Office

Office of the boss; Avram Shalom. It's his work area, the place he usually spends most of his time in. Though he has a few strict policies when it comes to his office, most notably his open door policy, which is; he doesn't have one.



The Gymnasium

The place where the MCW talent keep themselves in check and ring ready. With all the gym equipment, for example weight lifting, exercise bikes, the gym is suited for both fitness and muscle building, any style of training needed the gym can occupy for. With a training ring included for personal sparring.



The Cafeteria

A talent’s stomach is in need of filling at times, this is where to be for that. Plenty types of food available to chow down on, all that taste delicious!...I’m sorry, I couldn’t say that last bit with a straight face.



The Lounge

To relax backstage, nowhere is more accommodating then that of the lounge, the comfy seating, the large arrange of channels on the TV’s, a mini bar stocked with beverages, it could be heaven, it it wasn’t down here on earth.



The Medical Room

A usual show consists of quite a few, knocks, bumps and bruises, plus the common post match or pre match attacks. It may be required that a wrestler or diva needs to take a trip to the Medical Room. And get themselves patched up, fast and easy.



The Parking Lot

Talent need somewhere to park their cars, underneath the general car park for the audience, lays the underground parking lot, fitted with security cameras to make sure no one’s about to hitch their own ride at your expense. A small entrance and flight of stairs heads into the backstage area from here.

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Real Name:
Tom Woods

Date Of Birth:
April 20

Sheffield, England

Resides In:
Detroit, Michigan





Ring Name:

Billed Height:

Billed Weight:
238 lbs

Billed From:
Sheffield, England

Trained By:
Grand Pro Wrestling (GPW)


Current Promotion:
Motor City Wrestling (MCW)

Former Promotions:

trunks worn over
shorts, white boots and kick pads with two, thin red bands just below the top of the boot, and red and white elbow pads.
jacket for entrance and backstage purposes only.

Entrance Theme:





Finishing Moves


Hit The Switch


Signature Moves

Suicide Headlock
Choke-Out Headlock

New School
Tornado DDT

Universal Europa

Last Call
Last Call

Running High-Impact Clothesline
Running High-Impact Clothesline

H.T.H. (Hitting The Heights)
Samoan Drop


Regularly Used Moves

Drop Toe-Hold
Elbow Drop
Elbow Smash
Fireman’s Carry
Flying Forearm
Osaka Street Cutter
Punches Combination
Spinning Wheel Kick
Springboard Leg Drop
Super Last Call
Tiger Driver





MCW Tag Team Championship
(3 times)

Fight For The Right Winner

MCW Television Championship
(1 time)

Caws.ws Face Of The Year

MCW World Heavyweight Champion
(1 time, current)

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Real Name: Shawn Harris

Date of Birth: December 11th, 1984 (age 27)

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Resides In: Buffalo, New York



Ring Name: Shawn Hunter


- "The Devil Himself"

- "The Rebel"

- "The Tenacious One"

- "Mr. Tenacity"

- "MCW's Best Kept Secret"

Billed Height: 6 ft. 2 in.

Billed Weight: 227 lb.

Billed From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Disposition: Heel

Gimmick: Loose-cannon (Shawn Hunter is a rebellious, mentally deranged individual who's known for his quick-temper. Hunter is quite outlandish to the say the least; therefore his behavior is quite bizarre in most situations.)

Attire: Here

Entrance Theme: 'Bring The Ruckus' by Manafest



Fighting Style: Technical, Striker (Shawn Hunter utilizes a unique mix of Japanese strong style, mixed martial arts/kickboxing, and submission. For the most part, Shawn likes to keep his opponent's grounded with various takedowns and holds; and is highly proficient with using his legs and feet as weapons against his adversary.)


Finishing Moves:

- The Last Surrender(Double Knee Facebreaker)

- The Natural Selection (Double Underhook Piledriver)

- Means To An End (Inverted Sharpshooter)


Signature Moves:

- Buckle Bomb (Running Powerbomb into the turnbuckle)

- Catastrophe Kick (Jumping Corkscrew Roundhouse Kick)

- Heat Seeking Elbow (Flying Elbow Drop)


Other Moves:

- Ankle Lock

- Belly-to-Back Suplex

- Cross Armbreaker

- Diving Blockbuster

- Diving Double Foot Stomp, sometimes to a tree of woe hung opponent

- Diving Spinning Heel Kick

- Enzuigiri

- Folding Powerbomb

- German Suplex

- Kaginawa (Reverse STO)

- Sleeper Hold

- Suicide Dive




- MCW Atlantic Championship (2x)

- IWA Z-Division Championship (1x)

Current & Past Allies:

- Malcolm Brice

- Ana Somnia

- Dynamite

- Adam Valentine

Current & Past Enemies:

- Dynamite

- Marcus

- Edgar Von Durer

- Jayson Addair

- Calvin Rodgers

- CM Punk

- Randy Orton

- AJ Blair

- Adam Valentine

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App is in profile.

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S U P E R S T A R: Malcolm Brice


N I C K N A M E S: “The Avenged Angel”


H E I G H T: 6 foot 2 inches


W E I G H T: 240 Pounds


D A T E O F B I R T H: September 20th 1982 (Age 29)


B I L L E D F R O M: Champaigne, Illanois


E N T R A N C E: "Work Hard Play Hard" - Wiz Khalifa [starts at chorus]


A L L I G N M E N T.

Brice is currently working under the Heel disposition; mainly due to the grievance he suffered at the hands of long-time nemesis Jayson Addair which put him in intensive care and for some time, critical condition. However, having been "the people's voice" in his prior tenure with the company, Brice’s heel persona is not an accurate depiction, as he has a significant fan-base, despite his recent words and actions. Though many company officials have been quoted in saying the "Moneyman" is in a favourable position to maintain his role as a top babyface, it is hard to overlook his ability to perform as a leading heel – which seems the current standpoint. It could be argued that Brice’s ability to thrive in both roles draws similarities with wrestling legend Adam “Edge” Copeland.


W R E S T L I N G S T Y L E.

Malcolm stays true to what brought him to the dance, using his surprising power for a two hundred and forty pounder to his advantage. His moveset consisting of many power-orientated moves, such as lifts and throws, Brice also persists with opportunistic actions, which tend to be described as dirty. From exposing a steel turnbuckle, to hitting a low blow whilst the referee remains pre-occupied, Brice is another graduate from the school of winning by any means necessary. He well and truly takes that phrase to heart.


E N T R A N C E D E S C R I P T I O N.

The infamous "Buzzin” by Mann would echo the arena through the sound system as the titantron of the Priceless one himself plays over. Arriving fashionably late, just like the celebrities; Brice finally emerges from behind the curtains, a emotionless expression stretched across his face, as he makes a slow walk down to the ring; head held high and arms swaying by his side. Tilting his neck from left to right, Brice would then begin to adjust his wrist bands, before standing adjacent to the steel steps and beginning to hop up and down numerously. Following this, Brice would dash up the steps, bending down and tapping the last before lifting one leg through the ropesand beginning to enter. Malcolm would then pause, and remove his body from inside the ring, cementing his pose; before entering once more; adding to his cocky gimmick. Brice would then walk towards the opposing side of the ring and extend both hands to the side, similar to the infamous taunt of Bret Hart, but certainly in more of an arrogant mannerism. Brice would then ready himself for the match in question, leaning on the ropes and using them to stretch his back muscles.


F I N I S H E R S.

The Recession » Usually the match ender, it is fitting to be labelled his primary finishing move. Consisting of a two-handed grip around the victim's neck; Brice proceeds to rapidly spring his body in a thrusting motion towards the mat, drilling his opponent into it face first. This is particularly effective due to its quick life-span, and its ability to be hit from many different predicaments. (AKA Diamond Cutter, Performed by DDP)


The Cash Injection » Brice's secondary finishing move occurs when Brice stalks his stirring opponent from an advanced position; usually behind. He then adjusts his arm over their head [known as the Dragon Sleeper] and thrusts his body down to the mat, taking the prey with him. Brice secures a tight body scissors whilst falling; further restricting the oxygen supply around the body of the victim.(Falling Dragon Sleeper With Body Scissors)


S I G N A T U R E S.

The Overdraft » Ultimately a move Brice performs in mid-sequence, building up momentum before hitting The Recession. This relies on the opponent's upper body lying on the middle rope; allowing Brice to dart towards them and slide in-between the top and middle rope; causing heavy damage to be sustained to the victim's head and neck area in the process. (AKA The Congregation, Performed by D'Angelo Dinero)


The Stock Market Crash » A key move in the arsenal of Brice; Malcolm proceeds tto whip his opponent against the ropes before greeting their return with a lift, before rotating one hundred and eighty degrees and planting the victim with a devestating spinebuster. This can also be hit on any running opponent; the irish whip iisn't compulsory. (AKA Double A Spinebuster)


The Bounced Cheque » This move is usually somewhat predictable in nature due to the stance Brice takes whilst stalking his man. Positioning himself in the opposite corner to his opponent, Brice grips both top ropes beside him, muttering words under his breath in an unstable manner. Once the opponent turns, Brice charges towards them, hitting a Bicycle Kick to the jaw. Usually proceeded by either finishing move. (AKA Sheamus' Irish Curse Kick)


O T H E R.

Backbreaker Variations (Often Multiple Times), Back Elbow Smash, Belly To Back Suplex, Double Arm suplex, Elbow Drop, Leg Drop, Swinging Neckbreaker, Reverse Chinlock, Rope Aided Abdominal Stretch, Sleeper Hold, Spinning Side Slam, Vertical Suplex, Big Boot, Elevated Single Leb Boston Crab, Running Clothesline, Spear, Spinebuster, Ura-nage, Scoop Slam, Bearhug


A T T I R E.

Performs in a pair of standard black trunks, with his symbol on each side; whilst also displaying MB in a pattern on the rear. He wears plain knee pads whilst his wrestling boots reveal the word "Brice" on the sides. Outside the ring, Brice is well known for wearing armani suits, and other designer garments.


A L L I E S.

Nicole – Ex Ring Escort

Zakk Night – Ex Associate

Gregory Mackay – Ex Associate

Ty Wilson – Ex Associate

Maryse Ouellet - Ex Girlfriend

Trish Stratus - Ex Girlfriend

Regina Starr - Ex Girlfriend

Angel LeBlanc – Ex Manager

Shawn Hunter


F O E S.

Michael Tarver

Mike Stokes

Jayson Addair

Alex Shelley

CM Punk



A C C O M P L I S H M E N T S.

» 1x MCW Champion

» 1x WEW International Champion

» 1x WWE United States Champion

» 2011 Male CAW of the Year Award

» 2011 Heel CAW of the Year Award


P A S T E M P L O Y E R S.

» World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE Superstars RPG: March 2010 - Closure)

» Fast Fusion Wresting (April 2010 - Closure)

» World Extreme Wrestling (May 2010 - Closure)


C U R R E N T E M P L O Y E R S.

» Motor City Wrestling

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Real Name: Jason Addair

Nickname(s): Jay, JayJay

Ring Name: Jayson Addair

Wrestling Nickname(s): The Misfit, The Psycho, The Detroit Tiger

Marital Status: Married

Age: 24

Date of Birth: February 7th 1988

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Resides In: Detroit, Michigan/Los Angeles California

Height: Five Foot, Eight Inches

Weight: One Hundred, Sixty Five Pounds

Disposition: Heel

Trained By: Alex Shelley

Wrestling School: NWA Great Lakes

Theme Song: ‘Club Foot’ – Kasabian [+]

Ring Attire: Here (Various Colour Variations)

Entrance Attire: Ring Attire + Variety of MCW branded tees


Manager(s): Sora

Allie(s): Sora, Calvin Rodgers, Lara Parks, Jimmy Dice

Enemie(s): Malcolm Brice

Frenemie(s): Mike Stokes

Tag Partner(s): Calvin Rodgers (PsychoCyanide) Alex Shelley, Jimmy Dice, Tyler Moore

Stable(s): PsychoCyanide (Current) Team Angle (Former)

Family: Sarah Lawson (Wife) Alexander Addair (Father) Rebecca Addair (Mother/Deceased) Dylan Addair (Brother) Jacob Addair (Brother) Ashlee Addair (Sister)


Growing Up/Family Life:

Jason hails from the ‘Motor City’ Detroit, Michigan. He grew up there, spent most of his days there and is of course, an avid fan of the Detroit Tigers. Jason was a very big wrestling fan, becoming one at a very young age; quickly becoming fans of Shawn Michaels and Eddie Guerrero whom he credits as two big influences to him in his career.


Jason has two elder brothers, with Dylan being the eldest and Jacob a little older. He never got on with these two, and in fact ran into trouble with them more than he would have liked. As the younger brother, he was of course treated like crap, beaten up and made to do the ickiest of things for their enjoyment. Though, Jason also had a little sister named Ashlee. Now, he got along great with her (In fact he basically raised her once his mother passed away). As for his parents well, I guess you could say he was a Momma’s boy, as him and his father constantly were at one anothers throats with arguments; all through his life. Though, he didn’t really care about him and that feeling was certainly mutual.

Growing up in the Detroit suburbs, Jason was by no means a rich kid or one who was very well off. His family wasn’t like that, struggling to support themselves and thus, creating a bit of a hostile home. Jason learnt hard work and discipline from a young age, having to find work from neighbours and instantly giving up what reward he gained to his father. Jason had a very basic life growing up, no luxuries, no treats, just what he needs to not be on the streets. As such, he had to create his own fun a lot of the time.


At the age of twelve, Jason witnessed the death of his mother. It was a rather dark winter evening, and their mother had gone to withdraw some money to use for food shopping. Ashlee and Jason had gone with her, not wanting to be left with their brothers. Crime is a terrible thing in Detroit, and it certainly was this evening as a mugger would threaten Jason’s mother for cash. She gave him all she had, and of course; he wanted more. She didn’t have more, and because of that she paid the consequences – with her life. In cold blood, Jason and his younger sister Ashlee had witness their mother die before their eyes, a memory that would haunt Jason forever.


Following that incident, Jason grew further and further apart from his brothers and father. He constantly challenged them, picking fights and never failing to get into trouble. He attended various shrinks and doctors about his behaviour, all stemming back to that fatal night. It didn’t matter what anyone said, Jason would continue in his careless ways; tearing the family further apart. With his mother gone, it left a gap in the family home. It meant his father was at work for most of the day, simply trying to keep a roof over their heads. Though, when he wasn’t at work; he was by no means pleasant. He didn’t give a damn about his children, and always seemed aggressive towards him; by the age of fifteen Jason alone, had been kicked out the house more than a handful of times. This reached boiling point when Jason dropped out of school, it was the last straw and because of it; he was banished from the home. Not that he cared, as he always snuck back in to take care of Ashlee and simply spent his nights staying at Jimmy or Sarah’s house, unbeknown to their parents.

But whilst Jason had acted out towards his brothers and father, he also became the main figure head in Ashlee’s life; being the one to take care of her, feed her and whatnot. All because of the night their mother passed, Jason felt he had a debt to pay with looking after his sister, and that’s exactly what he did.


That Girl, That Girl:

At the age of just ten, Jason fell in love. A new family from California moved into the area just across the road, and immediately. The eldest daughter, of who was Jason’s age; caught his attention. This was Sarah, better known as ‘Sora’. She joined the local school, and well. The two became friends instantly. Sora knew Jason before the incident involving his mother and after. And whilst he did change a lot in a short space of time, she remained one of his only friends along with Jimmy.

As each day passed by, Jason became more and more in love with Sora. Though, she seemed to not really notice. She was there for him whenever he needed it, and vice versa. Jason’s ‘f*ck the world’ attitude certainly was a bad influence over Sarah, as well as Jimmy; so the three of them found themselves in trouble quite a bit, detention being a regular meeting place. Though Sarah stayed as Jason’s best pal all the way through school, helping him take care of his sister; as well as try to help him out with his own issues. Sarah had went through a few boyfriends, and as expected – Jason hated them all, knowing none were good enough for her; only he was. But, he held back on showing his true feelings.


He did soon after Prom, when he felt the real urge to do so. Whilst the two had been kicked out of school before graduation (or whatever); there was senior prom, which Sarah attended but Jason did not. Sarah was dating a jerk (As girls do) and well, she realised sometime after arriving at prom. Needless to say, she cut the night short and left; heading home. Though, she decided to drop by Jason’s house and thus the two hanged out in his room; chilling to some Blink 182. They talked all evening, all night and all hours of the morning until it was just that; morning. Whilst Sarah was leaving, Jason’s father was arriving following a night at work; he inquired about why she was only now just leaving. He explained the two stayed up all night talking, which was when Jason received the only advice he ever got from his father; to hold onto that one. Jason clearly did, and because of that confessed his love to Sarah a mere few days after. There was no immediate response from Sarah, after all; the two were best friends. It kind of stayed a grey area for a while, until it had seemingly been forgotten about. While Sarah may or may not have, Jason certainly didn’t; and his quiet admiration for her continued to flourish.


Jason never actually dated Sarah until the two were twenty one years of age. They had ups and downs, but everything worked out find as the two had known one another for so long. It was more of wrestling getting in the way of anything more. But that didn’t matter, as on June 21st 2010 – Jason married Sarah, and the two still are to this day.



Jimmy Dice has been the best friend of Jason for as long as they can remember. Jimmy had been his best bud through school, high school and even on the independent wrestling scene. Much like Sora, Jimmy had witnessed all the good and bad times of Jason, yet remained a consistent friend. As such the two trained together, entered the wrestling industry together and are both still a part of it.



From as young as he could manage, Jason entered the NWA Great Lakes Pro Wrestling School along with Sarah and Jimmy. Wrestling had been something they had all loved growing up, and thus seemed to be the right course to go down. It wasn’t easy, not at all. Not easy training, nor managing to handle it along with everything else going on at the time. Because of this, Jason’s grades began to fall drastically and finally, he was kicked out of school. Sarah soon followed after, but as you expect – no parent was pleased at all. Though, already Jason didn’t care for what his father thought.


Jason was one of the top of the class at the wrestling school; it was the one thing he seemed good at. Being native Detroit residents, and of course wrestling enthusiasts. Jason got his ‘big break’ when the Motor City Machine Guns stopped by to see how the upcoming Detroit talent was coming along. Alex Shelley? He saw potential in both Jason and Sarah, thus offering to train them as his students. Of course this was a dream come true, and they jumped at the chance. So of course, Jason and Sarah trained with Alex as much as they possibly could; learning anything and everything that he was willing to teach. From there, Alex also helped the two break into the independent scene due to having contacts there already. It wasn’t easy, travelling from city to cite, wrestling shows for little money and living off the bare minimum. What made it harder on Jason, is that what little cash he earned; he always sent it back home, to his sister; still trying to help her out as best he could. Jason wrestled all over America, Europe and Japan as well, honing his craft and taking what he learnt from Shelley and improving upon it. Along the way though, he met a few people; people who he would refer to as his family.


Meeting the Family:

The Family refers to the stable that is made up of the members Jayson Addair, Sora, Calvin Rodgers, Tyler Moore, Lara Parks and Jimmy Dice (With a few various others). Jason of course knew Jimmy and Sora through growing up. The others though, he met on the independents; before he reached the big leagues.


Jason met Tyler Moore over in Japan. The two were on a wrestling tour over there, travelling up and down the country. It just so happened that the two were the only ones whose primary language was English. Thus the two ended up hanging out on the tour a lot, becoming friends – even having a few matches against one another. After the tour was over, the two remained on contact, leading to Tyler joining the Family.


Calvin? Well, he was simply someone kept running into at various shows around the independent scene. The two seemingly got a long pretty well, and therefore had become buddies (As you do on the independent scene). And then there is Lara, who Jason met through Calvin. Though, she is more of Sora’s friend. Jason knew very little about her, or cared to until Lara and Sora became best friends.


They formed this stable in the WWE and instantly became a ratings hit. The team went on to gain success together, as a unit; as well as on their own, individually. It’s a stable that has meant more than just a wrestling stable. Travelling on the road, going from company to company together; they became great friends. So much so, they each consider one another to be family.


Employer: Motor City Wrestling

Role: Wrestler/Commentator (Proving Grounds)

Fighting Style(s): High Flying/Striking/Submission/Technical

Finisher(s): PsychoRush [+]

Signature Move(s):

Tornado Enzuigiri [+]

Floatover KneeDT/Enzuigiri Combo [+]

Enzu Missile Dropkick [+]

John Woo Kick [+]

Gamengiri [


Superkick [


Standing Double Knee Stomp [+]

Ankle Lock [+]

Dragon Clutch [


Senton Atomico [+]

Standing Corkscrew Splash [+]

630 Senton [


Jumping Neckbreaker [


Weapon(s) of Choice: Fire, Steel Chair, Ladder

Specialty Match(es): Psycho Asylum, Cage, Ladder, Tag, Submission


Current Championship(s): N/A

Former Championship(s): MCW World Heavyweight Championship (1) MCW Atlantic Championship (1) MCW Tag Team Championship (1) WWE Championship (2) WWE World Heavyweight Championship (1) WWE Tag Team Championship (1) WWE Hardcore Championship (1) WEW Tag Team Championship (1) ECW World Heavyweight Champion (1)

Accolade(s): First MCW Triple Crown Champion, Ended the Streak (WMXXVI), CAW.ws Heel OTY (2010) CAWs.ws CAW OTY (2010) CAWs.ws Male CAW OTY (2012) CAWs.ws Promo OTY (2012) WWE Superstar OTY (2009) WWE Extreme Moment OTY (2009)




Real Name: Sarah Lawson

Nickname(s): Sar’

Ring Name: Sora

Wrestling Nickname(s): Sor’, Wonder Woman, Psycholicious, Diva Killer

Marital Status: Married

Age: 24

Date of Birth: April 22nd 1988

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Resides In: Los Angeles California/Detroit, Michigan

Height: Five Foot, Five Inches

Weight: One Hundred, Seventeen Pounds

Disposition: Heel

Trained By: Alex Shelley

Wrestling School: NWA Great Lakes

Theme Song: ‘Gasoline’ – Porcelain and the Tramps [+]

Ring Attire: Here (Colour Variations)

Entrance Attire: Ring Attire + Variety of MCW branded tees


Manager(s): Lara Parks

Allie(s): Jayson Addair, Calvin Rodgers, Lara Parks, Jimmy Dice

Enemie(s): Alice Heart

Frenemie(s): Lise Starr

Tag Partner(s): Lara Parks (Sor-La) Jayson Addair, Calvin Rodgers

Stable(s): PsychoCyanide (Current) Team Angle (Former)

Family: Jason Addair (Husband) Stephen Lawson (Father) Jessica Lawson (Mother) Jamie Lawson (Sister) Amy Lawson (Sister)


Growing Up/Family Life:

Sarah originally originates from the City of Fallen Angels; Los Angeles, California. Thought she didn’t completely grow up there, she also spent many years living in Detroit. Sarah was a big wrestling fan, a fan of Shawn Michaels and Randy Savage; with Trish Stratus coming along later. She always felt she should be a wrestler, and well… it happened.


Sarah is the eldest of two sisters; Jamie being the middle child, and Amy the youngest. Sarah of course got on great with both, and was often seemingly very protective over them. This perhaps attributes to her still very close relationship with both of them. As for her parents well, Sarah’s father was a doctor; a resident at one of California’s biggest hospitals. As for her mother, well she was simply a kindergarten teacher. Being the eldest of the bunch, Sarah was put under a lot of pressure as her parents wanted Sarah to follow her Dad’s footsteps and become a Doctor. Clearly, that didn’t go as planned.


At the age of ten, Sarah’s father was offered an attending spot at a hospital in Detroit, Michigan and well, he took it. The family relocated to Detroit and that’s perhaps when, at least in the eyes of her parents; that Sarah went downhill. Enrolling in a new school, Sarah became friends with two boys who were native to Detroit. Two trouble makers in the form of Jason Addair and Jimmy Dubois. She of course began to hang out with them a lot, and often found herself getting into trouble in and out of school. Of course they became great friends, all having a vested interest in Wrestling. Sora’s sister; Jamie also began hanging around with them; perhaps why she also wanted to become a wrestler.


Sarah would eventually be kicked out of school due to her grades diminishing significantly. This didn’t please her father at all; who till this day blames both Jason and Jimmy. In fact, he still hates Jason and that doesn’t look to change. Of course, Sarah didn’t give a crap at all, she was having fun. As the years went on she did happen to grow much closer to Jason, which leads me into the next part.


This is Crazy:

Well, upon meeting Jason for the first time, and becoming good friends with him. Sarah always figured he had feelings for her, he was always more affectionate than anyone else. Always complimenting her, helping her, doing stuff for her. It was pretty darn clear. The two had of course become better and better friends as the years went by, Sarah becoming someone Jason could depend on as she helped him through some of the darker days that he had. Nobody really cared for Jason so, she almost felt as though she had to. He was clearly in need of someone there to support him and thus was there to help him as people poked and prodded at his brain, trying to work out how to get him past his issues. He had changed in a short period of time, though Sarah didn’t care, neither did Jimmy. They were bestest pals.


To say Sarah wasn’t a popular gal in her school would be an understatement, and it was made odder by the fact that she chose to hang out with the resident school yard douche bags; Jason and Jimmy. She went through a few boyfriends through school, which of course Jason didn’t like one bit. Though he failed to ever make a move, so; she decided to not take any notice till he stood up for himself. There was a moment, a few days after prom that Jason confessed his feelings for Sarah, it made sense with how close the two had seemingly got. But, nothing actually came of it; it was left as a kind of grey area with neither really knowing what to say to one another. Sarah kind of put it behind her and moved on, which cannot be said for Jason as he continued to act like a lovesick puppy dog for a while.


Jason never actually asked Sarah out until the two were twenty one years of age, which they then of course started dating. They had ups and downs, but everything worked out find as the two had known one another for so long. It was more of wrestling getting in the way of anything more. But that didn’t matter, as on June 21st 2010 – Jason married Sarah, and the two still are to this day.


Breaking Through:

Whenever it was that Jason joined NWA Great Lakes Pro Wrestling School, Sarah did too with of course, Jason and Jimmy. Wrestling had been something the group had shared as an interest growing up, and whilst her parents didn’t agree; Sarah felt as though it was the right career choice. Training is hard, a lot harder than one may think. It takes a great deal of dedication and commitment, and because of this; among other things. Sarah’s grades at school began to hit a slump, eventually leading to her being kicked out of school; a big reason why Sarah’s father isn’t a fan of Jason. Sarah didn’t care though, she loved wrestling.


Sarah was one of the better females in her class at the wrestling school, it was something that seemingly came very easy to her. Sarah was able to break out from the school thanks to one man; Alex Shelley. He being a Detroit resident had often scouted a few schools, and on a visit. He saw the potential in both Sarah and Jason. He offered to take them under his wing, to train them and help them get off to a good start in the industry. Without even consolidating her parents, Sarah jumped at the chance and before you knew it, she was training as the student of the Technical Messiah; Alex Shelley. It was difficult, but Sarah absorbed every bit of knowledge Alex gave out. At long last, Alex helped the two enter the independent scene as he knew a few people in the industry himself. Sarah wrestled all over America and Europe as well, honing her skills anywhere she could, always looking to improve her craft. Along the way, Sarah and Jason met a few people, people who would later be referred to as family.


Meeting the Family:

The Family refers to the stable that is made up of the members Jayson Addair, Sora, Calvin Rodgers, Tyler Moore, Lara Parks and Jimmy Dice (With a few various others). Sarah of course knew Jimmy and Jason through growing up. The others though, she met elsewhere, before she reached the top of the industry.


It’s a surprising tale of how Sarah met Calvin. The two were actually good friends at a young age in California. The fact she met him along with Jason on the independents was pure coincidence. Though, it was nice to have something like that to link her with another member of the PsychoCyanide family. As for Tyler, well; Sarah met him through Jason, who had met the guy over in Japan. Simple story really.


They formed this stable in the WWE and instantly became a ratings hit. The team went on to gain success together, as a unit; as well as by themselves, individually. It’s a stable that has meant more than just a wrestling stable. Travelling on the road, going from company to company together; they became great friends. So much so, they each consider one another to be family.


Best Friends Forever:

Sarah’s best friend is of course; Lara Parks. Sarah is of course an original member of PsychoCyanide, the first female member. So at first, when Calvin brought Lara in; Sarah didn’t think much of her. But over the years the two became friends, great friends, best friends. Lara was even Sarah’s maid of honour at her wedding.


Lara became the protégé of Sarah, learning from her at every chance. Sarah was happy to do so, and perhaps helped them grow closer and closer as friends. Now, the two seem inseparable at times, a tight bond and true friends till the end.


Employer: Motor City Wrestling

Role: Wrestler/Trainer (Proving Grounds)

Fighting Style(s): Striking/Technical/Showwoman

Finisher(s): Camshot [+]

Signature Move(s):

SDT [+]

Sorasault [


Sliding Reverse STO [+]

Brainbuster DDT [+]

Yakuza Kick [


Border City Steretch [+]

Hangwoman's Clutch [+]

Wheelbarrow Lungblower [


Tigerbomb [+]

Inverted Powerslam [+]

Superkick [


Cross Arm Suplex /w Bridge [+]

Northern Lights Suplex /w Bridge [+]

Weapon(s) of Choice: Steel Chair, Hairspray

Specialty Match(es): Submission, No Disqualification, Tag


Current Championship(s): MCW Women’s Championship

Former Championship(s): MCW Women’s Championship (3) WWE Undisputed Women’s Championship (2) TNA Knockout’s Tag Team Championship (1)

Accolade(s): Longest Reigning MCW Women’s Champion (168 Days) CAWs.ws Diva OTY (2011) CAWs.ws Female CAW OTY (2012) CAWs.ws Tag Team OTY (2012 – Sor-La)

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[ DynamiteGood Friends, Better Enemies ]

[ So, it's a new day and a new topic; but I want to take the spotlight away from the current day, and shine it on Adrenaline last night, where Dynamite teamed with Zakk Night, and the pair defeated The Miz and Shawn Hunter in tag team action; but that isn't the whole story. You see Dynamite wasn't even booked on yesterday's card, but after he interrupted Shawn Hunter's ramblings to challenge the former two-time MCW Atlantic Champion to a match at Revolution; but not any ordinary match, it will be a street fight. That's right, Shawn Hunter will take on Dynamite in a stereet fight, this Sunday night in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. But shortly after Shawn accepted the challenge, The Miz decided to stick his nose in something that wasn't his business and so the degeneration began. Dynamite started battling with The Miz until it turned into a two-on-one attack, with The Miz and Shawn Hunter applying the double beatdown. Fortunately for Dynamite, one of his new acquaintances, Zakk Night, came out to make the save, before Teddy Shalom made an appearance and declared a TAG TEAM MATCH, PLAYA! And so after Dynamite chased Shawn off up the ramp, Zakk Night picked up the pieces and scored a pinfall over one of the three men he'll be facing at Revolution; the MCW Televison Champion himself, The Miz. Sunday night is shaping up to be a very interesting night indeed. ]

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J I M M Y . D I C E

P L A Z A . P U N K




Jimmy Dubois


Jimmy Dice


The Casino Crucifyer;;

The Shadow of Wisdom;;

The Plaza Punk;;





178 pounds


Dijon, Burgundy, France


Detroit, Michigan


23 (December 10th, 1988)




Jimmy has been known to perform under both face and heel dispositions. When heel, Jimmy carries a vicious mind-set, a man with a sole objective to hurt opponents. He uses cheap tactics such as closed fist striking and illegal offenses to win his matches.

When under the face disposition, Jimmy is known to be a friendly person who is incredibly approachable. His styles in and out of the ring change drastically, with Jimmy usually training alot more and working harder to win clean in the ring. He refrains from using any dirty tactics at all.




Early Years;;

Jimmy was just a small boy from Burgundy, France. He moved to Detroit at an early age, around seven. Nothing wrong with him, although he only ever had one love, and it was fighting. He would continuously watch TV throughout the week, watching WWF and different types of MMA. He loved it all. He had every wrestling and MMA pay-per-view. When Jimmy was old enough, he began to practice wrestling and always dreamt of making it professional. Neighbourhood kids gathered to wrestle in Jimmy's shed, a large empty room with mattress's all over the floor. All the kids would come and practice however it meant more to Jimmy. Soon, Dice was noticed by a talent scout. Jimmy attended an independent wrestling event and was hoping for tryouts however they offered none at all. Later that night, a wrestler issued an open challenge and Jimmy ran from the crowd, hitting a spear to the wrestler. The talent scout was from a wrestling school in Detroit managed by a young Chris Sabin. Here is where Jimmy and his friend Jayson's dreams came true. Both kids wrestled all day, everyday and it paid off. Both had outdone the class together, winning everything there was to win. After three years in the wrestling school, Jimmy decided he was ready to tackle bigger companies. He had tryouts for places such as Ring of Honor and TNA however never made it. Upon failure, Jimmy returned to the Detroit wrestling school, only to find Jayson had left for bigger things too and Jimmy went solo. Jimmy trained extremely hard, and was given extra attention by Sabin, Shelley and Regal, his three trainers. They all helped out Jimmy and soon he left the school in 2005. After failing once more to find a company, Jimmy turned to MMA.


Spell in MMA;;(2007)

Admitting defeat to wrestling, Jimmy begun to study Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He joined a gym and was taught by trainers and soon advanced in the sport. He became a master of counters and submissions through BJJ and soon was preparing to debut on TV. Jimmy only fought once in MMA, knocking his opponent out in 0:21. Many predicted him as the next big thing in MMA, however Jimmy was released from his contract after a backstage brawl with his companies owner. The dispute was reported to be about wages, and how Jimmy was not satisfied with his contract.

WDL: 1-0-0


Return to Wrestling;;(2008-)

After this, Jimmy once again took up wrestling and applied the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques to his move set, becoming a vastly unique wrestler. He began to favour counters and submissions to win his matches and it started to work in several independents. Eventually Jimmy received the break he needed. Jayson, his old friend, was signed to the WWE and offered Jimmy the chance to make the step up and join. Overwhelmed, Jimmy accepted and soon debuted in PsychoCyanide.


World Wrestling Entertainment;;(2009)

Jimmy entered the WWE in controversial fashion. He joined the dominant heel alliance PsychoCyanide, a team led by Jayson which held every title in the company. Jimmy was used with Alex Blair, a psycho clown. The two began teaming and won two tag team championships together. Going undefeated as a team, Jimmy only losing a number one contenders match in his entire career at WWE. Soon Cyanide disbanded after a disagreement between Jayson and the other leaders, Calvin and Tyler. This led to the group leaving WWE, and Jimmy followed them out.

WDL: 6-0-1


Straight-Edge Society Wrestling;;(2009)

A brief stint in this company saw Jimmy go undefeated and claim a small championship. Upon signing, he was immediately entered into a tournament and won three matches in a row before challenging the champion. He won easily and went on to defend three times before resigning, claiming the company was too small for a superstar of his stature.

WDL: 7-0-0


World Extreme Wrestling;;(2010)

After a short time in the company known as Fast Fusion Wrestling. Jimmy there broke away from PsychoCyanide and left for a new company known as World Extreme Wrestling. It had recently been revived and Jimmy saw it as an opportunity. Eventually Jayson and Tyler joined the company aswell however Jimmy did not communicate much with them throughout his WEW career. On the WEW debut show, a tournament was held for the World Championship, earlier that night Jimmy had lost a fatal four way for the Television Championship however he entered the tournament and won, claiming his first ever World Championship. Jimmy then went on to face Gregor MacKay and eventually feuded with him, Jimmy left with the title after the first PPV however entered a heated rivalry with former friend Addair and Underrated, a stable containing Gregor MacKay, Ty Wilson, Zakk Night and Malcolm Brice. Due to a financial crisis, WEW would eventually close leaving all superstars to find a new promotion. Jimmy went on a hiatus for a few months before signing with new company MCW.

WDL: 9-0-2


Motor City Wrestling;; (2010)

Jimmy signed with MCW in early 2010 and was recognised worldwide as a fantastic talent, as he was so young. As a precaution, Dice hired a bodyguard known as Thiago Almeida, a man with an MMA history and soon the duo formed a tag team. After a run of consecutive losses, Jimmy fired Thiago as his bodyguard and then fell even further down the pecking order, leading him to leave MCW.

WDL: 2-0-3


Wrestling hiatus and return to MMA;;(2010-2012)

Following leaving MCW, Jimmy once again changed career paths and signed to Strikeforce, a big MMA brand. He debuted against Nate Marquardt, beating him via submission in the second round. Jimmy then beat Paul Daley via submission in the first round, and also submitted Jason High in the first round. Jimmy took on Jordan Mein for the Strikeforce Middleweight Championship and won on a points decision. The fight kept Jimmy out for a month longer than predicted with a recurring ankle strain, however he eventually returned in mid-2011 to defend his title against Nate Moore, and then two months later against Ronaldo Souza via submission. Jimmy fought Luke Rockhold in late 2011, winning via KO, and then held his last fight against Adlan Amagov, where he retained the title again via submission with the deadly triangle choke. Following that fight, Jimmy vacated the title and left Strikeforce.

WDL: 8-0-0


Motor City Wrestling;;(2012-)

Eventually after an eighteen month hiatus, Jimmy Dice was discovered once more by an MCW talent scout. At first, Jimmy refused the offer from MCW leading GM Avram Shalom to offer him one of the most expensive contracts in professional wrestling ever. Jimmy signed and moved back to Detroit to MCW. He made his debut only three days after signing, a match against Dolph Ziggler that ended in a draw. He would go onto face Ziggler in a rematch and would win easily. He would compete for a third time on Motorstorm, defeating number one contender Marcus fairly easily continuing undefeated. Following his victory over Marcus, Jimmy would change attitude and very quickly become face, sparking a rivalry with Keenan Brook, however Brook was scheduled to be released later which led to a match where Dice retired Keenan. Following this match, Jimmy would put himself in the Atlantic Championship picture, defeating Chris Jericho in a singles match. He would later pin Jericho again in a tag team match. Following this win, Jimmy was picked as Gospel's poison by Mike Stokes, a match that would result in his first MCW loss. This would quickly reversed however, when at Meltdown Jimmy faced Rhodes to win and become Atlantic Champion for his first MCW title. Dice went on to defend his title four days later, defeating Daniel Bryan via pinfall.

WDL: 14-1-4


WDL: 43-1-9



Jimmy is a technician. He's an accomplished MMA fighter, trained in Brazilian Jiujitsu and is a master of counters and submissions. In-ring, Jimmy is known for his brilliant reversal skills and can turn bad situations into positive ones very quickly. While Jimmy is also a good technician and master of submissions, due to his small stature he is also accomplished in high-flying. It is a rarity, however it does come into play sometimes. Due to Jimmy's size, he is not the most strong superstar, and struggles against those bigger than him.


- Rolling Senton

- Leaping Back-breaker

- High Kick to back

- Knee to skull

- Corner Dropkick

- Jumping Cross-body

- Belly to belly Suplex

- German Suplex

- LeBell Lock

- Kimura Elbow Lock

- Ankle Lock

- Triangle Choke

- Elevated Arm-Bar



Le Prison.

Jimmy uses his powerful Triangle Choke move to incapacitate his opponent and stop oxygen flowing. The move is used to submit, or if necessary, KO opponents. Jimmy uses his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training to get the technique perfect.


D.R.K (Detroit Roulette Kick).

From a standing or springboard position, Dice spins and raises his leg high, aiming to his the opponent in the cheek, temple or jaw. It's usually followed by a pinfall, however in more important matches Dice may transition the down opponent into his Casino Crush maneuver.



- WEW World Champion x1.

- MCW Atlantic Champion x1.

- FCW Heavyweight Champion x1.

- SES Pure Tournament x1.

- SES Pure Champion x1.

- WWE Tag Team Champion x3.


- Chris Sabin.

- Alex Shelley.

- William Regal.


- Jayson Addair.

- Sora.

- Calvin Rodgers.

- Tyler Moore.

- Lara.

- Alex Blair.


- Ty Wilson.

- Gregor MacKay.

- Zakk Night.

- Matt Higgins.

- Dolph Ziggler.









Coral Jones




British Bombshell

Britain's Baby




112 pounds


London, England


19 (15th August 1992)


The sweetest bitch you'll ever meet. Inside the beautiful outer shell lies a power-hungry manic-bitch. Coral uses her looks to use others to do her dirty work, though is still perfectly capable of doing it herself.



Growing up in jolly old London, England, Coral was blessed. She had a rich family, the looks, the brains. She was the full package apart from a stinking attitude. Kicked out of school for bullying of other females, Coral pursued a wrestling career. She wasn't a fan, but it was a way to display herself and get on TV in a bikini in a way her father would approve. Coral used people all through wrestling school, partaking in gruesome acts in order to get her way, in other words, slut. Eventually spotted by talent scouts, Coral was infact a gifted wrestler, just lazy. She soon received a large sum of money following the death of her father and moved away to America, leaving her mother to grieve. With all the money anyone would ever need, she began to wrestle in American promotions, small but still worth something. Eventually Corals ability, combined with her looks, got massive attention and she was picked up by Motor-CityWrestling, the first major company of her career.

Starting in Motor-City Wrestling, Coral would face Amy Garcia in her debut, winning. She went on to team with Sora in a tag-team match, another win. She'd go on to perform in two more tag matches, retaining a perfect record and winning both.





Many would call Coral a slut, however she would just call herself acrobatic. Coral's style is a fast-paced vicious moveset, using illegal moves and high-risk combinations to dismantle her opponent. Coral also is constantly bending the rules and insulting her opponent, a bad trait, but frustrating for the opposition none-the-less.


Bronco Buster,

Koronco Buster,


Headscissors Takedown,

Shoulder Neckbreaker,

Corner Dropkick,

Standing Dropkick,

Flying Crossbody,

Flying Forearm,



Coral Reef



None at the moment.


None yet.



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^Lara << >> Sora^



MEMBERS: Sora & Lara



ENTRANCE THEME: ‘Daughters of Darkness’ – Halestorm

ALLIES: Jayson Addair, Calvin Rodgers, Alex Shelley, Jimmy Dice, Tyler Moore

ENEMIES: Lise Starr, Alice Heart

CURRENT CHAMPIONSHIP: MCW Women’s Championship (Sora)



MCW Women’s Championship (Sora x3 Lara x1)

WWE Undisputed Women’s Championship (Sora x2)

Longest reigning MCW Women’s Champion (Sora)



Double Camshot (Double Snapmare Driver)

Sorasault (Moonsault/Larasault (Lionsault) Combo



Flapjack (Sora)/DDT (Lara) Combo

Double Straightjacket Neckbreaker

Wheelbarrow lift (Sora)/DDT (Lara) Combo

Catapult (Sora/Lara) into DDT/Clothesline/Elbow/Cutter (Sora/Lara)

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[ DynamiteGood Friends, Better Enemies ]

[ What actually happened last night after Dynamite chased Shawn up the ramp and into the back? Well to be honest; nothing happened. That's right, Shawn was the one who got away last night. Dynamite looked around for a while, but Shawn must've sped up and left, because he was nowhere to be seen. None of the other superstars or staff had seen Shawn Hunter, and so Dynamite gave up the ghost, returned to his locker room, got a shower, got changed, packed his bag, and then watched the rest of Adrenaline from his locker room before leaving the arena to go home. ]

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Marcus was on commentary last night and oh that was definatly the best commentary that has ever been seen when in MCW. Maybe Marcus has foun what he can do when he retires. Anyway with a Championship match alongside Tyler Morgan coming up in a few days Marcus and Morgan will need to train. But with Morgan apparenlty gone crazy again, mabe Marcus should decide against teaming with him.

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[ All in all a satisfying night for the millionaire, who laid out his intentions, and then gave Addair a small taste of what he will be in store for. Sure, he and Gospel lost the match, but despite falling victim to a diving cross body by Jayson they clearly delivered more pain towards their opponents. Suffering, agony, and torture are just some of the feelings that Brice wants to dish out to one of his arch enemies, and last night he could taste it...the sweetness of crashing steel against the frame of the misfit, it felt great. Anyway, Malcolm would currently be enjoying a late breakfast in the cafeteria...technically they stopped serving the most important meal of the day an hour ago but they make exceptions for a man as powerful as Brice. Money talks, bitch. ]

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Well, all in all it was a decent enough Adrenaline. Sure, it ended in a DQ with Jayson getting hit in the back and then beat up. But the adrenaline rush from the shooting star upon Malcolm, Gospel and Mike was a good one, knocking everyone out. That's how you close a show, with a big ass 'holy sh*t!' moment like that. Now in his locker room, Jayson was resting up. He didn't land all that great himself, best to take it easy for a while...

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[ DynamiteGood Friends, Better Enemies ]

[ I may wish to role-play with someone in a minute, but for now I might just get a spot of lunch, and play a game of FIFA; something which Dynamite isn't doing. As a matter of fact, he isn't even doing anything remotely close to that. Why? because Dynamite is sleeping, as well as recovering from last night's exploits. Not that last night he did anything too strenuous, but it takes more effort to wrestle a match than to sit and watch the baseball, and thus, Dynamite's excuse for a lie-in was recovery. ]

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So, it was Tuesday morning, and last night Dolph Ziggler lost to Jamal James. Yes, you read that right. The former World Heavyweight Champion lost to a rookie, that has been in this company for a month, or so? Right now, a clearly frustrated Dolph was lying down on his couch, resting his hands behind his head as he continued to stare at the ceiling, often shaking his head in disgust over what happened last night.


could Eve also be added to the roster? Or do I need to app again?

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[ DynamiteGood Friends, Better Enemies ]

[ Dynamite woke up to the news that Prince Fielder had won the MLB Home Run Derby last night, which disappointed him a little because New York Yankees second baseman, Robinson Cano (one of Dynamite's favourite players), wasn't able to retain his crown. But never mind, because Cano has chance for retribution tonight in the MLB All-Star Game. Let's go Americal League! But that was later on tonight; right now, Dynamite was walking through the door to enter the MCW Arena, where ______________ was standing inside to greet Dynamite. ]


TBC; Anyone :cool:!

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Chat with a Champion

MCW Women’s Champion: Sora

Written by: Crystal

Posted: 10/07/2012 07:26am


At each and every Pay Per View there is a constant expectation. That is that each and every Championship should be up for grabs in some form of a match. An exciting time for a challenger, who has everything to gain and nothing to lose. But the same can’t be said for the Champion, who has a lot to lose if they happen to do so. One of the five Championships up for grabs this Sunday at Revolution shall be the MCW Women’s Championship, currently being held by MCW original; Sora. Sora is perhaps one of the most experienced Champions we have in Motor City Wrestling, and her history here speaks for itself. However, this Sunday she meets a new challenge in the form of Alice Heart; who is yet to really get a taste of what it’s like to be in Championship scenarios. With this new challenge ahead of her Sunday, I recently managed to get a chance to sit down with Sora and ask her a few questions about not just this Sunday, but the way she sees MCW heading to in the future. So, here it is in its entirety.



CRYSTAL:Heyyy Sora, thanks for giving me a few minutes to ask you a couple questions for our fans out there


SORA:It’s fine just, fire away! Let’s get this over and done with


CRYSTAL:Okay, well. Sora, just last night on Motorstorm we learned of who would be next in line for your Championship. Alice won the right to face you, fighting off Lise Starr and Coral to earn it. I assume you watched it so, what did you think?


SORA:It was what can only be described with one word; travesty. There is no way Alice should have one, the fact she did is quite insulting to be honest with you Crystal. Lise Starr, a former multiple time Champion… Why did she lose? How on earth did Alice topple her? …and then Coral, she’s been on a roll. More so than Alice but, Alice beat her too. It’s a travesty, a disgrace and essentially, a fluke. Nothing Alice showed impressed me, and she shouldn’t think of that match as a tune up either. Stepping into the ring one on one against me is very different to a triple threat


CRYSTAL: How so? Alice overcame two hungry and tough challenges in Lise Starr and Coral. I think it puts the momentum with her


SORA:It’s fairly simple Crystal. In a triple threat, it’s very easy. All you have to do is sneak around, pick your spots and take advantage of other peoples work. That’s what Alice did, that’s what she has always done – taken fame from what Gospel and Prestigious did. Now stepping in the ring with me? It’s a one versus one scenario. Alice can’t hide, she can’t pick her moments – she’s stuck; stuck in the ring with me, a Technical Goddess. I can, and I will pick apart Alice piece by piece. She’s had it easy in her career up until now, but finally. For the first time in her life, she’ll have to step up all by her lonesome, look across the ring at me and realise; she made a poor career choice


CRYSTAL:So what? Are you trying to tell me, that Alice isn’t cut out to be a wrestler?


SORA:Exactly! Now you’re getting it


CRYSTAL:I’d love to hear this explanation


SORA:It’s rather simple really. Some people are cut out to be wrestlers, some are not. Think about how Alice even got a job here, and what that was. To be a lackey of Gospel, and to keep Lise busy for so long that she can’t interfere. Anyone can do that, absolutely anyone. Alice never said anything, she just did it, and the bare minimum to. She doesn’t have the work ethic, the physical ability or the skills to make anything she does seem the least bit entertaining. And her look? She doesn’t belong here, she looks like a girl who should be working the petrol pumps at a gas station. She’s a deer caught in the headlights around here, she doesn’t know what to do, or what she’s doing. And well… unless she improves tremendously in the next few days, I’ll be running that deer down


CRYSTAL:So you predict a Sora win this coming Sunday then? Well, what awaits you after? Not much left for you to do


SORA:Crystal, there is plenty for me to do. After Sunday? I do what I have always been doing, keeping this division from flat lining. Every great story has a hero, but it also has an even better villain. That’s me, I’m the villain. I’m sure if you spoke to ‘Lise’. Not Lise Starr, but ‘Lise’. She’ll tell you I’m right about that. And in all these great stories, this great villain has to be overcome. Well, that’s going to be a while off. But it’s going to be fun, entertaining. You know, like only I can provide for this division. Remember the past few months before I got this Championship? No? Well there you go, I’m doing this Division a favour whether you like me, hate me or are indifferent. I said after I beat Lise AND Alice that I would continue to dominate, remember that?


CRYSTAL:I do, it was me who you spoke to when you said that


SORA:Big moment for you, huh? Well there is your answer. I’m going to continue doing just that, being dominant


CRYSTAL:Well, I see you need to head off now. Thanks for the answers, good luck Sunday


SORA:Luck is for losers Crystal. Ciao!


And from there Sora departed after another chaotic night in Motor City Wrestling. She sure as hell seems very confident going into the Women’s Championship bout, and all I can is that it has to be a bad thing for Alice. As we’ve all seen, a confident Sora is a deadly Sora and I can only hope Alice puts on an entertaining showing against her, at the very least. This is Crystal, once again; signing out.


- Crystal


OT: I'll add Eve now, forgot xD

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[ DynamiteGood Friends, Better Enemies ]

[ Dynamite woke up to the news that Prince Fielder had won the MLB Home Run Derby last night, which disappointed him a little because New York Yankees second baseman, Robinson Cano (one of Dynamite's favourite players), wasn't able to retain his crown. But never mind, because Cano has chance for retribution tonight in the MLB All-Star Game. Let's go Americal League! But that was later on tonight; right now, Dynamite was walking through the door to enter the MCW Arena, where ______________ was standing inside to greet Dynamite. ]


TBC; Anyone :cool:!


OT: Apparently no-one reads the bottom post, judging by the amount of people that re-quote their posts onto the next page; so harr.

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Shawn Hunter
was livid after what transpired last night on Adrenaline. Angry, frustrated, and irritated are three words that could be used to describe Shawn’s current mood. To put it frankly, Shawn Hunter was pretty pissed off to say the very least. Not being booked in a match was one thing, but being forced into a match Shawn didn’t want any part of was a different story; hence the reason why Hunter showcased his disinterest in said match-up towards the final moments, leaving the other three competitors inside the ring. Fast forward about twelve-hours later and Shawn Hunter finds himself located at one of his homes; the one in particular being located somewhere along the outskirts of downtown Detroit, Michigan, for Shawn knew he wouldn’t be afforded any form of peace, quiet, or solidarity amongst those who inhabited the Motor City Wrestling arena.

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MCW Superstar Application:




Finishing Maneuvers



[1, 2]

[High side thrust kick attack, which sees Mike use the sole of his foot to strike an opponent's head or chin, usually preceded by a sidestep, often referred to as a crescent kick, or just a side kick.Been known to hit with theatrics, but can be performed out counters in certain moves from the opponent, springboard, running, and also can be struck out of nowhere at times.]


Shock Drop

[1, 2, 3]

[Mike stands facing and slightly to the side of the opponent. Mike tucks his head under the opponent's near arm, then reaches across the opponent's chest and around their neck with his near arm, and then places his other arm against the opponent's back. Mike then lifts the opponent up high before falling forward, forcing the opponent down to the mat back-first. In one variation, Mike forces the opponent down to where he lands on one knee, landing the opponent back first across his knee. Another variation of the move is a counter from the turnbuckle position, against a running opponent, using one arm only, which usually depends on the size/weight of the opponent.]


Stokes Slam


[Mike grabs a front facelock on the opponent and wraps their arm over the opponent's neck. The wrestler then lifts the opponent upside down, as in a vertical suplex. The wrestler moves his arm from around the opponent's neck, and as the opponent falls back down they are placed into a side slam position and dropped on the mat.]


Signature Maneuvers



[1, 2]

[Mike places his opponent in between his legs then lifts his opponent over his shoulder and holds both his arms in a cross position. Mike then throws his opponent over his shoulders onto the mat back/neck first. In a variation, Mike will throw the opponent straight down to land in a sitout powerbomb.]


Bad Landing


[Technically known as a back to back double underhook piledriver , this move is executed from a position in which the opponent is standing behind Mike, Mike underhooks his arms under the opponent's arms. Then Mike twists his body around so that he is facing the ground and the opponent is standing with his back resting against Mike's back. Then Mike stands while the opponent is in an upside down position while both the opponent and Mike's arms are still hooked and then Mike drops to a sitting position. Another way to get the opponent into the position is for Mike to approach a standing opponent from behind, hook the opponent's arms, bend forward under the opponent, and then rise up, raising the opponent upside down.]




[The submission hold begins with the opponent supine on the mat with Mike stepping between the opponent's legs with his left leg and wraps the opponent's legs at shin level around that leg. Holding the opponent's legs in place, Mike then grabs the opponent's leg which he has crossed over the other and steps over him, flipping him over into a prone position before leaning back to compress his lower back.]




[A kick in which Mike swings his leg and body around, a full 360 turn before striking with the front of the foot into the head of the opponent. Usually used in a "back off" method or a breather.]


The Wall


[With the opponent laying on the mat near the ropes, Mike looks to the crowd, stomping on the ground repeatedly before beginning to hop over to the other side of the ring, Mike then makes his way back to the opponent with a dance move, with variants should as the shuffle or a moonwalk, usually the worm, once there Mike stands over the opponent, swaying his arms side to side to the count of 3 before falling forward, or jumps up and drops down, hitting a lying opponent with a backhand chop on the way down. Mike usually lands on his knees. Used to gain the cheers and/or boos from the audience]


Trademark Chain



[Consists of 2 Flying Forearm Smashes, followed by a duck underneath an attempted clothesline, underhooking the arms of the opponent from behind to lift up and hit his signature Bad Landing, a taunting up sequence to the audience before he hits the opponent with the WallBreaker.]


Shock Drop

[Mike takes down the opponent with a varied number of clotheslines, eventually irish whipping the opponent to the corner, landing in the corner on their front as Mike charges forward, planting a body splash on the back of the opponent, compressing them between Mike and the turnbuckle, as he the opponent back out of the corner, Mike lifts them up into the crucifix position from behind and planting the Hangtime. Mike then taunts to the audience, stalking his opponent as he rises, once he does, planting the Shock Drop to the opponent.


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Technical Goddess!

by Alex Shelley.
Anywho! It was a new dawn and a new day. And the most recent bit of news for Sora, is that she'll be facing Alex Heart this Sunday at Revolution. It takes more than heart to win, and Alice... She has nothing else. Alice is being sent to the slaughter house this Sunday, and Sora has no problem putting that cow to the slaughter. Anywho! For now the MCW Women's Champion was making her way towards Lara's locker room. The two BFF's had planned to meet up so, that's what was happening.

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