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A little help needed here, does anyone have clear refs for Masayuki Kono attires? I've been working on one to have a [sTACK of ARMS] in my game, any help would be appreciated.


Minoru Tanaka is complete by the way, just need to take pics.

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Mad Blankey - hopefully tomorrow. As for YAMATO, I want to release him as a pack with Shingo, as Akatsuki.

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can't wait to see how minoru tanaka looks i have made him every game but am always stumped on what hair to use...

u have made this game much more enjoyable for me

thank you.

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Lol, I was just thinking about a Taru after reading about the Hate incident. Just to job him out.

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I just need to figure out who is getting deleted for some of these guys. Tozawa is a lock for a dl (when you put him up), and BxB looks pretty awesome too. I already have your Morishima, and if those guys play and look as good in game as Morishima does, I'm sure they'll all be worth a dl.

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I don't have any slots left, so I won't be able to make a TARU.

I'm just finishing Shingo now, but it looks like it will be delayed cause I have something special to do for school.


How I wish this game has more slots, but if we do get 100 slots or something close to that, I'm sure this will be my roster. Of course, I'm not gonna create all, let's say 65 %.





1. Kazuchika Okada

2. Hiroshi Tanahashi

3. Shinsuke Nakamura

4. Hirooki Goto

5. Togi Makabe

6. Tetsuya Naito

7. Minoru suzuki

8. Prince Devitt

9. Jushin Thunder Liger

10. Go Shiozaki

11. Jun Akiyama


13. Takashi Sugiura

14. Takeshi Morishima

15. Katsuhiko Nakajima

16. Naomichi Marufuji

17. Shuji Kondo

18. Kensuke Sasaki

19. Keiji Mutoh

20. Great Muta

21. Seiya Sanada

22. Manabu Soya

23. Suwama

24. Kota Ibushi

25. Danshoku Dieno

26. Kenny Omega

27. Masato Tanaka

28. Daisuke Sekimoto

29. Kazuki Hashimoto

30. Daichi Hashimoto

31. Shingo Takagi

32. BxB Hulk

33. Akira Tozawa


35. Taiyo Kea

36. Yuji Nagata

37. Hiroyoshi Tenzan

38. Satoshi Kojima

39. Fujita JR Hayato

40. MVP


42. Kenta Kobashi

43. Toshiaki Kawada

44. Ultimo Dragon

45. Dragon Kid

46. Hikaru Sato

47. Yoshitsune


49. Minoru Tanaka

50. Masayuki Kono

51. Masakatsu Funaki

52. Masahiro Chono

53. Takumi Soya

54. Ikuto Hidaka

55. Munenori Sawa

56. Sanshiro Takagi

57. Wataru Inoue

58. Tiger Mask IV

59. Mohammed Yone

60. Ryota Hama

61. Davey Richards

62. Eddie Edwards

63. Colt Cabana

64. Kevin Steen

65. TJ Perkins

66. Shelton Benjamin

67. Charlie Haas

68. jay Briscoe

69. Mark Briscoe

70. Steve Corino

71. Jay Lethal

72. El Generico

73. Mike Bennett

74. Tomassio Ciampa

75. JimmY Jacobs

76. Chuck Taylor

77. Johnny Gargano

78. Mike Quackenbush

79. Eddie Kingston

80. Jigsaw

81. La Sombra

82. Mascara Dorada

83. Volador Jr.

84. PAC


86. Akira Raijin/Kiyoshi/SUSHI

87. KAI

88. Kaz Hayashi

89. Yoshihiro Takayama

90. MAYBACH Taniguchi

91. Taiji Ishimori

92. Kotaro Suzuki

93. Ricky Marvin

94. Ryusuke Taguchi

95. Yoshishito Sasaki


97. Toru Yano

98. Low Ki

99. TARU

100. Yuji Hino




MAD BLANKEY [Akira Tozawa & BxB Hulk] now uploaded.

Search tags: Oliber, Puro, DG, Tozawa, BxB Hulk.


I also thrown in a DDT [Dramatic Dream Team] arena on CC as well, thanks to Mr. TKO for checking if they are uploaded.


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Thanks for BxB Hulk and Tozawa. Hopefully I'll be able to grab them before the free gold weekend ends. Just curious, do you have a Dragon Kid CAW currently? I've been looking for one but they're either non-existent or the server doesn't want me to find one

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You are most welcome sir! You'll be getting more downloads from me for sure! And might I add that your 100 count caw roster is awesome! I will definitely be looking forward to wwe 13 if the caw roster does increase to 100!!


@ unbreakable I found 1 Dragon Kid caw but it wasn't that great to be honest the person that created him used a bunch of in game designs rather than paint tooling his real designs on his attires.

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For now, I have to say, this project is complete.

Minoru Tanaka, Hikaru Sato, Masakatsu Funaki and Manabu Soya are added to the first post. I got Shingo Takagi and Masayuki Kono on the works, and Daichi Hashimoto not previewed, but I'm working on my other save so it looks like they will be incomplete. I'll try to finish them sometime, but if only I have spare time.


Thanks for those who supported me and downloaded my works. I know, CAW quality has decreased on this project, but I tried my best to work on multiple wrestlers at the same time especially when there are few refs existing for them. It was fun making them though, hope I can duplicate this on WWE 13.


I'll try my best to upload all next week, so please continue to check this thread. :)



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Hey man great project really looking forward to feeling some more slots on my roster especially

Satoshi Kojima &

Hiroyoshi Tenzan.


Also have you uploaded that All Japan Arena?

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Only my second post on these forums, but I've downloaded almost every CAW you've posted. Your CAWs are spot on, and I reeeeaaaalllllyyy hope you plan on uploading your Tenzan, Kojima, especially that excellent Shuji Kondo (pretty please on the Kondo). The Tozawa and the BxB Hulk are incredible. I play '12 more than KOC II now, and it's in large part to your content. Keep it up for '13! Can't thank you enough for all the excellent work you put into this!!

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Thank you.


Okay, I've got many messages on XBL too, so I thought I'll just say it in here. First of all, I'm sorry, I promised to upload at least a few CAWs but I really got busy that I don't have access to my Xbox at the moment. My classes will resume tomorrow, and I have a gym session and football to attend to, so if I have time, I cannot promise but TenKoji will be the first to be uploaded as they are on demand.



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