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NEW Luchadores (AAA, CMLL) coming soon

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Whats up ppl, due to the ANNOYING WWE '12 Servers I have not uploaded most of my Lucha Libre CAWS. I can may be upload 1 or 2 before i get "servers not available at this time" crap, so far these are up:


Dr. Wagner Jr (4 masks)

Silver King (3 masks)

Mascara Sagrada (i have new updated one, cs)

El Santo (i have new updated one, cs)

Rayo De Jalisco

Dos Caras (2 masks)

Blue Demon


Dr. Wagner Sr.

Huracan Ramirez


created but not up due to servers are:

Fuerza Guerrera (2 attires)

Pierroth Jr

Cien Caras

Villano III (2 masks)

Villano IV (2 masks)

Espanto I

Espanto II

Mil Mascaras (4 masks)

Atlantis (3 attires)


El Solitario

Espectro I

El Matematico

Mano Negra

Perro Aguayo


Canek (4 masks)

Blue Panther


Black Shadow

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Put up some pics friend. I've uploaded my own Mil Mascaras, Santo, Canek, Blue Panther and others but on the 360 so I'm curious to see your take on them...

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