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Cutie Marks for WWE 12 for X-Box 360.

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Ok, I highly doubt there are any bronies/MLP fans on this forum, but I figure I'd give it a shot. If you can, I'd love to have either these cutie marks, or at least some advice on how to make them in paint tool.


Princess Celestia:




Princess Luna:




Diamond Tiara:




Silver Spoon:




Princess Cadance:




Shining Armor:





Thank you for any advice that can be given or any effort put in.

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I was wondering if there were any other Bronies on this forum...I can't help you with these but I hope someone can as I really want Rainbow Dash's cutie mark...

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Last I checked, it was on X-Box Live. Of course, that was also about a month ago, so it may have been taken down. I know right now I at least have a Scootaloo on there. I also have Vinyl Scratch's cutie mark as well.

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