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Finsher 2012

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Antonio Cesaro:landing pin

european uppercut(very European Uppercut)

Alberto Del Rio:Armbar 4 (Rio Grande)

Cross Armbreaker (Rio Grande)

Alex Riley: Neckbreaker 5(TKO)


Big Show: Power of the punch(WMD)

show stopper

Brock Lesnar:Cyclone 1 (F-5)

Brodus Clay:Big Splash Pin (Ah Funk iT!)

STO 1(pre-Funk)

Batista: Batista Bomb

Sit-Down Powerbomb

Christian: unprettier(killswitch)

Frog Splash Pin 2(Peep Splash)

Camacho: Samoan drop 3

Chris Jericho:Walls Of Jericho 1

Backbreaker 13 (Codrebreaker)

Cm Punk: Gutbuster 1(GTS)

ShoulderLock (Anaconda Vise)

Cody Rhodes: Neckbreaker 3(Cross Rhodes)

Alabama Slam

Curt Hawkins: Swing Neckbreaker

Daniel Bryan: Crippler Crossface (Yes!Lock)

David Otunga: Chokeslam 8(Uranage SpineBuster)

Dolph ziggler:Flash Back 1(Zig-Zag)

Drew McIntyre: Stevie-T(Future Shock)

Damien Sandow:NeckBreaker 9 (Curb Stomp)

Darren Young: Half Nelson Suplex 2 (heatwave)

Ezekiel Jackson: Torture Rack

Book End(the Book Of Ezkiel)

Evan Boune: Shoting Starr Press Pin(Air Bourne)

Epico:Backbreaker 13 (backstubber)

Hunico:Swanton bomb 2(falling star)

Angle slam 1

Heath Slater:DDT 17(E-Minor)


Jack Swagger: Powerbomb 2(blue,red and white tunder bomb)

Ankle Lock 1

John Cena: F-U 1 (A-A)


Justin Gabriel: 450 Splash Pin

Jey Uso:Samoan Drop 3

Superfly(samoan splash)

Jimmy Uso:Steven kick

Superfly(samoan splash)

JTG:NeckBreaker 11 (Da Shout Out)

Jinder Mahal:Camel Clutch 4

Full Nelson Slam 2

Kane: Chokeslam 5

Kofi Kingston: Spinnig Kick(Trouble In Paradise)

Atomic Leg Drop 2 (boom drop)

Lord Tensai: Brain Damage (Ichi Bomb)


Mason Ryan: Full Nelson Slam 2(House Of Pain)

Magnum Driver or Pumphandle slam

Micheal McGilliCutty: Superneckbreaker pin (McGilliCutter)

Fisherman Suplex Pin 1 (Hennig-Plex)

Mark Henry: Falling Powerslam (word strongest slam)

Big Splash Pin

Primo: BackBreaker 13(backstubber)

Black Out or Complete Shot or Novacain (Puerto Rico Shot)

Percy Watson: FlapJack 1 (PercyCution)

Float Over DDT

RyBack:Fisherman Suplex (Shell Shock)

R-Truth:Novacain (Little Jimmy)

Booker T special(truth axe)

Rey Mysterio: 619

Randy Orton: Cutter (RKO)

Hagakure (punt kick)

Santino Marella: Throat Trust 6(Cobra)

Elbow Attack 2 (Cobra)

Sin Cara: DDT 19(la mistica)

Swanton Bomb 2

Sheamus: Powerbomb 14 (Pale Justice)

Death Valley Driver(Celtic Cross)

Tyson Kidd:3 Handled Credenza(Kidd From Hell)

Over Castel (The Code Blue: my favourite finisher)

The Great Khali: Batista lifting & Toss(khali Bomb)

ClawOld (Head Chop)

Ted Dibiase Jr: Full nelson slam 2(Dream Street)

Miollon Dollar Dream

The Miz: Full Nelson Facebuster (Skull Crushing Finale)

Tyler Reks: Lift & Cutter(KillJoy)

Reverse Death Valley or Sidewalk slam 4 (Burning Hammer)

The Rock: The Rock Bottom

The People's Elbow

Titus O'Neil: Spinebuster 5 (clash Of The Titus)

Undertaker: Tombstone PileDriver pin

Chokeslam 5

Wade Barrett: Body Press Drop FW (wastleland)

Scrapbuster & Pin (Winds Of Change)

Zack Ryder: Guilottine 4 (Rough Ryder)

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