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I already posted that I am making a fan show but I dont think I was clear so I posted this. This is now the start of a CAW Audition. I wanna see some original caws cause Im making a fan show on WWE 12 and i would like people to get a chance to show off there caws so anybody wanna try (already pointed out in last post so u can skip and see rules for more information )



1. Starts today, Ends the day WWE 13 is released

2. Must be Xbox 360 ( NOTE: If only have PS3 then send photos or put on community creations, & give me info on character and I'll compromise. You will receive full credit if run into this problem)

3. No tails or wings.........unless its entrance attire

4. Not just superstars but also Divas, announcers, all that kinda stuff :D

5. I need 1 non wrestling caw to be like a Chairman figure for the show

6. Give it ur best and good luck to everyone

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Scott Studd




The Devil's Advocate Marco Veddi


No matter where you run...No matter where you hide, may it be in the bright of day...Or dark of Night...The Devil will find you!! On saturday 28-5-2011 an indy commentator coined the phrase Marco Veddi The Devil's Advocate!!


It stuck and his reputation has grown through out the world. A methodical hunter of man, he would stalk and study his prey before coming down on them like a hail of hell fire!


Marco is cocky, and believes there is no man living or dead on this planet big enough or strong enough to get in his way.









The sexy sensation Rik Studd









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The Antidote Kevin Rogers - Heel (The Miz as WWE Champion type personality)

Grandson of "The Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers.

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Finisher: Skull Crushing Finale

Tags: Antidote, Kevin Rogers, FXW on CC for XBox

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Another one of my guys.

The Sin City Savior CJ Harris.

can't remember how long ago I uploaded him so not sure what version is up, if I get a chance I will upload updated versions of CJ and Rogers.


Tags: FXW, CJ Harris (search FXW to see any other guys I have up) or gamertag is Fliteska


Also might use this topic to see who I can use to fill my last 14 slots, Veddi and Haze are definites though!

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The Jackal ( Insane icon sting type of Persona)

Hometown : London England

Finisher Suplex Slam (custom) and off the top rope German suplex (custom)


on CC (360) tags ( i beleive are madJack94, NXT and Jackal)


(sorry no picture of caw)

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1st: To all the guys who sent the caws. Thanks :D

2nd: Lets see how more we can get

3rd: To The GreatD. If ur talking about a caw for the show, show me pic as proof first or send a link that shows the pic in a different post like fliteska


Post edited.

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haha Blade, I think we are talking about completely different things XD Veddi said I was part of the Devil's Advocate pa Team (which I assumed was a ingame team) but my CAWs, CJ Harris and Kevin Rogers, are the good guys (yes they claim to be anyways...). So being a part of a team called "Devil's Advocate" would be weird.

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Sorry the pictures are a bit bad. I took the photos with my iPhone instead of my capture card.

On PSN now. Message me if you want his actual theme. I'll E-Mail it to you.

Tags: Carter_Intense, caws.ws, Eric Lee




"I am.. the baddest dude on the planet. The only one strong enough to carry the 'Dub-You Dub-You E' to the top of the mountain." - Eric Lee










Created by - Carter_Intense


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Good news back on the xbox again and Im ready to get the guys so I need each one of ya to give me everyone of ur xbox gametags so I can find each of ur caws, download them and get it started.


My gamertag is - madJack94


caw - Jackal

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CAWs: Sin City Savior CJ Harris and The Antidote Kevin Rogers

Gamertag: fliteska


Tags: FXW, Christopher hallowed (CJs old name is used on CC) or Kevin Rogers (or The Antidote).


if you use CJ you can stick with either name, CJ is using his real name of Chris James Harris.

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